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FFFC - 11/2

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  • @lovesclimbing the other day when I was grocery shopping they were having a buy 4 get 1 free, so naturally I bought 5 cartons of ice cream that day. Luckily we're the same way so buying 3 of my favorite and a couple boring vanilla for DH wasn't that bad.

    AFM, I think I'm going to tell work that after this next shipboard job I have I'm done working on the ships. Less because I physically can't do it (although I get out of breathe going up all the ladders) but my work jeans are getting really uncomfortable and I don't want to buy a new pair because I hope to be in a different sort of job when I come back. Also, squeezing down narrow passageways 2 across gets really awkward when turning sideways doesn't make you any skinnier anymore.
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  • My DH only likes boring vanilla, too! What is that? He claims that he can add anything to it but rarely does he add stuff!
  • I judge the heck out of (and glare at) people who park in the maternity/new mom parking at my grocery store who are clearly neither. I mean, mom & her teen daughter walking out with their Starbucks or middle aged man... you can walk the extra steps! 

    @lovesclimbing no flames here, just respect! 
  • @lelkcot as you should! I wish I were ballsy enough to do something to the cars that take up 2 spots. Especially in really crowded parking lots, I wish I had the guts to key them or something, but I don't.
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  • @meggyme I’ve come super close to saying something to someone before, but I’m just not quite brave enough... makes me SO mad though!
  • @lovesclimbing I kind of love that. Lol. DH and I have mostly similar ice cream tastes except I love coffee and mocha and he hates all things coffee. I bought him this ice cream once that was chocolate with cookie dough chunks and fudge or something which seemed perfect for him. He scooped himself a bowl and I left the room briefly and when I returned he had a very sad look on his face and I said "What's wrong? Did you drop some ice cream?" and he said "No, worse" and I said "... it's mocha?" and he just nodded sadly. I had apparently missed that fine print on the carton. So, that became my bowl of ice cream 😁

    AFM, it's pretty tame but I treated myself to one of those crazy sugary Starbucks holiday lattes today. I survived a work presentation in front of a group of people and public speaking is NOT my forte so I consider this well earned! Plus, the green holiday cup matches my dress today!!
  • I’m loving these...

    AFM: We went to Wendy’s this week because of trick or treating and our long work drives we didn’t have time to get dinner at home. I’d been craving their nuggets which I haven’t eaten since I’ve probably been 10 well the 20 piece was cheaper than the 10 piece meal and fries were a dollar for any size so I ordered a large fry and 20 piece to split with DS. He ate maybe 2, DH ate maybe 2, and I ate the rest ... no regrets! 
  • I still get a large coffee drink with caffeine in it. It’s not every day and it’s usually the only caffeine for that day, but I have no regrets.

     I’ve taken advantage the pregnant parking since finding out, and I’m sure I still get looks at 22 weeks pregnant wondering why I’m parking there. 

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    They will be forever missed. <3
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