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Week 3 Check In 10/29-11/4

This check in is for ladies with due dates 3/17-3/23. Let me know if this is your first check in and I will add you.
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 Due date: 

 Any appointments? Questions?:


 How are you feeling?: 

 GTKY: What is your favorite Halloween treat?
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Re: Week 3 Check In 10/29-11/4

  •  Due date: 3/17 

     Any appointments? Questions?: Anatomy Scan on thursday! super excited. Found out via Panorama that baby bean is a girl...but i will be able to relax (and possible go baby clothes shopping) once i know for SURE its a girl LOL 

     Rants/Raves?: I am continuously ranting about my SO. When we first found out i was pregnant he didnt take it well, but he's been doing better. Now it seems like he is relapsing. He has been very sarcastic lately and with the additional hormones, he has been on my LAST NERVE...and his comments about my attitude are pushing me to edge. I am trying to be loving and watch my responses...but he is a complete child right now. I try not to respond but it seems like when i do that it makes it worse because he feels like i am "being mean"...on the rave side...really enjoying the baby movements, so at least thats a positive.

     How are you feeling?: feeling good. i had an issue this weekend where i got lightheaded and dizzy while at Target but i think i waited to long to eat. I am starting to think i need to be eating more, and that worries me bc i am plus sized/overweight and i don't wanna gain too much weight. 

     GTKY: What is your favorite Halloween treat? Reese's for sure! 
  • Due date: 3/20

     Any appointments? Questions?: AS on Friday! Like you @zionsmama85 our NIPT said girl, but just because they didn't find a Y chromosome doesn't put me entirely at ease. I'll feel better knowing the parts match. And of course, I'm always concerned there might be an anatomical issue that hasn't been caught with any of the testing.

     Rants/Raves?: Busy, busy, busy... had a great weekend in DC, but I'm so tired, will be solo parenting for a couple days, then Halloween with DD, then a formal event and a baby shower this coming weekend. At least that means I'm getting a mani, pedi, and a massage this week so I have that to look forward to!

     How are you feeling?: Good. Tiredness has been my biggest symptom, as well as occasional RLP.

     GTKY: What is your favorite Halloween treat? Anything with dark chocolate. I'm not too picky but dark chocolate is my favorite! I also have an amazing caramel corn recipe that I like to make this time of year.
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  • Due date: March 17

    Any appointments? Questions?: 20 week check up is tomorrow. My eyes have been very red and irritated (but not itchy) so I'll be asking them about that. 

    Rants/Raves?: Had a busy but fun weekend...that I'm paying for now. I think I overdid it and I'm just wiped out. Plus my back hurts a ton - I took DS apple picking yesterday and he insisted on being carried for a significant portion of our outing. He's getting heavy.

    How are you feeling?: Okay, aside form being tired and a little headachey. I seem to cry at everything these days, which is super fun. 

    GTKY: What is your favorite Halloween treat? pretty much all the chocolate candy that I don't allow myself to have much of the rest of the year - reese's cups, kit kats, heath bars, etc. I secretly hope we don't have many trick or treaters so I can indulge post-halloween.
  • Due date: 3/23

     Any appointments? Questions?: anatomy scan on Friday. Can’t wait to find out if baby is a boy or girl. Anyone have good ideas for a gender reveal with siblings?

     Rants/Raves?: I’m already so uncomfortable by the time I get up in the morning. 

     How are you feeling?: pretty good once I get going in the morning

     GTKY: What is your favorite Halloween treat? Normally I’d say Reeses or other chocolate, but this pregnancy I want all the candy - sour patch kids, gummy bears, Starburst ...
  • Due date: 3/17

     Any appointments? Questions?: anatomy scan on Friday. Nervous but excited!

     Rants/Raves?: my stomach popped this week and I feel huge. I’m as big now as I was 2 months further along in my second pregnancy. One of the other dad friends told me yesterday that I look like I’m ready to pop and asked how many weeks I have left 🤦‍♀️ 

     How are you feeling?: alright. Still dealing with a lot of pelvic pressure but I’m seeing a pelvic floor physical therapist and I bought a pregnancy band so hopefully those help. 

