March 2019 Moms

Week 1 check-in: 10/15

For those due March 1-9. 

Due date: 

Any appointments? Questions?:


How are you feeling?: 

GTKY: Say something strange or random about yourself. I'm out of question ideas!


Re: Week 1 check-in: 10/15

  • Due date: March 2

    Appointments/questions: We had our anatomy scan this week, and everything looked great! 

    Rants/raves: Eh, not much. Just kind of surviving right now. Our living situation isn't completely figured out so we're kind of at loose ends and figuring things out. 

    Feelinng: achy sometimes still. Hating side sleeping. 

    GTKY: I miss CDs and tapes. I just don't trust having my music in the cloud. There's just something about having a physical copy. 
  • Due date: 3/1

    Any appointments? Questions?: I have my monthly appointment this afternoon. 

    Rants/Raves?: I’m so exhausted. My son woke up at 3:30 this morning and never went back to sleep! I have no idea why either.

    How are you feeling?: Tired, but overall good.

    GTKY: I’m always cold, including when I’m pregnant. I got a new car recently and it has heated seats which is a dream come true for me.

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  • Due date: 


    Any appointments? Questions?:

    Had the anatomy scan last Tuesday. Placenta is previa, but should move.  Everything else looked good!  Follow up in 3 weeks to check on it  


    Rave: applied for another position internal to my company and had a really great 1:1 "pre-interview" with the hiring manager last Friday.  My European counterpart who works with what would be the new team is just outside Paris so that makes the French major in me very happy!  Fingers crossed everything goes well  

    How are you feeling?: 

    I feel great!  Just really hungry.  :)

    GTKY: Say something strange or random about yourself. I'm out of question ideas!

    I am not a fan of Christmas. Like, at all. 

  • @BuckeyeNut05 Just realized we are in the same placenta boat. I have heard it moves up more often than not. Hoping for this positive news for us both!

    @chocolatelemons I'm cold all the time too. Had been pre-pregnancy, and so far being pregnant hasn't changed that. Heated seats sound divine!
  • @mayoduck fingers crossed they both move up!  I literally just got approved for a VBAC so I'll be disappointed if I end up with another cesarean.  

    @teachermama4 I met mine when I was around 4 and we are also still great friends!  :) How fun. 
  • @mayoduck you win for the random fact!!!! that is so funny/cool. 
  • ashley14598ashley14598 member
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    For those due March 1-9.

     Due date: March 9

     Any appointments? Questions?: Anatomy scan and regular midwife appointment on Wednesday.

     Rants/Raves?: Rants: Dealing with some numbness/swelling in my legs today :( Rave: We has such a nice family weekend. We took DS swimming (his favorite) on Saturday, went to eat, and to target (my favorite-HA!). We were surprised with free tickets to the football game on Sunday and a babysitter! So that was a nice getaway/day date with DH.

     How are you feeling?: I posted about it in symptoms but I’m having some tingling/numbness/swelling in my legs/ankles ugh!!!

     GTKY: Say something strange or random about yourself. I'm out of question ideas!

     My husband and I went through preschool-graduation of high school together and probably never said more than 2 words together in our small town/school. Now we have been married happily for over 5 years.

    ETA: it posted without any spaces and I didn’t like how it looked 
  • @indigoheightsblog My practice doesn’t typically do an early ultrasound unless you have the testing done. They only do the 20 week scan and then they try to “come up” (due to insurance) with a justification to have one done around 34-36 weeks to check position, growth, etc. I only had a 9 week one this time to check the dating because I had irregular periods due to breastfeeding DS. But it seems more common that most places do ultrasounds early and at 20 weeks. I also had them done every week last time at the end due to Gestational diabetes & high blood pressure (both of which I wouldn’t wish on anyone)! I guess just ask your practice what they do.
  • Due date: 3/4

    Any appointments? Questions?: Friday we have our anatomy scan and regular OB appointment 

    Rants/Raves?: Rant: still sick, what is new. I’m on my second round of antibiotics and it seems to be working but my left ear is still plugged going on two weeks. Also when I cough now my side hurts...from cough for a month. Raves: baby is moving like crazy! Glad to start feeling the little booger all day now! 

    How are you feeling?: besides still recovering from pneumonia and an ear infection, not bad. I get bouts of motivation to exercise or run but know I can’t quite yet be because things aren’t cleared up all the way. 

    GTKY: Say something strange or random about yourself: I don’t talk to anyone from high school and don’t even claim my hometown as where I’m from. Mainly because no one even knows where it is located because it’s so small and everyone married everyone else from school and stayed there. I did not. 

