Intro - New to the Board! (CP mentioned)

Hello all!

I have been "lurking" on the boards for a while and just officially joined to have a community of support as I deal with IF and IVF. I have been going it alone but with failures am feeling more and more discouraged so looking to all the wonderful posters here for new inspiration and hope. 
About me: 
TTC 2 years, I'm 35 and DH is 32. Did all the testing/labs/imaging and everything is "normal" (ovarian reserve slightly lower but normal for age). Husband has low morphology but REs felt it was not a huge issue. We had 3 failed IUIs last year and started IVF in July 2018. I was so excited and hopeful with my first round as my SIL had success and 15 frosties her first shot. Then I was a slow responder, and was in fear of cancellation every day (the anxiety!!!) but we made it to retrieval. 8 Eggs, ICSI, only 1 ended up making it to blast. BFN. Second round was this September. 7 eggs this time, we transferred two 8 cells on day 3 and luckily got 2 to freeze. This round was a CP. Of course devastated again. Will be doing FET in January. 
The REs have no answers and just say it's up to chance. My mother also passed away unexpectedly right before round 2 so it just feels like constant loss lately. Hoping with additional online support I won't give up or be too discouraged! 

Good luck to everyone else with your journeys as well!

Re: Intro - New to the Board! (CP mentioned)

  • @rmmgr we are in similar boats. I’m 33. Ovarian reserve is in normal range. Husband with borderline morphogy and we are unexplained. My mother actually died a long time ago. It’s still hard. Trying for 13 months.

    We had to wait for ivf for a number of reasons so I’m taking coq10 and a low dose of DHEA. Also not drinking (was never a big drinker tho) and doing acupuncture before our ivf in Jan. I’m not sure if any of these supplemental things will help but I don’t think they’ll hurt. 

    Im not sure this board is where you’ll find people who are already successful (unless they visit from another) but you’re not alone and it does seem like it takes a few round of IVF/ transfers to get success on average. It’s great that you can do an FET. Keep your head up- there’s a good chance one will work! :-)
  • @somewhereinnyc we sound very much alike! I tried Coq10 with the second round and I did end up with more embryos making it farther (even if they don't take, at least I had more than 1) so I feel like it did help. I did acupuncture the first time but the acupuncturist wasn't my favorite so I'm going to look for another with the FET. The things we do! 

    Thanks for replying and for the encouragement - good luck with your Jan IVF! 
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  • @rmmgr welcome! So sorry about the loss of your mother.  I hope your next IVF is successful. I just started coming on these boards too because I felt myself becoming kinda crazy and sad all the time. It’s really hard to find people to relate. I have been experimenting with different things too- acupuncture, açaí berry supplements, melatonin, vitamin D, i was trying to cut bck on sugar but sometimes I just give back in, but I had 3 unsuccessful IUIs so may also be doing IVF soon. So hard to figure out what the magic cocktail is that we need. I found something on Pinterest about meditation and positive visualization. 
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