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Anyone who took Plaquenil/Hydroxycoroquine during pregnancy?

My husband and I are going to start trying once we have our pre-conception visit. I am currently on Plaquenil twice daily for Sjorens, which is a connective tissue disorder within the lupus and RA family. My rheumatologist recommends that all of her patients continue their plaquenil therapy due to its positive outcomes with preventing miscarriages and heart block. 

I have so meny reservatjons about it, though-being that’s it’s a class C drug. I have done some research on it, and while there doesn’t appear to be known complications, it still makes me nervous. I wanted to reach out to see if anyone else has had success or good outcomes while taking it during pregnancy. 

Re: Anyone who took Plaquenil/Hydroxycoroquine during pregnancy?

  • I took hydroxychloroquine through my first pregnancy for lupus/sjorens/Reynalds. No problems with it whatsoever. Not much research about it in the states, but I found a French study that reassured me. I had weekly fetal echocardiography during the second trimester and no signs of heart block.  My daughter was small for gestational age (5lb 11oz at birth) but that had more to do with my severely restricted diet from GD. 
    I’m taking it again through this pregnancy. 
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  • I have been on it for 3 years. The only  Side effect I have had is since tivity to the Sun. I'll be remain on it throughout my pregnant in hopes that all keep my connective tissue working properly.   I have a degenerative connective tissue disorder and hEDS. this is my 3rd pregnancy on it although the last 2 ended in a loss do to other complications.
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