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Pregnant after IF

1st Trimester Check-in w/o Oct 15

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I havent seen a new one for this week so....

This is the place for those ladies who got their BFP after IF (who are 12 weeks or less) to get to know others in a similar situation and to give/get support and encouragement.

ETA: if everyone could put their due date as well we can start a list

How far along are you/ EDD

How is everyone feeling?

Any upcoming appointments?

Any thoughts/questions/concerns?

GTKY: When does everyone plan on announcing? Any plans for How you plan to announce?

Re: 1st Trimester Check-in w/o Oct 15

  • Hi ladies... I hope I'm not jumping over too soon. Just had my first beta yesterday at 188. This is round is for baby #2. My son will be 2 in Dec. The boards were a life saver last time around so I'm excited to join you ladies here!

    How far along are you/ EDD - Just like 4 weeks. EDD would be June 22 but I will most likely be a c-section since I had to have one last time. 

    How is everyone feeling? - I am feeling much more irritable this time around. lol. DH thinks that it is going to be a girl this time just b/c of how I'm acting. 

    Any upcoming appointments? 2nd beta is tomorrow and then I think I would do my 6 week with my RE

    Any thoughts/questions/concerns? - Just nervous for the next few weeks. 

    GTKY: When does everyone plan on announcing? Any plans for How you plan to announce? - Last time around, we blogged through the whole process so there were a lot of our family and friends who knew from the beginning. This time, we haven't told anyone in our family. We wanted to surprise them. We ended up having to tell my MIL & SIL the day after transfer b/c we were meeting up with them for the weekend and I couldn't go swimming which was why we rented the house we did. So now we will prob. tell my parents when they come out to visit at the end of the month. I can't imagine we will put anything on FB or anything like that until end of 1st trimester. 
    Me: 33 (no known issues)
    DH: 33 (lower motility; 0 morphology)
    TTC since Oct 2013
    IVF round 1 January 2016 (w/ ICSI)
    ER: February 17, 2016; 15 eggs retrieved, 14 mature, 11 fertilized
    Day 5 Blastocysts: 8 sent for PGS - 5 Normal
    FET date: April 12, 2016 - DS born Dec 7, 2016
    IVF round 2: FET : Oct 4 - 1st Beta 188!

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  • How far along are you/ EDD. 10 weeks 5/15

    How is everyone feeling? Feeling okay- still nervous as we were just diagnosed with a small SCH. 

    Any upcoming appointments? Just had my first appt with the OB- definitely a challenge to go from appts every week and same day blood results to ever 2-4 weeks and results taking 1-2 weeks.  Next appt is in 2 weeks to Check on the bleed. 

    Any thoughts/questions/concerns?  Just concerned about the SCH. Just when finally after over 2 years of this journey with the RE things were looking up and my body throws me another curve ball. 

    GTKY: When does everyone plan on announcing? Any plans for How you plan to announce?  I do not know if I will announce on Facebook until after the baby is born.  We will see as the pregnancy progresses. 
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  • @bpietronicco I'm lurking from 2nd tri, hope that's okay - just wanted to say, I had a SCH as well and it freaked me OUT. My fertility doctor made me feel better about it though, before I 'graduated' from him. He gave me some helpful things to look out for and told me what I could expect and it really helped me calm down about it. Happy to chat more if you want the details but figured I won't go into it all right here just yet. :) Congrats on your first OB appointment!

  • @bpietronicco also lurking from 2nd tri.  I also had an SCH - I actually had one initially at 7 weeks, then after a couple of weeks of that staying the same I had an additional one.  I was extremely limited activity wise, on pelvic test, and did acupuncture with moxabustion from weeks 7-11 and they went away by 11 weeks.  I actually had some red and brown spotting after that in my 12th week which freaked me out but they saw no new bleeds so thought it was them bleeding out.  I also was dropping my progesterone so I’m not totally convinced that didn’t cause some or all of my spotting in that week.  Either way, I’m now 24 weeks and there has been no trace of my SCHs since that 10th week.  FX yours resolve quickly as well.  Don’t hesitate to vent or ask any questions!
    Pregnancy TickerAbout me: *TW*

    Me: 34, DH: 38                                                                                                                                                                                
    TTC #1 June of 2014  9/14 BFP, baby boy EDD 5/18/15. Elias (Eli) born 5/13/15 7lb0oz, 19 inches.                                      
    Surprise BFP 10/15, live ectopic, lost ruptured tube on 11/5/15 at 8 weeks                                                                              
    Started TTC #2 2/16                                                                                                                                                                   
    HSG 1/18 after no BFPs- diagnosed w/ tubal infertility and referred to RE                                                                     
    3/28/18 remaining tube removed                                                                                                                                              
    IVF 5/18: 15 retrieved, 11 fertilized, 8 blasts -- (3) 4aa, (2) 5aa (2) 4ba frozen -- fresh transfer of 1 day-5 4aa blast, BFP, EDD 2/4/19

  • @uterusdreams thank you so much for lurking!  Would love the details if you are willing to share. 

