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IT'S NOVEMBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Guys, guess what?!  It's (((FINALLY))) Our due date month! Time to party! (And maybe freak out a little bit) I know I'm anxious. How's everyone else doing?!

Re: IT'S NOVEMBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • @laasmith i totally feel you! im still in denial that there is an ACTUAL human being in there! I cant begin to wrap my head around the birth experience...  :#

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  • @KellyT22 haha I want mine out so I can finally see what she looks like... but I still feel totally unprepared for birth/ a newborn.
  • So ready to be done but at the same time I’m in denial about having 3 3 and under! But ready or not baby will be here by next Friday (scheduling an induction for sometime next week to ensure my husband will be here haha).
     I’m so excited for everyone to meet their babies!
  • @Mayday31 oh my goodness- 3 under 3?! you are a brave woman! if it helps, i have a girlfriend that had a 1 year old, then had twins, then when they turned 1 got pregnant with her 4th! oh AND she threw a new puppy in the mix somewhere in between all the madness! so... it can be done!! ;) she survives on coffee & family help. 
  • I'm starting to get excited and permitting myself to do more nesting, totally distracted when I am supposed to be working.
  • MojieJoMojieJo member
    edited November 2018
    I still don't feel like it's real.  Like I've got 2 weeks left until my due date and we're not even done with getting ready (we have 2-year-old twins so it's not like we have nothing at all for him ready and his crib is set up) and it doesn't feel like we're bringing home a new baby soon.

    I felt the same way with the twins, though, so I guess this is just how I deal with pregnancies.  Last time I chalked it up to being a FTM, but I guess it's just a "me" thing.

    I'm excited, don't get me wrong.  It just doesn't feel like it's real yet and won't until he's in my arms.
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    Our infertility journey (TW)
    ● IUI #1: BFN 
    ● IUI #2: BFP - early M/C :'(  
    ● IUI #3: BFN 
    ● IUI #4: BFN 
    ● IVF/FET #1 (2 transferred): BFP! TWINS!
    ● FET #2 (1 transferred): BFP!  BOY #3!

  • @MojieJo totally get that "wont feel real till you hold him" feeling. i have a funny feeling it wont feel real for me until i see her.
    do your twins have any idea whats going on? are they excited for baby?
  • @kbyahn yep! My son was 3 in August, my daughter is 19 months, and baby is due the 13th! I’m actually not all that worried as going from 1-2 was a great transition for us, I’m just ready to get started with our crazy party of 5!!

    @laasmith I totally agree! We’ve set an induction date so I know it’s going to happen, but I’m so in denial until I’m actually in labor!

    @MojieJo two year old twins?! That sounds like a party already. I wonder if a newborn Singleton is going to seem like piece of cake in comparison? It never felt real until I could see my babies. I love the getting to know them part!
  • I’ve started nesting again. I took a break for awhile, and now that it’s November, I’ve ramped up again. 
  • @kbyahn They're sort of excited some days, but they really don't get it. 

    I think I told them too early and now they don't really believe that they have a baby brother coming soon.  Their concept of soon is really short, so since I've been telling them for a few months, they seem to have stopped getting excited and started getting sort of skeptical and confused?

    @mayday31 Yep!  They just turned two at the end of August.  I think in some ways it'll be a cakewalk compared to them, but then it's offset by having two toddlers who also need me, when with them I had my hands free when they were napping or playing.
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    Our infertility journey (TW)
    ● IUI #1: BFN 
    ● IUI #2: BFP - early M/C :'(  
    ● IUI #3: BFN 
    ● IUI #4: BFN 
    ● IVF/FET #1 (2 transferred): BFP! TWINS!
    ● FET #2 (1 transferred): BFP!  BOY #3!

  • @MojieJo yes! I’m planning on having a bin of things that only come out when I’m taking care the newborn. Fingers crossed that between that and snacks my toddlers will be willing to cooperate until we get into a groove!
  • Feeling pretty large and uncomfortable, so I'd say I'm on the get-this-baby-out bandwagon. I still have so much to do, though, so hopefully I can get caught up before she arrives!
  • +1 for it not feeling real.  I feel so unprepared this time around.  2 weeks to go and I still need to pack a hospital bag, make/freeze meals, clean the house, buy the last of our registry (I hear diapers are important!), and a bunch of other little things that probably won't happen (haircut, dog vet visits + baths, etc).

