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Flu Shot or not

Anyone else confused about all the info surrounding vaccines?  I am being told to get the flu shot but there is so much conflicting info out there.  Just wondering what other moms-to-be are choosing and why?  Just FYI I am 8 weeks and considered high risk (40 years old).

Re: Flu Shot or not

  • I know this is a few weeks old but just wanted to share. I had some of the same concerns regarding the flu shot but decided to get one as I looked up that it's much riskier to get the flu while pregnant than it is to get the flu shot. I had mine done early in the season (early October) and I'm 35 weeks tomorrow. (36 years old with complete placenta previa, possible placenta increta). Hope you see this and it helps.
  • Ive never gotten it before but I just got it a few weeks ago (27 weeks). I’m having twins and have vasa previa (high risk). Three doctors recommended it to me, as I’m havig twins and they will be born a bit premature. It goes to the babies a bit too so they will be protected a bit when they get here. They will be born beginning of January so its the height of flu season. Didnt want to risk anything. 
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  • Highly recommend getting the flu shot. I got it while pregnant with my daughter around 8 or 9 weeks pregnant. She was born in perfect health. I was considered high risk due to severe pre-eclampsia. 
  • My OB had me take it. I'm grateful I did. I knew my immune system would be low while pregnant, but i didn't know it'd be as bad as it has been. I've already been sick twice this cold season. I'm not usually one to get the flu and I usually only get a bad cold once a year. I'll take all the help I can get to fight off illness for me and baby. Not even Christmas yet and I've had two killer chest colds. I cant imagine how miserable the flu would be while pregnant. Not to mention dangerous. 

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  • Last year my son got a flu shot and still wound up with the flu. I was told if he didn’t have the vacination it could’ve been a lot worse. He had a fever of 105 and was very sick and quite frankly it was really scary. For those reasons I got the flu shot this year back in the early Fall and made my son and husband get one also.
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