    @mayflower513 thank you for lurking! It is great to hear positive outcomes. So glad to hear they disappeared for you. 
  • @bpietronicco- Also lurking to share that I had a large SCH too. I think it got to like 2cm by 3cm by 3cm, which was bigger than baby for a while. I had brown and red spotting off and on from weeks 5-9. Luckily it resolved, but I was terrified too. So far all of us had positive outcomes, so the odds should be in your favor too!
    History in Spoiler

    Age: 32 (same with DH). Together since 2006, Married June 2013 and TTC since August 2015
    Diagnosis: Mild Endo, DOR (AMH of 1.5), Poor Quality Eggs/embryos, Displaced Window of Implantation (ERA Post Receptive)
    March-May 2016: 1 TI and 2 IUIs- BFN 
    June 2016- Laproscopy- found/removed mild endo and confirmed only 1 normal healthy ovary.
    August 2016- IVF #1 with Antagonist Protocol- Cancelled (2 lead follies), converted to IUI- BFN
    Oct-Nov 2016- IVF #2 with Estrogen Priming Micro Lupron Protocol, 2 eggs retrieved, day 3 transfer of 1- BFN
    January 2017- New RE, IVF#3 with Estrogen Priming Antagonist Protocol, 12 eggs, 8 mature, 6 fertilized, 2 day 5 early blasts transferred (none to freeze :(), BFN
    May 2017- Sept 2017- Starting Donor Egg process! Waiting for donor to be available... and then she is pregnant at baseline :(
    Oct 2017- Donor #2: 25R, 22M,18F, 12 blasts frozen! Fresh transfer cancelled due to thin lining with fluid :(
    Nov 2017- Hysterscopy to remove polyp
    Dec 2017- DE FET #1 on 12/8 on 2 perfect blasts- BFN and devastated
    Jan-Mar 2018- ERA #1- Post receptive by 24 hours, ERA #2 RECEPTIVE with 4 days of Progesterone
    Apr 2018- DE FET cancelled for lining issues :(
    Jun 2018- DE FET #2 of two 1AA blasts- first BFP ever! Beta 10dp5dt- 378, Beta 14dp5dt- 2840, Beta 16dp5dt- 4035, beta 18dp5dt- 10916. Due on 2/20 with one baby after a vanishing twin
    Baby Born born early @ 33.5 weeks due to Pre-e
    Back for # 2!
  • Thanks @JamieH2000.  I have had 2 days of brown spotting and so far that’s been it.  I am so super nervous and hearing positive stories sure does help relieve some of that.  Thanks for sharing!
  • @bpietronicco My experience was really similar to @JamieH2000. Right after I turned 6 weeks I had some pretty heavy bleeding (felt like my period) and then I went in for an ultrasound which showed the SCH. I believe it was around 3cm. The bleeding got lighter over the next week and at 7w3d I had another ultrasound which showed a strong heartbeat and that's when my fertility doctor told me things were looking great despite the SCH. He said if the bleeding was accompanied by strong cramps, and/or got persistently heavier, to call my OB but otherwise I could expect some regular bleeding and spotting to go on for awhile. He also said at that same appointment that I was clear to work out and have sex, so no restrictions basically. I spotted for several more weeks but just in the past few weeks I've noticed it seems to be gone (which is of course one of those things I'm terrified to say out loud, right?!) or at least very minor at this point. 

  • @bpietronicco
    My sister had SCH and all was well with the baby (natural preg). Bleeding was scary though! They do usually resolve by the end of the first tri/beginning of second. Apparently they are also very common in IVF pregnancies -- probably an interesting avenue of research for any medical researchers around :smile: Since my spotting in the first tri wasn't associated with any specific causes (SCH), my RE was very careful and just had me on light activity and pelvic rest. He wasn't really phased by it though and I suspect SCHs and other spotting are more common than we realize because we aren't OBs or REs who see tons of pregnant ladies every month! 

    ~~ Our Story in Spoiler! TW loss/child~~
    Fall 2012 -- started TTC
    Summer 2015 - no BFP yet, labs normal, referred to RE
    Fall 2015 - Summer 2016 - Further testing all normal. 3 IUI's -- BFN. Recommended move to IVF. Planned cycle for fall 2016.
    September 2016 - Surprise natural BFP. MMC @ 8 weeks. RE expressed confidence that we just needed the 'right' embryo.
    Fall 2016 - Spring 2017 -- Break from TTC
    June 2017 - Started IVF; egg retrieval for freeze all cycle. 9 mature eggs retrieved, 5 fertilized. 2 4BB embies on ice.
    August 2017 - FET transfer both embies. BFP.  Twin pregnancy confirmed by ultrasound. EDD 4/28/18
    September 2017 - Twin B stopped developing; Twin A doing perfectly! Graduated from RE @ 10 weeks
    March 2018 - Baby Girl born via C/S due to pre-eclampsia -- strong and healthy!

    TTC #2
    January/Feb 2021 - Freeze-all IVF cycle 
    March 2021 - FET of 1 PGS normal female embryo. BFP! Beta #1 156,  #2 472, #3 1241, #4 5268 EDD 12/5/21 - Christmas baby!

    "When all is lost then all is found."

  • Thanks @uterusdreams and @mbradfo2.  I appreciate you sharing.  I am weaning if my hormones so I am nervous that may affect the SCH.  Definitely harder to go from seeing re every week for a scan to go to the OB where it’s 2 weeks to 4 weeks.  I am nervous to leave the house in case I have a big bleed.  My OB didn’t give me any restrictions- she said it is recommended for pelvic test for a week after any bleeding and drinking loads of water but other than that there isn’t really anything we can do.
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