     GTKY: What is your favorite Halloween treat? Love Reese’s! 

    @zionsmama85 I’m sorry SO isn’t being supportive. Hopefully he gets a big wake up call by the time the baby comes! 

    **good luck on your anatomy scans everyone!  Sounds like most people have them this week!

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  • @MamaBearCher agreed on the candy front! my fave is Reese's but i have been eating a LOT of sour gummy bears lately! 

  •  Due date: March 21

     Any appointments? Questions?: AS on Thursday. 

     Rants/Raves?: Raves: I bought a couple maternity dresses at Target yesterday that show up my little bump, so I am pretty excited about them. 

     How are you feeling?: Mostly pretty good. I am feeling much better from the shingles -- the rash has healed and there is only a little bit of lingering pain. I look forward to it being behind me soon. 

    I also decided to buy some lansinoh nipple cream yesterday because my nipples are so sore all the time and seem dry. 

     GTKY: What is your favorite Halloween treat? ALL of it. :)  I've pretty happy with any kind of candy, except the candy corn. 
  • Due date: 21 March

     Any appointments? Questions?: Nothing for another two weeks. But now that I've had my anatomy scan, there's much less to look forward to until labor!

     Rants/Raves?: I started wearing my maternity uniform this week. The pants are SO much more comfortable, but the top is still a tent! And the pocket situation is terrible.

     How are you feeling?: Overall, still pretty good. I've still been on my standard running and lifting program, doing a little less weight and more reps, less core, and slower runs, but I just signed up for Birthfit. Looking forward to following something that was tailored for pregnancy :)

     GTKY: What is your favorite Halloween treat? I'm not really a candy person anymore. Meant to make pumpkin muffins this weekend, but it didn't happen :/ 
  • Due date: 3/19 re-dated to 3/28. Now my chart days 3/19 again so...

    Any appointments? Questions?: AS is on 11/13 which is a little on the later end. OB told me to make it for 20/21weeks. I'm a little confused on what she thinks my EDD is, because my dating scan said 3/28, but I noticed it's still 3/19 in my chart. Figured better to have it late than early?

    Rants/Raves?: This has been a really great week for me emotionally. Maybe those 2nd tri hormones are kicking in. After a really good convo with my OB last week, I've decided to try for a VBAC (provided my AS is good). Now I'm super motivated to workout, eat better, research doulas, everything! Up until now, I was planning for RCS, and had a pretty bad attitude about preparing for birth (like why prepare when the doc is gonna do it all and wreck my body anyways?)

    How are you feeling?: Started exercising - yay!

    GTKY: What is your favorite Halloween treat? I liked popcorn balls and maybe I'm the only person lol
  • @zionsmama85 I don't blame you for being annoyed! That egg roll incident was ridiculous.

    I get really sick of MH downplaying my symptoms. I say I'm fainting and he barely blinks an eye lol. Meanwhile, he got a sore throat this weekend (which DS and I also had and got through just fine) and needed a 6 hour nap on Sunday and for me to go to the store for Gatorade for him. I don't think they could deal with getting periods or 9 months of pregnancy. It would be the end of the world. 
  • @lindseyb918 yeah, we’d be a lot more advanced with birth control and artificial gestation if men had to deal with it...

    Also @zionsmama85 I’d be pretty pissed about having ANYTHING shoved in my mouth while I was sleeping, pregnant or not. That’s not funny, it’s just damn rude! I get mad when I fall asleep on the couch and MH is less than quiet since I do my best to keep DD out of the room when he inevitably falls asleep on the couch at the busiest time of the evening.
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  • @meggyme @lindseyb918 it's crazy to me that my 9 year old son is adjusting to the pregnancy WAY better than my BF. my son is being so helpful, kind and gentle. and trying to help more around the house. BF is relapsing into childhood LOL! like his behavior is getting more and more ridiculous but if i call him on anything he tells me that "this is stressful for him and a major change that he has to get used to" granted i understand, bc now with the baby on the way it sped up our relationship as far as him moving in, etc....but he acts like it has no major affect on my life, even though i'm the one thats pregnant. If i happen to bring that up to him though, "it's different." he can't tell me WHY its different, it just is. I love him with all my heart, but sometimes i wanna smush his face off. 
  • @zionsmama85 are any of his friends fathers? Maybe sending him on a night out with other dads would help him to talk about it with someone who has been there and help him work through some of the stress and prepare for the change. I know MH talked with a lot of his dad friends before our DD came and even then it took him several months to really get into dad mode.
    DD1: June '16 DD2: March ‘19 :::: Married since 2011 :::: USN Wife ::::
  • @meggyme this is my first checkin :) 

