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Birth Story: Fast & Furious

So my due date was originally 11/15.  DH and I spent the weekend deep cleaning the house, grocery shopping and starting on freezer meals (I got 6 done!).  Saturday night, I finally packed my hospital bag, haha.

So, Sunday, we took a break from cooking and cleaning to get lunch with DD1.  She fell asleep in the car on the way home (nap time!) and as I am fishing her out of the car seat, I feel some uncontrollable gushing and wet my pants.  When I changed, it appeared (TMI) to be my mucous plug partially leaking out.  The gushing continued off and on for the rest of the day and I finally start thinking maybe my water is leaking. 

After putting DD1 down for bed around 8 PM, I called the on-call doctor who said the only way to know is to get checked out at L&D.  Seeing as I may not come home, I hop in the shower while DH calls our babysitter.  As I finish my shower, I start have my first contraction.  We pack up and make it to the hospital around 10 PM.

Triage does their checks around 10:30 PM.  I was 3 cm / 90% and no amniotic fluid.  The nurse leaves and says she will be back at 11 to check the baby's vitals and if all looks good, I could walk the halls.  At 11, my contractions are about 4 minutes apart and much more regular.  We walk the halls for about a half hour and the nurse asks if I want to be checked again.  Right then, I have a huge contraction and tell her YES.  I was 7 cm!!  To make this long story short, I get fully admitted and the nurse can barely get my IV in at that point because I am in so much pain and can't sit/lay down.  They gave me Fentanyl while waiting for my epidural but there wasn't enough time.... my OB made it to the hospital just in time for me to start pushing. 

All said and done: 10 days early, labored a little less than 3 hours and 8-10 pushes, Isabel Claire was born on 11/5 at 12:22 AM.  She is 19 inches long, weighing 6 lbs 13 oz.  Despite all of my meticulous planning going out the window, we are both doing fantastic and I am ecstatic!  We meet big sister tonight and head home tomorrow morning sometime :smile:
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Re: Birth Story: Fast & Furious

  • Congratulations! 
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  • Congrats!! She is beautiful! 
  • that is a very lovely picture of beautiful Isabel! thank you for sharing your story. 3cm to baby in less than 2 hours is so fast! rock on. so excited for you to see your kids meeting each other in person tonight. enjoy all the newborn snuggles.

  • What a fantastic birth story! Congrats!
  • WOW! SO fast!! but what a cutie-pie! Congrats mama!
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