Miscarriage/Pregnancy Loss

Anybody good with calculations before I have surgery for MC

This is my first pregnancy. My husband and I had intercourse on sept 18 to be exact. I hadn’t had sex before then because I was healing from a surgery on my knee. I also remember getting the happy face on my ovulation stick later that night after intercourse. I THINK my last period was September 4 or 6 but I seriously can’t recall. Sept 8th at the latest 

I took a pregnancy test roughly three weeks ago and got a positive with a faint on 9/28 as a matter of a fact I took 30 over the last 2 weeks because I couldn’t believe my eyes. A few days later I started spotting with light pink blood only when I wipe. Me as a first time mom I panic and got an appointment. At that time I was 6 weeks and my blood work came back good with 3900 HCG. Doctor said she had no worries and everything looked fine no ultrasound was done.

Approximately Two weeks( 7days 4 weeks based on my calculations) later I don’t feel the same so I go and get an ultrasound from the people who do the 3D ultrasound today and she tells me she see a gestational sack and yolk sack but no baby. IM CRUSHED. She measured my yolk sac and said I was maybe 5 weeks and 5 days. 

My next appointment was today and all my excitement is gone. I’m suppose to be exactly 8 weeks. I got a transvaginal and she said there was no baby but she did see a gestational sac and yolk sac. My husband thinks I miscalculated.

of course the doctor said I had a missed miscarriage and tells me my options to speed up the process with surgery, Pills or naturally wait.

ugh.... what do I do. I’m so hurt. We are hurt.

Re: Anybody good with calculations before I have surgery for MC

  • mrsbaker89 Sorry for your loss. It definitely sounds like a loss. There's no way the baby should be measuring approx. 5 1/2 weeks or so when you should be 8 weeks along. If you have your own doubts and/or want to appease your husband you can always naturally wait a week or so to see if you will MC naturally. You can also ask the doctor for betas to track your HCG down to 0 (this way you can see the numbers decrease to prove to your husband that the baby is no longer viable, because even if you did happen to miscalculate, decreasing numbers indicate a non-viable PG.).

    MC #1: D&C Oct 23, 2015 (7.5 weeks)
    MC #2: July 1, 2016 (5.5 weeks)
    MC #3: October 17, 2016 (CP)
    RE #1: RPL testing November 2016-January 2017
    MC #4: Feb. 28, 2017 (CP)
    RE #2: Additional RPL testing March-November 2017
    MC #5: January 2019 (6.5 weeks)

    RE #3: More testing 2023. 
    Egg Retrieval Sept/Oct 2023, 2 good embryos after PGT-A testing.
    Surgery for endometriosis January 2024
    Lupron Depo March 2024.  Benched 3 months.  Hopefully FET after that.


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