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Symptoms week of 10/22

Symptoms symptoms symptoms

Re: Symptoms week of 10/22

  • I got up to get ready for work this morning.  By the time I finished washing up, I was so out of breathe like I had just run 15 miles. And then I threw up.  
    So I didn't go to work today. Im just laying in bed waiting for my pulmonologist to call me back.  
    I don't understand how I could be this SOB when I'm on all of the medicine.  And what am I supposed to do? Not do anything for the rest of the trimester? 

  • @expandcontract I am so sorry you still are having such a hard time. :(
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  • Thank you @lappymom2019. Now Im even more frustrated though.  Instead of calling me back,  the doctor had a nurse call me back to tell me he's ordering ANOTHER round of steroids! I've already been on two rounds and they didn't help! It is not recommended to be on them in the 1st tri as there is a higher risk of cleft palate to the baby. Why would you order another one when you KNOW the first two did not work?
    I told the nurse all this and I told her I want to speak with him.  She sent him a message.  Hopefully,  he'll have a better solution this time. 

  • @expandcontract I'm so sorry you're doing through that - I hope you get a better answer when you speak with him.  I hope you feel better soon.

    Still feeling nausea and fatigue, but also crazy anxiety today.  Not sure if that's just on account of it being Monday, though, or the stuff we have going on repairing the house.  The start of the week just makes everything feel like it's looming.
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  • @expandcontract way to stick up for yourself and your baby! FX you are able to come up with a solution that actually helps!

    @mrsdee15 Mondays are the worst. I hope you feel better about everything going on soon!

    I've been taking my modified bed rest pretty seriously (maybe too much) and feel sore from NOT moving. I'm generally an active person so this is killing me.

    I also can't tell if I have allergies or pregnancy rhinitis. it just started a week ago and DH said his allergies just started acting up too, so I'm incorporating the local honey I bought into things in case that helps.

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  • @expandcontract ugh, I am so sorry. You have had such a terrible first trimester! Is there such a thing as an asthma + pregnancy specialist?

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  • @expandcontract - sorry you're still suffering! Hopefully something gives you relief soon :-(

    Symptom: cramping  Diagnosis: likely paranoia

    Well, I am officially part of the paranoid FTM club. I have been having some very very mild/light cramping and abdominal discomfort this weekend but there's been no spotting and it hasn't been anything more than a minor pinch or twinge. However, I still called my doctor and he called me right back and as we were chatting he reminded me that the U/S I had 7 days ago looked excellent, all my tests are normal, and my uterus is growing to accommodate this baby. But that he also couldn't guarantee that the sensation I am feeling is my body changing so he said if I am still uncomfortable to march myself into labor and delivery and get checked out. Then he asked, "are you constipated" - well gee - that's a good question. YES my weekend menu consisted of pasta, chicken tenders and pancakes...

    Needless to say, tonight's menu will be laden with greens and fiber and hopefully I'll start to feel better. 
  • @julwanderlust I had some minor cramping today myself, but just took it as my uterus growing. Other than that I feel pretty good, just tired.  P.S. I'm super jealous that you had pancakes, I'm craving them.

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  • @expandcontract I'm so sorry you're having such a rough 1st trimester. A little laugh though...I read your original post as you got washed up and then decided to run 15 miles. I was like "whoa she is hardcore!"
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  • @expandcontract Sorry you’re going through this, and hope you feel better soon! 
  • So sorry things have been so rough @expandcontract! I really hope they propose something that will actually help you this time. 

    I almost puked up my Synthroid this morning so it appears my nausea is still alive and well. Boobs have started hurting again as well. Looking forward to my appt next week to hear the HB again. I always get stressed out after a few weeks between appts wanting to make sure all is well. 
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    Thank you, everyone for your support! @babynurse1114 I legit LOL'd at your message.  Dear god,  no! I can't run 15 miles even when not pregnant.  No way i could do that now!
    @kvh22 I kind of know how you feel.  I've been mostly in bed since yesterday and I'm getting antsy. You MUST be sore.  But good job for sticking with it!
    @julwanderlust I hope you have a nice poop today! Lol. 
    @k2k2tog Im not sure about an asthma +pregnancy specialist but I know for sure im not the first woman on the planet whose asthma got worse during pregnancy.  

