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Is this normal how the doctor handled things?

Hi ladies,
This is sadly my second miscarriage. I was looking for advice or opinions on how a doctor handled some things. The doctor I saw is not my normal OBGYN. My normal OB canceled on my minutes before I was supposed to see her for a one week follow up. So I had to see the only doctor at my office who was available.
Now my miscarriage was a missed miscarriage that we discovered at what should have been 11 weeks.

 My regular OB prescribed Cytotec which I took on November 1st. I went in to this other doctor on friday November 9th. He did a pelvic exam and said that the blood I still had was discharge. He then pushed on my uterus after removing the speculum. He said my uterus was empty and that I passed eveything I have read online that this is fine and some doctors do this instead of ultrasound. That the doctors follow up by to HCG blood work on a regular basis until the levels hit not pregnant.

Well this doctor did put an order in for labs for that day. When I asked him when do I need to come back in to follow up he told me I didn't need to. Maybe I'm wrong? But from what I have googled they have to keep doing blood work to make sure your levels keep falling?

Anyway I thought it was odd but went home. Then Saturday out of nowhere I started bleeding when my bleeding was almost nonexistent at that point. I passed a large bit of "tissue" that I can only describe as looking like liver. Then today same thing happened. I went to the restroom and passed more tissue that was very liver like. This was not discharge. This time the tissue was half way inside of me and I had to remove it the test of the way.

Do I need to call my regular OB and demand an ultrasound? Any suggestions on what to say to the nursing staff if I call?

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Re: Is this normal how the doctor handled things?

  • I am so sorry for your loss.

    I have  never had a natural miscarriage, I had to have d&cs last time.   But, I was trying to miscarry naturally last time and my doctor said that around two weeks after I miscarried, they would do an ultrasound and HCG checks.

    what you are describing happened to me and does not sound normal. I had a molar pregnancy, which is not common, and when I first started to pass the clots, no one was overly concerned, so maybe it can be normal? But I would insist on an ultrasound and blood work.  When you call, I would just explain that you want reassurance everything has passed since your lost more tissue over the weekend.  

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  • Ok thanks for your response. It doesn't seem normal to me either.  My first miscarriage was a natural one and was nothing like this one. 

    I going to call first thing tomorrow. 
    Pregnancy #1 DD 08.30.2007
    Pregnancy #2 Natural Miscarriage at 6 weeks 03/2014 Due date 11/9/2014
    Pregnancy #3 DS 02.23.2015
    Pregnancy #4 Missed Miscarriage at 11 weeks 11/2018 Due date 5/22/2019
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  • I'm in Canada (I know some things are different here when it comes to healthcare) and I've had 3 natural miscarriages. I'm all 3 of them the dr didn't do follow up blood tests (just the initial one to see if HCG levels were dropping to confirm). They also didn't do an ultrasound. He said my body would do the work it needed to do and if I had intense pain or very heavy bleeding, I could come in for a follow up, otherwise let 'nature take its course' and then wait 2 cycles to try again. I found small bits of matter for months after my miscarriages but when I had a follow-up months later for testing, he said that was normal. I'm sorry you're going through this. 
  • How that doctor did it is not really unusual, and yeah, unfortunately sometimes miscarriages do function like that.

    If you're still having a rough time, ask for a CBC and a beta quant. CBC will make sure that the bleeding is not too much, and the quant will just make sure the miscarriage is progressing. If those tests are normal, ultrasound is unnecessary.
  • Based on what you're experiencing I think you should ask for a follow up, whether ultrasound or blood work, whichever the doc is willing to do. I will say I had 1 MC with prescribed cytotec. It did not do enough the first time, and.I had to have a second dose. For me, the second dose was significantly more painful, but also more effective. It was almost like the first time my body wasn't really ready, so it wasn't as effective as it should have been. 

    I'm sorry for your loss, & I don't mean to give you a negative response, I just would have liked to have someone warn me before I experienced it myself.  
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  • *lurking*

    I took cytotec with my first MMC. I thought I passed everything, but a follow up US showed I didn't. I passed what was left about a week later. I would call your doctor and tell them that you're still passing tissue, not blood, and that you want an US to make sure everything has really passed. You don't want to risk retaining tissue and getting an infection. 
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