    @indigoheightsblog As someone else mentioned I would check with your practice. Mine only does a 20 week scan unless there is a need to do more. I had one at 10 weeks this time due to bleeding but had to pay out of pocket for it because it wasn’t considered necessary. Last pregnancy I had an extra one around 37/38 weeks due to high blood pressure. 

    Dx: Non-IR PCOS
    Baby Girl K #1 Born 3/8/14
    Baby Girl K #2 EDD 3/3/19
  • @novelblessings @ashley14598 thank you for your feedback! i'll definitely be asking on thursday. i've read that 20 weeks is sometimes the last but then i did wonder how they check to see if the baby is in the right position? i'm convinced there must be at least one more.... guess we'll find out! so far i've had 7 weeks transvaginal (dating) - 12 weeks (NT scan) - now 20 weeks (anatomy scan).
  • Due Date: March 2nd

    Appointments/Questions: I have a general appointment on Halloween. I received a reminder text about my pap smear too, do you usually do those as scheduled when pregnant?

    Rants/Raves: I am really worried about gaining too much weight. I've already gained 17lbs. at 20+ weeks. Really happy baby is so active.

    How I'm feeling: I feel really good, just tired and dealing with insomnia. 

    Strange or Random Fact: Peanut Butter is my favorite food and I can literally eat a jar for dinner. I only allow myself to buy it like 3 times a year lol. 
  • @indigoheightsblog I just had a follow up anatomy scan today (to check regions baby was too early to see last time), and the doc said they usually recommend a “growth scan” at 32 weeks but otherwise that’s it for remaining ultrasounds. He implied it was up to my OB whether to recommend the growth I guess as everyone else mentioned, it really depends on the practice/doc. Good luck at your anatomy scan on Thursday! Even though it’s a pretty thorough (and can be nerve wracking) scan, it’s so fun to see baby! <3
  • @mrschanandaler, wow, those look cool!

    @indigoheightsblog, typically 20 is the last. As far as baby's position, they can usually tell just from feeling your belly. Later on, you'll be able to tell a little bit yourself. Not entirely (at least I never could), but you can definitly tell when something smaller (foot or elbow) is pushing against you vs something larger (head or butt). They also will ask whether you're feeling more kicky-type movement up high in your ribs or down low. 

    At one of my later appointments (around 34 weeks or so) the midwife couldn't quite tell and said if they still couldn't tell at the next appointment, they'd do a quick ultrasound. At the next appointment, it was obvious to them that she was in the right position, so I didn't have another ultrasound. 
  • Due date: 3/1

    Any appointments? Questions?: Anatomy scan today and everything looked great and we're having a boy! It's starting to feel even more real now. 

    Rants/Raves?: I guess this is a combo rant/rave... My partner finally found a better job that pays more, has good benefits, has room for advancement, and is something he's interested in which is all great. He's supposed to be based out of a location ~45 minutes away from our house but they don't really have that site going yet and it's not clear when that will happen. Until then, he will be commuting almost 2 hours each way on some days and he'll also be getting sent away to job sites around the country fairly often. I'm overwhelmed already and can barely keep my dog happy when I'm alone and I'm a little freaked out that he's just not going to be around that often when I'm even further along and then when the kid is young. We agreed he needs to do this for at least a year to see how it goes but I really hate it, even though I'm trying to be supportive. 

    How are you feeling?: Pretty good, overall. Sore from hiking on some steep terrain over the weekend in places that don't normally get sore. Usually, my calves are the first muscles to ache but my hip/side of butt has been killing me. It's been even harder to sleep. 

    GTKY: Say something strange or random about yourself. I'm out of question ideas! Hm. When I was a kid I got really into pogo-sticking for a little while. I would race kids around the neighborhood on a pogo stick (and always win) and I could shoot baskets while on a pogo stick because I could hold onto it with my knees and keep bouncing to leave my hands free. It was pretty strange... 

  • @indigoheightsblog The only other US I got during my first pregnancy was at my last appointment when I was 2 days overdue. 

  • @mamaoftwomonkeys I was initially very exhausted and I was even napping between clients at work and every other chance I could get. Which I can do because I work for myself LOL. But at this point it is more annoying because I have the energy to workout and get up and do things, but it's still not gone, so I don't want to risk it. Still napping but it's now the usual pregnancy tired kind of nap.

    @purplepirate09 At the practice I'm at, if you haven't had one and you are due for it they will do a pap. Usually mine does the pap at the very first appointment though. This time I had just been in for mine before finding out I was pregnant. I'd maybe ask.

