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GTKY: what’s your favorite Thanksgiving recipe?

Re: GTKY: what’s your favorite Thanksgiving recipe?

  • I know there's all kinds of other fancy things, but I love the mashed potatoes. We just use milk and butter and salt. It's probably the butter... :D 
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  • I love Brussels sprouts—
    this year I am thinking of roasted cubed Hubbard squash, roasted Brussels sprouts, pecans, and either craisins or pomegranate. With a little maple syrup or balsamic or a Dijon maple syrup glaze.

    my other go to is roasted Brussels with bacon, Parmesan cheese, pecans, and balsamic vinegar.
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  • I love my aunt's corn casserole and my mom's apple pie. And gravy.

    These make a great and easy appetizer.
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  • @becausescience gravy gets its own category. I loooooove gravy. But as far as actual dishes, I've been on a green bean casserole kick. I think it's the crunch of the onion. I'm such a texture person. I also love sweet potato casserole. I can't wait to let Nate try table food at thanksgiving! 
  • Yes! Green bean casserole - and stuffing. I don’t have recipes but I love all the Thanksgiving sides 
  • I need to get my grandmas recipe for bread stuffing. I know it's simple but omg there is nothing like it. We decided to host Thanksgiving this year because my MIL is getting to a point, health wise, where she just cant be in the kitchen and on her feet all day long.  Shes from Texas and she was very skeptical of a stuffing that didn't have cornbread in it.  Also, gravy goes on everything. 

  • @megpeg I put halved  brussels sprouts in a soup this week and it was so good!
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  • Kept forgetting to post, but this is our go-to stuffing recipe: It is SO stupid good!  Thanksgiving food is the best food!
  • Little late to the party but I live for the deviled eggs on Thanksgiving. We did a new spin on them earlier this year- added cream cheese and avocado to the filling mixture. Wow! 
    UO- I don’t really like stuffing or dressing. 
  • I don't like stuffing either. I do love me some deviled eggs though! 
  • @shoretobe I am grateful for you and this little community too.  
  • So I stuffed my first turkey this morning. Fingers crossed it'll be edible! Lol
  • @sgrn18 - it’ll be great!
  • Good luck! @sgrn18 I'm sure it'll be tasty. 

    Thankful for you all as well! 
  • We had prime rib.  It just want the same.  Next year I am making a turkey.  
  • I don't think I could change up turkey. The first time I went to Christmas at the in laws they did soup. I was really confused but I've grown to be okay with it now. 

  • Even Luna got some turkey. We ninja’d some turkey and carrots for her. 
  • @maelily15 We let Nate gum some small pieces of turkey. I was really disappointed I didn't get to give him sweet potatoes or pumpkin pie. We were going to try it, but we recently found out he's allergic to cinnamon too...
  • Turkey was a success, LO loved turkey and mashed potatoes! I actually think i may willingly host thanksgiving next year! Lol 
  • @mccurleya man allergies suck! Is it something he could grow out of? Im not really sure how food allergies work this young. 
  • Declan ate everything he could get his hands on- sweet potato, turkey, mashed potatoes, cheesecake, coconut cream pie... he is a pig. If he sees someone else eating he needs to be too.
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  • @sgrn18 I'm not sure. It's random stuff. He's allergic to pears, cinnamon, and all soap/lotion but 1. I'm assuming he'll grow out of it eventually 
  • Make dressing in a bundt pan- life changing. Crisp outside and soft middle.
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  • If I liked dressing, that sounds pretty good  I love anything with a crisp outside and soft middle. Like muffins. Mmmm
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