    Pulmonologist still hasn't called me back.  He's probably busy,  I'm sure.  But the longer he takes to get back to me,  the angrier Im getting at my situation.  
    Part of me feels guilty I didn't go to work, today. The other part knows that I did try though.  When Im in bed not doing anything,  I feel fine.  And then I start thinking "am i making a big deal out of nothing?" So then I'll get up and try to do stuff and I'll end up right back in bed again.  We're so hard on ourselves.  But i can't help questioning myself.  

  • @expandcontract I took maternity weeks 5 weeks early because I simply wasn’t functional at work. At the time, I was so depressed I could barely care for myself and everyone (especially my bosses) kept telling me putting my baby and my health was most important, but it didn’t make me feel less guilty about it. If it makes you feel better, think about it as if you are doing good for your baby and not yourself. You should just be pushing yourself with everything you have going on.
  • @chloe97 that's exactly how I feel,  depressed.  I feel like I'm letting everybody down... my husband,  MIL, daughter,  coworkers. I almost WANT the doc to put me on bedrest so atleast i can blame it on him. 
    I know that I really really want this baby to be healthy (as do all of you with your babies,  of course) because I had a hard time trying to get pregnant with endo, and then to have to try all over again would be daunting.  AND, I'm not getting any younger.  

  • My nausea has gone from intense all day, debilitating  discomfort to constantly wondering if I might throw up. It is half better? So gross. I am so excited to be getting closer to the second trimester. I really just hope everything is okay at my appointment on Tuesday.
  • @expandcontract ugh, I'm so glad you're well-informed and can advocate for yourself and your baby. I trust doctors so much but get seriously frustrated when they just start prescribing things without thinking about it!

    @kvh22 do you think some gentle prenatal yoga might help? It'll get you moving but not too much!

    @julwanderlust I had some INTENSE cramping my first pregnancy, especially around 9 weeks. I called my OB sobbing because I was thinking the worst. I also had no spotting and they recommended I just rest, but I was so worried I demanded an ultrasound. The Dr I saw for that was super nice and mentioned yes, it was likely my growing uterus. I'm having a lot less cramping this time around, I assume because I gave birth less than a year ago so it's like oh I've done this before haha! Hugs, it can be really frightening, I'm glad your Dr was so nice about it. I hate when moms get brushed off, like yeah you can't do anything about it at this stage but they should overall be more comforting. Also I really want chicken tenders now.

    Just still playing the nighttime nausea game. I'm taking an online class but having a hard time doing the work - usually I work after DS goes to bed but that's when my nausea is the worst, so I take unisom and pass out. I need to start having time to myself weekend mornings to do it, hopefully H is on board and I can go back to nighttime work when first tri is over.

  • @DuchessOfCambridge Yes! I asked my doctor about doing some light yoga (she said no chataranga or anything) and I just haven't been good about doing it since I asked her on Monday. Thank you for the suggestion/reminder :) Your plan for weekend mornings until the second tri sounds good. Hoping your DH can help you out.

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  • Thank you @DuchessOfCambridge it's reassuring to hear from other moms who have gone through this before. I learn so much from the veterans in this group ;-)

  • Those of you that are taking unisom when did you start phasing off it? My symptoms seem to be gradually improving, but I am still getting waves of intense nausea.
  • Those of you that are taking unisom when did you start phasing off it? My symptoms seem to be gradually improving, but I am still getting waves of intense nausea.
    I am still taking it. Same as you, gradual improvement but get very bad waves here and there. I've been chewing gum a lot when it happens. It helps me.
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  • @lappymom2019 I only take unisom in the evening when it starts to hit for me. I usually take it around 5 and it only occurs to me when I feel awful. So I guess once I stop feeling awful I’ll just stop taking it! 😆

  • Ugh I thought the nausea was supposed to lighten up after 12 weeks. 12 weeks today and my nausea has been worse than ever this weekend! 🤢 It’s like the diclegis isn’t working anymore... 😫
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