    Dx: Non-IR PCOS
    Baby Girl K #1 Born 3/8/14
    Baby Girl K #2 EDD 3/3/19
  • @indigoheightsblog my drs office has portable US that they’ll use to check babies position later (30+ weeks). If they see there that baby could be breech or measuring big/small they send for an ultrasound that actually gets billed to insurance. They don’t charge/bill for the in-house ones. But again, it all depends on the practice. 
    Me: 30 DH: 33 Married: 5.26.13
    DS1: 9.6.12**DS2: 12.22.14
    CP1: 6/17 @4w4d
    CP2: 9/17 @4w3d
    CP3: 2/18 @5w
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  • @purplepirate09 It may depend on your doctor. I'm also overdue for a pap smear and my midwife said at my first prenatal that she recommends waiting until after the baby is born.
  • @bug_hunter I love your random!! Lol I was pogo sticking in my garage in winter once and accidentally went out of the garage onto ice. In the end I broke my nose! You would have definitely beat me in a race lol! 

    @purplepirate09 Mine does them at the first appointment you come in as pregnant if they can clear it through insurance (you haven’t had one within the last year yet) otherwise I’m not sure what they do. Sorry I’m not much help! 
  • tfraz2016tfraz2016 member
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    Due date: 3/2/18

    Any appointments? Questions?: Anatomy scan today and he’s still a boy and perfect so far! Such a blessing! I’m now starting Zoloft because my anxiety is affecting my eating and sleeping. I’m a little nervous about it but I think I need to take care of myself a little here too. 

    Rants/Raves?: So even though my fear of toxoplasmosis is way off, my NP said she’d check me for it anyways to make me feel better.  Also, one of our patients was deemed cancer free today! 

    How are you feeling?: see above 

    GTKY: Say something strange or random about yourself. I'm out of question ideas!  

    Oh golly, my biggest fear is birds. The sound of their wings flapping terrifies me! 

  • The last two evenings while laying still I think I’ve easily been able to identify where baby is at in there. My stomach is clearly harder in the particular area and softer around other areas. Is it possible our babies are big enough for this already?! 
  • @ashley14598 is it a tightness and a hardness in a particular area and then it goes away? Just wondering if it could be Braxton Hicks? I’ve been having them most evenings.

    I feel like I was further along with DD before recognizing where she was at in there. With this one I only know by kicks and punches so far. 
    Dx: Non-IR PCOS
    Baby Girl K #1 Born 3/8/14
    Baby Girl K #2 EDD 3/3/19
  • Due date: 3/6

    Any appointments? Questions?: had the anatomy scan today followed by my regular check up! It's a boy! My whole family has had girls pretty much, so this is very exciting. He is healthy, but hid his face and the front of his heart in my hip so we might have to go back. I'm going to ask if it's medically necessary, though, because it was expensive since we haven't met our deductible yet this year. 

    Rants/Raves?: I had the best haircut today  I don't remember my last haircut, and usually don't like them the first week or two but I love this one immediately! 

    How are you feeling?: generally good, right now really full - - we had dinner at my parents house and I definitely ate too much. 

    GTKY: Say something strange or random about yourself. I'm out of question ideas! Umm when I was little I wanted to be a dog when I grew up. Also, when I was like 13 my mom got mad at me (I forget why) and she said 'when you grow up  you're going to have boys!!' haha, this is our first but she is right so far! 

  • Due date: March 9th

    Any appointments? Questions?: I have an appointment Monday and will be having my 20 weeks scan at that time. I'm super excited!!! 

    Rants/Raves?: rave - I FINALLY slept halfway decent last night! MH left a week and a half ago and won't be back until the begin of November and I never sleep well if he isn't there. So for the last week and a half I've barely got any sleep. 
    Rant - my feet and ankles have started to swell up so much. My poor feet look like little sausages by the time I get off work. 

    How are you feeling?: other than fat and tired, I'm not bad. 

    GTKY: Say something strange or random about yourself. I'm out of question ideas!

    @indigoheightsblog I also took sign language in high school and was conversationally fluent! But like you, I also haven't used it in so long so I've lost a lot of it.

    My random thing about myself.... I collect pens. I love pens. I have a ton!!!! I have enough pens that I could probably write with a different pen every day for about a year or two  
  • Due date: 3/7

    Any appointments? Questions?: Anatomy scan next Tuesday! Can't wait to find out what this little one is. My mom is coming up to go with us, and I am excited to share this with her and of course with my  husband

    Rants/Raves?: Rave: I am killing it at work right now. My brain power has fully returned and I have taken on quite a few projects. My boss had me type up a new job description for what I wanted to be doing and I am hopeful I will be getting a promotion before heading our for maternity leave. She is also looking to hire an employee to work under me so I can train them to take care of some of my tasks before going out. All in all, good things.

