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  • @DDRRT1982 You are right - I need to let us just do that!  Because of variation in when I get home vs. when my husband does, sometimes we nap at the train, but not often - I need to prioritize!  We're hoping to get our second car today (we've got one locked and loaded - and I had my step-dad go check it out for us because I'm so worried about getting a lemon!), so hopefully things are about to get at least a littttle bit easier!

    @megpeg I'm also a Victoria's Secret person (typically the Body by Victoria line), even though I feel like they're even more overpriced than a bra has to be.  Good luck on your bra search - and even more luck leading up to your husband's vasectomy! 

    @mccurleya I would still layer, but I find the whole thing to be annoying.  We got N a warm (thin) fleece jacket and on cold mornings (it's gotten into the 30s here), she wears that over her long sleeve clothes, booties, and a blanket as we move into the car.  The car is freezing so she needs it at first, but she's sweaty about ten minutes into driving.  It all feels dumb.  (On a side note, I'm VERY seriously considering asking my husband if he thinks he could hook up a remote starter in our car... the starters themselves can be very cheap, assuming installation is in his skill set!)
  • I want a remote starter desperately.  It would be so nice to not have to trek my cold ass outside to heat up the car.  
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  • Definitely going to be in my search for a new car. 
  • @megpeg If layne Bryant didn't work out, I've had good luck buying bras online at They have amazing selection for all sizes.
    and I think you can sort by price so you don't get lured in by the thousand dollar stuff.
    They have good instructions on measuring yourself. The trick for me is not pretending the measuring tape says something different. :D 
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  • @mccurleya Nah, just grab a blanket for easier and quick removal...although I love car seat covers for the same purpose...full disclaimer...I live in Alaska! :smile:
  • So, a usually nice friend told me yesterday that my face was looking thinner, but my eyes looked puffy and tired.  All I could do was laugh.  I actually feel pretty good, but I guess my lack of sleep and stuff still comes through.  I’ve always had bags under my eyes, but I guess they are worse.  I think it’s just a facial characteristic as my family has this trait, but having four babies in five years probably does nothing positive for your skin.  Does anyone have any tried and true ways of reducing bags under your eyes and dark circles?  I am not big on chemicals and can’t be walking around the house with vegetables on my face, so I need something quick and easy.  Or, the next time I am just going to tell her that this is just my face.  
  • @knuttyplus2 I want to live in Alaska! Or at least visit one day. But we ended up going the blanket route. We're in a convertible carseat now so the carseat cover isn't an option anymore 
  • @DDRRT1982 I always look tired and have dark circles under my eyes. I had a patient ask me when the last time I slept was and that night went out to buy concealer. I dont wear makeup and haven't for years.  I do remember if I had puffy eye in the morning, cold spoons for about 15 mins helped. Other than that, this is my face, take it or leave it. 
  • @mccurleya we have a poncho that has a hood- my mom made it.

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  • My problem for going outside or to the car  is footwear. He won’t leave anything on his feet. We went a block the other day and he already had a sock off.
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  • @megpeg he can deal with socks but he kicks shoes off. He'd also hate the poncho. He takes every hat off his head 
  • We just tried the poncho and he was pissed. Declan hates hats too. We have yet to attempt shoes. 
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  • Looks like I'm just going to do jacket hoods and socks. It's freezing rain here all week and LO has congestion again. I'm so paranoid it's going to turn to croup again. 
  • @DDRRT1982 I support @sgrn18's "this is my face, take it or leave it" sentiment!  I used to be a full-face-of-make-up-all-the-time person, but when N was born, I didn't want her to get the message that you need to be made up to be pretty.  So now I only really wear it to work (can't shake the feeling that I'm not "ready" without make-up on), and looking at pictures, yup, I know I looked better previously, but I am what I am now!  For whatever that's worth.

