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  • @lemieuxk good luck! Being pregnant in the hospital is a drag but every day LO is in there is worth 2 days in the NICU. That's what I was told. I hope things are uneventful for you!
  • @lemieuxk Awe hate to hear you are still bound! But like was just said, it's good you are in the right place so if LO were to need to come early. We are here for you if you need to rant or someone to chat with! I hope you are getting good food delivery brought to you and have some things to pass the time while there. 
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  • Update on my little guy.  His growth is perfect (77th percentile / 3 lbs 7 oz at my 29+4 scan!) and bp is staying ok.  He's already far bigger than my daughter was at 30+4 (1lb 14oz).  

    @lemieuxk I'm so sorry you're going through this!  Why do they think your placenta won't make it that long?

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    @lisee923 they said the low fluid, in the absence of any other explanation, is typically indicative of placental dysfunction so it would likely eventually cause fetal distress, poor growth, etc. Honestly, my story w both pregnancies makes pretty much no clinical sense so I think they're just guessing. I had this same thing with my daughter and they said her placenta looked great when she was born at 34 weeks and her growth was good so who knows. Glad to hear you're little guy is growing so well!

    @Lbloom I hear that! My daughter was in NICU so I will do anything to minimize our time there as much as it might suck. How's your little guy doing?

    @kristimh80 thanks! GD makes the food as happiness equation a little challenging but I'm managing! 

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  • @Lbloom that's wonderful! My experience was that process can be super frustrating. They start slow but then something just clicks and they get it. Not that you asked for it but my advice is to make sure you're advocating for your health and well being. The NICU staff is 100% focused on baby and sometimes they dont know they're overwhelming you. At one point they had me breastfeeding 6 sessions a day and pumping 8 times. I made it one day before my poor boobs and I had a breakdown. We went on to have a very successful breastfeeding relationship  
  • @lemieuxk so sorry your stuck, but silver lining of everyday your little man is in there, the better it is for the both of you. 
    Doing well over here so far. Had to reschedule my appt due to weather on Friday.

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  • Quick update from my appt/ growth scan this morning. I'm due 3-16. LO changed positions and is now breech. Also, LO is measuring in the 2nd percentile. HB looked good along with blood flow. Since it's officially under 10th percentile, we go back in 2 weeks for a doppler to check blood flow, back in 4 weeks for another growth scan. In the mean time, I'm doing twice weekly NST's. I'm so glad we've come this far in this pregnancy, but upset how high risk this is becoming. I always knew I was high risk for me because of my medical history, but now it's high risk for the both of us, if that makes sense? I wanted to cancel my scheduled induction (39 weeks), as the reason for it was because I live so far away from the hospital. No chance of that now. If blood flow starts to "decrease" looking at 37 week induction. Of course there are more possibilities, but I'm just taking it in stride. It's now taking it one appt at a time, one week at a time, and keeping this lo cooking as long as possible. Good news, is we still get to be at home for now.

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  • @Kenneylynn3 I’m sorry your pregnancy has gotten even more stressful, but it sounds like you have a great way of viewing it. One step at a time. Keep cooking little one!
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  • @Kenneylynn3 Try your best to keep your spirits up! Sounds like they are keeping a close eye on your care and that you are in good hands. 
  • @Kenneylynn3 Sending lots of strength and patience to you... so hard to wait and have all this uncertainty. 

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  • @Kenneylynn3 it sounds like you have a great team of doctors looking over you and LO. Stay strong!
  • @Kenneylynn3 Take heart, you're doing everything you can. A lot of what happens in pregnancy is just out of our control. Taking things one day/week/appt at a time is a good way to go. 
  • I'm currently 34 weeks +3. I've had BP issues most of my.life and a family history a mile long of hbp. So far the entire pregnancy has just been borderline or enough to watch but not be concerned. I've been moved to twice a week appts and a growth scan every 4 weeks. This is week 2 of 2 appts per week just to be safe. At my 32 week scan bump measured perfect, 48th percentile weight/size wise perfect amniotic fluid level. This last Tuesday I started non stress tests. Friday at my test my BP was elevated and bumps heartrate was staying elevated. (155 when it's been 135-140) they kept me.hooked up for almost 2 hours, had me on my left side and drinking a glass of water. Got everything to go back down and such finally and got to approval from dr to go home. Was advised to take it easy this weekend rest relax etc. I am monitoring BP at home and today it has been pretty high. One point today it was 134/103. I work weekends standing on my feet for 6 to 8 hr shifts. Tonight was 4pm to midnight and I can not get BP to go Down. Last reading at 1245am as I got home was 151/99. I've been drinking a ton of water today, ate, took my baby asprin, I'm currently home propped on the couch hoping in worrying for nothing it's just an off day but I'm truly worrying.
  • @BridetoBe1213 I know it's the weekend, but you can call the on call Dr or l&d to get their opinion about what you should do.

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  • @Bride2b1213 - I second @Kenneylynn3, please call your practitioner or the L&D unit. They may want you to go for monitoring and make sure nothing else is going on. That reading when you got home seems rather concerning and out of control bp can put pressure on your body and the baby. 
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