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Which do you prefer?  Big sister is Evelyn.
Me: 34  DH: 35
Married 2010
TTC: Feb 2014, BFP 7/14/14, CP 7/18/14
BFP 3/10/15 - DD #1 born 11/19
TTC #2: Oct 2017, BFP 12/19/17, CP 12/22/17
BFP 2/20/18 - EDD 10/31/2018

Boy Name Vote! 59 votes

25% 15 votes
3% 2 votes
10% 6 votes
59% 35 votes
You pick dumb names, start over.
1% 1 vote

Re: Boy Name Vote!

  • I also love Levi and Elias, but I think Asher is best with Evelyn. They are all a little trendy at the moment though.
  • I think Theodore fits best. When I think of the name Evelyn it takes me to the 1870's- 1920's timeframe and Theodore fits right in there too for me.
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  • I voted Asher because I think it pairs best with Evelyn. Love Elias though (I have an Eli).
  • I really like Elias, but agree with PP that it doesn't pair as well with Evelyn. I think Asher or Theodore would go well with Evelyn- I voted for Theodore just because I'm not a huge fan of the name Asher, but it's your baby!
  • Theodore! I agree with pp that it matches Evelyn’s classic vintage vibe and I love the nn Teddy
  • I personally like Elias and Theodore.
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