    @megpeg @mccurleya Nora is also a hat-and-sock hater: she rips her socks off 947 times a day.  We recently got her these booties to wear when we go out, and she surprisingly keeps them on!
  • I have just started leaving him in pjs so his feet are warm.
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  • I leave him in pjs also and send socks for when he gets an outfit change at daycare. But lately she's been keeping him in pjs since it's so cold and rainy out 
  • Anyone got Thanksgiving plans?  I am most excited about the kids being off of school.  I’ve realized I don’t really like my daughter going to school five days a week.  I know it’s lame, but I miss her and the time we had together before kindergarten.  That’s probably lame.  Otherwise, we are just going to my in-laws and I don’t work.  That’s cool.
  • We are going to my sisters an hour away. DH’s mom and step dad are going there too. I hate that I can’t make everything because my mom and sister suck at cooking. Last year we could eat everything but the turkey on time because she didn’t get it started early enough.
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  • We are hosting Thanksgiving for the first time this year! MH is smoking a turkey and im doing mashed potatoes, gravey, rolls, and stuffing. MIL is bringing some other stuff(veggies, seems ive got the carbs covered). It was going to be a big thing but my brothers bailed then SIL bailed.  Im worried i got too much food now. I love leftover turkey though! Im so excited for LO to have some yummy Thanksgiving food. 
  • Lol, well I hope there is something edible. 
  • we are driving to my mom's. It's about an 8 hour trip, but I am excited for everyone to see LO. It's been almost 4 months. We'll get there tuesday night and help my mom with the cooking on Wednesday. 

    @megpeg one year when I was a kid we went to my stepdad's parent's. We hung out, set the table blah blah, go to eat dinner, and it turns out someone turned off the oven, or maybe it was never turned on. They had pies, ham, turkey, casserole in a top and bottom oven and none of it was edible. Everybody was livid. hahahaha

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  • We go to my aunts about 10 minutes away. There will be at least 31 of us with 9 under 5 years old. It’s a great tradition though and I only have to bring flowers. 
    Then my brother in law will be here at some point on Thursday because we have a wedding on Saturday. This will be his first time meeting his niece. 
  • We go to my stepdad's cousin's for Thanksgiving.  One thing I really commend my family for is how all the sides of my family mesh - my mom's sister comes for dinner, my dad's brother is routinely invited - it makes Thanksgiving feel that much more special.  (Mine and my husband's families are pretty disjointed, so this is something we have to work on for N).

    Even more than Thanksgiving, I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving weekend.  We're actually not leaving our house/town for the first time in FOREVER, and we're finally putting time toward two major projects we've been delaying: painting Nora's room and cleaning out the basement.  The latter is being done so we can find our Christmas decorations and get the house all set up.  We only moved in late April, and I haven't felt much pride in homeownership yet.  But Christmas is changing that!  I'm SO excited to get OUR house set up for Nora's first Christmas.

    @DDRRT1982 I don't think it's lame to say you miss time with your daughter when she's at school!  I feel that way about N when I'm at work - I've never looked forward to days off so much!  Enjoy the time with her!

    @sgrn18 Good luck with your first time hosting!  How exciting!
  • DH has now requested that I remake thanksgiving on Saturday so we can have it the way we like. I don’t mind and the kids can help. 
    My 10 year old and I are also helping serve a dinner on Friday for the homeless in our area. I used to do it when I was his age and I want him to see that even in our area there are people that don’t have things. 
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  • mccurleyamccurleya member
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    We are staying in this year now that we live next to my in laws. We used to drive 4 hours every year for thanksgiving and Christmas to come see them. I'm thankful for no driving, although that means I won't see my family but they understand the not wanting to travel. I think they'll come for Nate's first christmas. We'll have lunch the day of thanksgiving at DHs grandma's and lunch Friday at his parents. We both work for the schools so we have the whole week off with Nate. I am so excited. 

    ETA: We're also building our back porch this week. I can't wait to finally be able to go out the back door and work on our back yard.
  • @vflux33 you have a PM if you are still around.
  • ashtuesdayashtuesday member
    edited November 2018
    Okay, how often/how much do your LOs eat in a day?  Day care made a comment to me that they think N is going too long between feedings (3.5 hours between bottles... she's 9 months old!  She actually has gone way longer than that the last few weekends) and that they think she needs to eat more.  I know she's well fed, and I know when she's fussy at day care, it's because she doesn't sleep there - but I am still so annoyed!  (And, of course, researching average food amounts for a 9 month old and worrying if they're right at the same time.)

