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3rd Trimester

Need advice (sorry for the tmi)

Last night I ended up getting really sick. Puking and having really bad diarrhea to the point I soiled myself a few times and also puked on myself once. (Again super sorry for the tmi). I couldn't keep down any liquids and have been having bad back leg and stomach pain. I am 23 weeks along I can tell baby is ok for the most part because it is kicking around like crazy after every round. I got no sleep last night because it was all night long. It's settled a bit in that I haven't gotten sick in the last hour but everything still hurts I am still nauseous feels like my temp is up a little but I don't have a thermometer to be able to check. I'm just wondering if I should go to urgent care to get checked but I have already been to the er 3 times with this pregnancy due to abdominal and back pain. 

Re: Need advice (sorry for the tmi)

  • This would be a better question for your doctor. You should give them a call.
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  • If you can't keep liquids down you need to call your doctor.  Dehydration is dangerous all the time, but especially when pregnant.
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