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  • Oops, sorry y’all for all the repeat comments. I’m struggling today apparently with this app. 😂
  • What do the symbols under our user names mean? I have a 2 on the speaking bubble. Does that mean I have messages? 

    I only use the app. Have not accessed the website.
  • @cindler posting "accomplishments" that the bump determines
    Lilypie Maternity tickers

  • @mamanbebe go me! Lol

    Thank you.
  • So the gender reveal/sex thread got me thinking - do we want to have an actual "doing the deed" sex thread? Some people are eventually going to have questions or concerns or what not eventually. 

    I know a lot of people are not comfortable talking about sex. I am not one of those people :) my mom was a Health and Science teacher for 30 years before she passed, and DH and I have a very healthy sex life. I would not mind being the facilitator of such a discussion in the future.

    Just a thought, and if I'm the only one thinking it then it's all good :smiley:
  • @indulgentgypsy I say go for it! 
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