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Re-intro TW child mentioned

joining this board again! Glad to see a lot of success stories :) We did IVF in March of 2017 due to unexplained IF and

*TW* were super lucky to have our son a year ago, but at 38 with zero embryos to freeze we were told we’d need to do IVF within a year if we wanted a second child. *end TW*

We we decided no more IVF, but are doing Femara instead in the hopes that it does the trick. This was our first cycle on it and, big surprise, AF started today. I thought the rollercoaster wouldn’t be as bad this time around with less pressure, but i seemed to still think this HAD to be our month and was pretty upset when AF came. Booooo 
Me: 39 SO: 36

Dx: low progesterone, possible DOR - officially "unexplained"

TTC#1 since November 2015
9/16/2016 IUI#1 - BFN
10/12/2016 IUI#2 - BFN
1/21/2017 Clomid/IUI#3 - BFN
March 2017 IVF: BFP! (beta#1 191, beta#2 378!) - it's a boy! DS born 12/6/2017

TTC #2 since July 2018
May 2019 IVF #2: BFP! (beta#1 346, beta#2 646) - vanishing twin at 8 weeks. Baby B still going strong - due 2/8/20!
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