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Help with boys names

We're having a baby in 6 days, and we are struggling with boy names (we're team green). I asked opinions on a couple names before, but we've since added more names to the list. Any input is appreciated. Big brother's name is Graham (which we love). We do prefer less common names so we are leaning toward Harvey or Spencer. Thanks!

Help with boys names 63 votes

19% 12 votes
17% 11 votes
11% 7 votes
19% 12 votes
Spencer (likely nn Spence)
33% 21 votes
Me:32 DH:32
Dx: PCOS - on metformin
DS born 11/2014
TTC #2
5 failed IUIs
1 IUI ending in mc & d&c at 9.5w - girl with trisomy 16
Pursuing IVF with CCRM - ODWU done - IVF set for May-June
Surprise BFP 3/5 - Rainbow baby due 11/9/18 - Team Green

Re: Help with boys names

  • Having lived through Hurricane Harvey last year, I just can’t love that name yet. Spencer has the same classic, strong, uncommon feeling as Graham (which I also love, btw!).
  • I like Luke! Sounds good with Graham too :) 
  • Spencer is great
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