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 Looking for thoughts on the name Odette and possible middle names? Our last name ends in -an

I suggested it to H and he is on the fence so hoping if I can give a couple middle name suggestions we can keep it on the list. 


Re: Thoughts/Suggestions

  • Odette Claire
    Odette May
    Odette Reese
    Odette Joy
    Odette Elise
  • Odette reminds me of the lead in the ballet Swan Lake, which isn't necessarily a bad thing unless maybe if you last name ending in -an happens to be Swan.

    Odette Rose
    Odette Lynn
    Odette Eve
    Odette Lily
    Odette Irene
    Odette Evelyn
    Odette Eliza
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  • Hi, @bumbly_b! I think I might have already said in our BMB that I think Odette is a great name. Some middle names, just off the top of my head...

    Odette Corinne
    Odette Estelle
    Odette Diana/Diane
    Odette Elizabeth
    Odette Marian/Marion
    Odette Marie
    Odette Cecilia

    Also agree with previous poster that Odette Elise sounds good.
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  • After posting, thought of Odette Nicole, which I also think fits nicely.
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  • Thank you for the suggestions. They were ones I hadn't thought of yet. 

    @mayoduck it reminds me of the ballet too. There was also a cartoon movie when I was young that I loved. It's a happy reference for me. And no our last name isn't Swan or I think it would have had to be ruled out. 
  • @misskimsue I brought the name up to H after I saw it pop up in our BMB thread. He didnt immediately say no so I'm happy with that. We've decided to make a list but wont name LO until he/she is here. But Odette is my front runner right now  
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