    Due date: March 23

     Any appointments? Questions?:  Still learning the lingo but I just had an ultrasound and anatomy check last Friday... everything looked great!

     Rants/Raves?: I feel uncomfortable... I know my organs are moving around and it's just weird to me. I'm a first time mom so I have no idea how this is supposed to feel.  I have a bit of a solitary lifestyle and I'm feeling that even more now, which I think I'd like to break out of.  Feeling low energy and low motivation... isn't the second trimester supposed to be filled with glowing energy?!

     How are you feeling?: Meh. So so. Feeling uncomfortable with a belly that's starting to grow. I wake up at least once every night which I've never done in my life so that's something to get used to. I mean... I guess I'm fine but I feel like the only pregnant person in the world who is not over the moon to be experiencing pregnancy. I'm SUPER excited that we're having a baby. Super terrified about the whole giving birth process.  And just not really into being pregnant.  I guess I wish I was!

     GTKY: What is your favorite Halloween treat?  Ooooooh literally anything with sugar in it. :) 
  • Due date: 3/22

     Any appointments? Questions?:  Still nothing until my level II anatomy scan with MFM on 11/13

     Rants/Raves?: Getting so fat.  I have no self control.  My rave is that I'm feeling baby boy tons now, yay!  

     How are you feeling?: I came down with a cold this week and my sinuses feel like they are going to explode.  So, feeling miserable.  

     GTKY: What is your favorite Halloween treat?  Reese's pumpkins!  Especially the white ones. Skittles & Milk Duds, too.
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  • @lisee923 I feel you on the sinuses. I had a cold over the weekend and my sinuses are still congested, yet running non-stop at the same time. My poor nose is raw from blowing it all the time. And sneezing while pregnant has become a dangerous proposition for me. I need to start doing more Kegels and carrying spare underwear.
    DD1: June '16 DD2: March ‘19 :::: Married since 2011 :::: USN Wife ::::
  • a bit of a rant today: had my AS done today. I have been looking forward to it all week, and i enjoyed it, but i was kind of let down. We were in there for about 35-40 mins and i feel like the tech kind of rushed things and then said that the baby wouldn't cooperate so they weren't able to get all the pics they needed. she took a lot of photos and then only printed out 2 pics and i had to give one to my SO (we don't live together yet and i know he like to show them off too). i don't want to sound ungrateful, but i remember with DS i had like 8 pics! It's just kind of frustrating bc like i said earlier, i wanted to have some confirmation of sex and the most that i got was that if the baby was a boy bc it was moving around so much, we would have saw boy parts. I know she is the expert so maybe legitimately there was a reason she didnt do much more, maybe the baby was moving a lot. I just feel like i had waiting for this and it was kind of a let down. i'm more than likely going to pay for a 3D, probably around January so i should be able to see the Lil Bit again..but dang, i rushed through Halloween for that! LOL. 
  • @zionsmama85 I’m sorry your ultrasound wasn’t as expected!  They didn’t ask you to come back?  It might be worth clarifying, especially if she specifically said she didn’t get all the pics. With my first, he kept moving around like crazy and getting in bad positions so they actually had me come back 3x to finally get all the angles they needed. My second was similar but I was able to go to the bathroom and take a quick break and that was enough for her to move. Hopefully you can get some more info!

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  • @Runninggal28 the nurse ended up calling us before the day ended and saying the doc changed their mind so we will be going back in 4 weeks. Fingers crossed we can get everything we need because this is eating up my PTO lol. thanks!

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