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Slipped but didn’t fall. Having some pain.

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Im currently 27 weeks pregnant my son spilled some juice and as I was cleaning it I slipped and caught myself but my legs stretched enough (like a spilt almost). My vigina is hurting, like I probably hurt a muscle in there not sure how to put it, I’m having no bleeding but discomfort. Baby is kicking still. Should I be concern enough to call my doctor? Has anyone gone through this? 

Re: Slipped but didn’t fall. Having some pain.

  • You probably pulled a muscle but call your doctor if you're concerned...we can't really tell you if you should be worried or not.
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  • Call your doctor or hospital’s maternity ward for an opinion. 
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  • Id absolutely call your doc. I was having some odd pain a couple weeks ago (was probably constipation but who can tell?) so i called my doc. I went in to be checked and all is good. I was really happy to have my doc make sure all was well.
    I'm not one to run to her with every twinge, but if you are not sure, that's what your doc is there!

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