    I am exhausted just thinking through my list!
  • Ditto but I have about 4 weeks to go. 
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  • I'm at the get this baby outta me stage. So sick of the back pain situation. Had a stretch and sweep today so hoping its getting things moving! !!
  • I'm also in denial. It's 2 weeks and 5 days until my due date and I still need to buy a bassinet. I was holding out until my work shower, which happened on Wednesday, to buy any remaining items. I really don't think she's coming early (famous last words lol)
  • @kbyahn
    I know, I know. I just feel so... not productive, LOL. If you check out Panache, they have gorgeous (and pricey) nursing bras, and they accommodate those of us that have smaller rib cages paired with larger cup sizes too. Sophie is my favorite. I always encourage folks to go to a place that does fittings to make sure you get the right size. I'm waiting until 38 weeks to get a fitting done to make sure I get one that'll work for the beginning.
  • cm716cm716 member
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    +1 for the I know I'm having a baby but I don't KNOW that I'm having a baby.... And it's my fourth!

    My DD is 11/27 and I have an induction scheduled for 11/20 and my mom gets here 11/15. BUT at my OB appointment yesterday (36+2) she informed me that I'm already dilated to a 3 and baby is head down and really low. :o She then went on to say I needed to pack my hospital bag because it looks like baby will be coming sooner rather than later. I was like what?!! I need this baby to stay in AT LEAST until Grandma gets here!
  • @kbyahn I'm so sorry. I know the pain can be next level. My pain ended up being SI joint pain. I have the pt excercises in the spoiler. I wouldn't do the first one because it will rotate your hips. That was to fix me being out of alignment and specific to my issue.

  • My due date is today and babe is still sitting comfortably. I am going crazy. My first baby was 2 weeks early. Haha
  • I am now super vigilant about every sensation in my body-- I'm driving myself crazy! I've felt "off" all day today-- lots of pressure, a little mild nausea, some mild cramping off and on. I lost my MP this morning (or was it bloody show? some people say it's the same, some say they're different...argh). I'm being induced on Thursday if she doesn't come on her own, and I'd rather her come naturally, so I wonder if I'm over-interpreting how I'm feeling. Am I having a mild early labor contraction right now? MAYBE. 
    Anyone else going through this? 
  • @laasmith- it sounds plausible that it could be very early labor. How are you feeling this morning?
  • @laasmith I've had cramps all day long the last 4 days straight. The pressure is definitely there, and my nausea is on and off too. I feel like my cramps are me dilating further but really I have no clue. My Dr thinks I'll go to 40w (Thanksgiving day). 

    I was trying to read into the cramps when it started and now I'm trying to ignore them or else it's gonna be a long 18 +/- days. 

    Hoping you can start labor soon and that align with your plan!
  • @laasmith I had those symptoms on and off with both kids for the last week or two. It depends on too many factors to know for sure. Best thing for me was to distract myself with lots of walking and tea. Check out spinning babies and try those daily exercises to keep lo in position, and try some dance videos on YouTube 😉
  • @susan112118 Unfortunately, I'm feeling great this morning, lol! Had a couple of contractions last night, and one this morning, but nothing regular.

    @ftm_jen Hopefully it happens soon for both of us! 

    @hollyeva You're right, I need to distract myself. I think so much of this is my own apprehension and anticipation, making me super focused on every sensation I feel. I've been considering going to see a movie or something.
  • @laasmith I’m feeling the exact same. Been losing parts of my MP mixed in with some bloody show but still no baby. It’s been going on for two days now. 
  • @laasmith I am planning to go to the movies week 39, and I am with you, also focused on every sensation just in case, lol.
  • ugh. im sure thats super hard to ignor for you mamas... but im not gonna lie- im kind of jealous of you ladies having some possible pre-labor signs! i am at 37 weeks today and have had ZERO BH or any kind of contractions (at least that I can tell) and no sign of my MP yet... :neutral: i know baby will come when she's ready but im so anxious to get this "party" started! 
  • @wannaflickone @hollyeva Where are these babieeessss?! I've been trying to walk to encourage labor, and have been walking so much that I wear my dog out each day. He's falling asleep really early in odd positions, and snoring really loudly because he's so tired from the extra exercise! 
  • I know! Been busting out the red raspberry leaf tea, the pineapple, etc. At least tomorrow I get to see an ultrasound since we measured 3 weeks ahead last week. I'm having BH here and there, but no mp or bloody show.
  • @kbyahn- I'm with you. 37+5 and not a single BH contraction. I was checked at the doctor today and I am less than 1 cm dialated. I think she's going to stay put until her due date.
  • @susan112118 aw shucks! are these girls stubborn or just determined??? ;) haha. i have an appt tomorrow, so we'll see if there's anything to report there or not.
  • @MojieJo  woohoo! will be thinking positive thoughts this week for a quick induction and successful vbac!!
  • @MojieJo Praying for a swift and easy induction/delivery. I can't wait to see your update!!
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