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Turning head while eating.

My 12 week old has started turning her head while eating from the bottle resulting in her losing the latch and me having to put the bottle back in several times. She gets frustrated and starts to cry incessantly until I can calm her enough to try again. I have tried going up to the next nipple size, making sure she doesn’t have to burp and holding three bottle differently. I know she is more aware if her surroundings. This is making her feedings very frustrating for both of us. Does anyone have any advice or are you dealing with this issue at all? 

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  • I don't have any advice but if it helps you are not alone my little guy does the same thing and it can be very frustrating.  
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    It could be gas! I’m dealing with the same situation!
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  • My baby is 4 months old and has been doing this for the last month and a half. Very frustrating. Sometimes when I get tired of chasing his mouth around, I'll keep the bottle where it is. When he realizes it didn't follow him, he'll turn his head back to where it is lol I realize that isn't helpful to your situation but maybe just a little humor to lighten the situation 🙂 I hope someone is able to give us an answer and solution. Good luck~
  • Placing her favorite toy in her line of sight has helped with our daughter.
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    We have a 5mo old now and noticed the same thing at 4 mo. I used to watch TV or be on my phone/laptop while feeding the lights distract her and make her break her latch.  My own strategy that works for me: I had to turn everything off before /while feeding and just look at her and smile. I have wireless head phones and can at least get away with listening to music or podcast to help with boredom.i also use the time to meditate  🧘‍♂️ sing lullaby or just talk to her.
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