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  • cpiper39cpiper39 member
    edited October 2018
    @amberboymom I know you’re new here, but please read the intro posts on the home page. The posts will explain how and when to post without offending. Once you’ve read through them and lurked a lot, please introduce yourself on the newbie thread. We check in with posts on the dailies (including one for TWW) and other threads. One off posts are discouraged. Several things that you posted are hurtful to many of the members of the TTGP group as we’ve had members here trying for years, and many women have had losses and no children yet. I’d ask you to edit and remove the last part of your post as we don’t use that phrase here. 
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  • I didn't want to offend anyone,  I apologize. This evidently isn't the place to come when looking for support.  
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