May 2019 Moms

HDBD 17.10

Happy Wednesday!

DD1: June 2014 - VBM4lyfe
DD2: October 2016
DC3: coming May 2019


Re: HDBD 17.10

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  • Forgot to take a picture and all my bathrooms and mirrors are a mess. I’ll join in again next week 😂 
  • @k2k2tog 😂 agreed...but, not to be a one-upper on this, my mirror puts yours to shame. Perhaps not the thing to be bragging about, but... 😉 I now completely get my mom’s continual lame joke about needing to fire her house cleaner.
  • @k2k2tog Definitely agree about bathroom mirror judgment free zone.  I don’t want to have to apologize for it with every pic 😂
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