    ETA: Nora eats about 25-oz of formula and one meal of cereal + fruits/veggies per day.  I want her to be eating a second solid meal per day, but I want it to be dinner (so she can keep trying new foods/textures under my supervision) and she's too tired to do that after day care right now.  I plan on adding the second meal during winter break - after that, my mom will be watching N 3 days per week, so that'll make it easier.
  • @ashtuesday DS is 8 months and does five 5-5.5oz bottles a day and solids for breakfast and dinner. We just started adding lunch yesterday.
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  • I definitely don’t think 3.5 hours is too long to go in between feedings at this age.  Sam will go anywhere between two to six hours between feedings.  This might not be helpful, but if they are suggesting that she is cranky because of not being full can you send an additional bottle so they have the option to try another when they feel necessary?  That might end that argurment when they see she is just tired and not necessarily hungry.  
  • This discussion makes me realize I am way behind on getting Sam on a schedule with food.  She “eats” dinner with us, and I maybe throw fruit or toast her way in the morning, but I don’t really do anything consistently.  She’ll be a year in just three months and that’s quickly creeping up on me.
  • sgrn18sgrn18 member
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    LO isnt very consistent with timing of bottles, sometimes its every 3 for the whole day and sometimes is 3 hrs then 5 hrs and back to 3 hrs between bottles. He gets 6 oz 4 times a day sometimes more. He also eats solids 3 times a day but he only eats 3/4 of the jar and sometimes to keep him busy while I do stuff ill give him some Puffs snacks. 

    ETA hes 8 months old now. 
  • We offer 7oz bottles every 5 hours for about 28oz a day (depending if she wants the whole bottle). 
    Solids I’m not consistent with. When she’s with my parents or her aunt she’s offered solids 2x between bottles. I am not consistent with solids on the weekends and need to get better about that. 
    I’m not sure if we’re giving her too much and was wondering about this myself.
    I think @DDRRT1982 makes a good suggestion - pack an extra bottle as an experiment. For us though fussiness is usually overtired, overstimulated or teething - not hunger. Good luck @ashtuesday with the daycare (I’d feel really frustrated too) I’m sure you’re counting the days until N is with your mom. 
  • I don’t think 3.5 hours is unusual at all. At 8 months Declan eats 4-6 ounces of formula at a time 4-7 times a day. He also eats 3 meals and snacks. Like others said I would try to add another bottle to the mix if that’s what they think is needed then th y can see if she’s just tired.
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  • Thanks, all!  So it sounds like N is on track - I'll still talk to her ped at our check-up appointment on Friday just to be safe.  The kicker is they said she was fussy and hungry WHEN THEY HAD A BOTTLE THERE WAITING FOR HER.  I asked why they didn't just give her the bottle, and the response was "Well, the schedule said to wait until 5:00."  Yes - the schedule (that THEY asked me to create) also clearly says on top that we don't follow a schedule, we just go by her cues.  Gah!  I was thinking about sending extra food for her, but I don't want them to shove food at her every time she's upset - I don't want her to learn that's how life works.  Gah.  One more month!
  • You know your baby best @ashtuesday. I would just send what you know she needs. 

    Nate eats 4 8oz bottles a day and sometimes a 4oz bottle right before bed just to hold him over because he goes to bed an hour after his last bottle. That's every 3.5-4 hours. At daycare he gets 2 meals (A jar of food and cereal). I'll occasionally give him another jar before bed but I definitely slack on weekends too.
    And with thanksgiving break here, I've given him maybe 2 food meals since Friday... whoops. 
  • Y'all, I mistakenly scrolled through the US post of another group and the itch got even more real. 
  • I am waiting for the cheesecake to get done baking so I can go to bed. Nothing has gone well today. My first batch of rolls sucked so I had to remake them- gluten free recipes are so hard to gauge. 
    My older two spent the afternoon picking at each other and Declan wouldn’t nap. It has been a long day.
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  • @megpeg I hope today gets better! Maybe you can get a nap in today? Is that silly? Haha 

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! A first for our sweet LOs
  • @megpeg I really love our days off together, but sometimes it can be a little too much for my kids.  While I would love to just sit around and hangout with them, they do best on a routine.  This is why breaks are good.  They remind us that it really is best for them to be productive with school and activities.  I worked all day yesterday, but my kids stayed home with the babysitter and were a messy by night time.  Too much togetherness and not enough activity.
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