    How are you feeling?: I feel good mostly, with the exception of back pain. I slept with like 5 pillows last night, and that finally gave me some relief. Haha.

    GTKY: Say something strange or random about yourself. I'm out of question ideas!

    I am a very logical person and my strength is in analytics; however, I 100% believe in ghosts/spirits/etc. My sister and I are super into the supernatural I have quite a few stories of experiences we have had, and I love talking about it. Haha. My husband thinks it's hilarious, but I am 100% convinced. I've seen too many strange things to believe otherwise.

  • I'm loving these random facts from everyone. @lovesclimbing great GTKY question!
  • Due date: March 8th

    Any appointments? Questions?: Follow up anatomy scan on Monday was quick and all looks good with baby. 

    Rants/Raves?: I’ve had a good start at my new company; I’m so happy for the change!

    How are you feeling?: A combination of bad sleep and what seems to baby/belly growth spurt has got me so exhausted.

    GTKY: Say something strange or random about yourself: When I was a kid, I had this really strange desire/fascination about being in a plane crash. I would only think about it while flying, and only because I’d listen intently to the flight attendants during their safety instructions while also studying the aircraft safety card. I wanted to optimize my chances of survival, and oddly I’d prepare by imagining all the possible scenarios, which kind of just morphed into fantasizing about plane crashes in general (I flew a lot as a kid, many were long trans-Pacific flights). Ironically, when I finally did end up being in a crash (very minor, landing gear didn’t descend so we landed with one of the wings dragging) I slept through most of it and then was really disappointed that going down the inflatable slide was not as much fun as I had imagined, lol. 

  • I’m so glad I stalked y’alls check in this week! Love all your stories.
    I was super curious about your username @mayoduck and @mschanandlerbong1214 that is super impressive makeup!! 
    Me: 30 DH: 31
    Married: 2012
    BFP #1 Sept 2014, MMC Dec 2014 | BFP #2 May 2015, DD Jan 2016 <3 | BFP #3 May 2017, MC July 2017 | BFP #4 Jan 2018, MC Feb 2018 | BFP #5 July 2018, fingers crossed
  • @ashley14598 Ouch!! I somehow never got too hurt doing stupid stuff on a pogostick. I do remember kicking a soccer ball while bouncing (I would actually kick the ball with the bottom of the pogo stick..) and I accidentally jumped right on the ball and went flying back. I had the wind knocked out of me and decided to go play video games for a while.. No broken body parts, though! 
  • Due date: 3/2 (though moved up to end of Feb. per OB)

    Any appointments? Questions?: I don't know where to start. How about, I hate the 20 week anatomy scan. It tends to bring issues to light in my pregnancies and this one is no exception. So they found I have high fluid again. I got referred to a high risk practice 30 min away. The appt was on Monday and after a very long and detailed ultrasound (in which they described my polyhydramnios (high fluid) as severe), the baby's nuchal fold was slightly thick at 6.2mm (they want it under 6). That coupled with the fluid, and they recommended an amnio. I never thought I would get one because they scare me a bit with the risks but if LO has downs, we want to know ahead of time so we can prepare. So I had that done, then I had to have an early glucose test to see if the fluid is caused by gestational diabetes. After waiting around for an hour, they drew 9 vials of blood. I was then tapped and proceeded to do as little as possible on Tuesday to recover. I got the call yesterday that I failed my 1 hr test by a small amount, now I have to go in to have the 3 hour test. Hoping to hear back on the amnio results by Friday.

    Rants/Raves?: See above, need I say more?

    How are you feeling?: Again, see above. Pretty frustrated by all this, but thankful that LO is still in there kicking away and no other soft markers were found; heart looks great and so does the brain and other features. This keeps DH and I hopeful for our test results.

    GTKY: Say something strange or random about yourself. I'm out of question ideas! 

    I'm almost 6 feet tall. DH is 6'4". Why are all these new doctors of mine constantly surprised that my LO is always measuring ahead?? All my kids have been 8+ lbs and looong.

  • @ashley14598 - that is so cool about you and your DH, it's the same way for me and my DH. We were school mates from Kindergarten on but hardly conversed until high school when we became friends.
  • @Lbloom Oh my gosh, that sounds like a nightmare! No wonder you aren't find fond of the 20 week scan! I'm sorry to hear you have been under all that stress! Sending an abundance of positive vibes and well wishes your way, hoping the test results are able to ease your concerns.
  • @Lbloom What a terrible experience. I’m sorry you have to go through all of this. Fingers crossed that it turns out to be nothing. Did you do any of the early screening?
  • @Lbloom I am so sorry you are dealing with all of this - that is a lot! Fingers crossed for good results!
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