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So far, the names that have been at the top of our boy list have been: 


Last night, I had a dream that we had our baby and named him Preston.. I woke DH up and instantly asked him what he thought of the name. We both agreed that it’s so different from anything on our list-but we like it. We went over a bunch of middle names and we both agreed on Preston Grey, or Preston Alexander. What do you guys think honestly? Is Preston too “out there?” What about any of the names from the original list? I’ll take suggestions for MN’s too if you have any. TIA!!

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  • I've met a Preston (adult) and never thought "Woah, your name is weird". Definitely not an "out there" name for me. And I don't think it's very different from the names you have on your list at all since you have a lot of -on/-an ending names.
    Both Preston Grey and Preston Alexander flow well together. I lean towards Alexander as a middle name, but that's just my personal preference. Preston is a very 'proper' sounding name to me. That's not a critique, just the general feel I get from it.
  • I went to school with a girl whose last name was Preston.

    I'm not too much of a fan of surnames as a first name, but Preston Alexander is refreshing to me :) 

    Of your other names: Landon or Jackson would be my choice.
  • Preston is great! So much better then your list IMO. The names on your list seem VERY popular and over used (nice names though) 
  • I like Preston, too! I don't feel like it is really that much different from the names on your list, just less common, which imo is a good thing. I like Preston Alexander best.
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  • Love Preston and would choose it hands down over the others on your list!

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    Out of your list Preston and Landon would be my top and Alexander as a middle name. Landon was one of my choices for my son and I'm glad I went with Cameron because there is a Landyn girl in my daughters' class.  I could definitely have the same problem with female Camerons out there as well.
  • I like Preston out of your choices 
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