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Hello all!
I had a positive test 4 weeks 2 days and via the nurse on the phone my dr   Ordered  hcg level tests 5 diff times as it rose slowly. They finally said congrats it’s rising right and to schedule an ultrasound at 7 weeks. That showed an empty sac and I demanded to meet  with a dr in the practice right after the ultrasound as I was confused/upset and pissed I had never seen my dr. The dr I saw after the ultrasound - we will call her dr B - scheduled another Hcg scan and ultrasound for 10 days later. My normal dr’s nurse called a day later and said “dr says congrats your hcg levels went up well! Keep your ultrasound appt” I said “congrats? Does she know it’s an empty sac?” The nurse  got a little flustered and said it may be too soon but my numbers were good. Needless to say the next ultrasound showed no change and I had a D&C with dr B at 10 weeks. I told Dr B how i found it weirdmy normal OB Dr never called me for the past 4 weeks and how the words “congrats” after a bad ultrasound from my original dr’s nurse was hard and weird  to hear. Dr B apologize on behalf practice and got me in for my D&C quickly - but I’ve still never heard from my normal dr. I’ve been with her for 15 years, and I’m upset but thinking this is just how things go in todayedical world. My husband thinks it’s poor taste we never heard from my dr during any of this - over 6 weeks - and we need to move practices. Any input?? Is this just how things are today in this world?thank you!!

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  • I'm so sorry for your loss and that you are going through this. The last thing you need is an inattentive and insensitive Dr. Unfortunately, it's been my observation and experience that many OBs only want to take you on if it is an easy pregnancy. Many seem to be inattentive until you hit week 8. I have yet to find an OB that I like. Luckily, I have a good specialist that I'm working with. I hope you find someone better. ♥️♥️♥️ Good luck. Sending you love and good thoughts.
  • Thank you! I appreciate your input.
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  • @JennNeumann2 I’m so sorry about your experience.  My OB does not see or do blood draws until 8 weeks.  With my first MC, I went in for US at 10 weeks.  US tech didn’t find heartbeat so she got DR he was not my reg OB and he confirmed.  He told me protocol and that someone would call to schedule my d & c.  My reg OB never called me.  A 3rd DR performed d & c and he was great very comforting.  I had my follow up appt with 3rd DR.  When I went in for my annual with reg OB, she came in and said “I’m so sorry”.  She sat and talked with me for 30 minutes or so about my Mental health and my general well being. I had a 2nd one and very similar experience.  With my 3rd one it was performed by RE but my reg OB happened to see me in OR so she looked at chart and came in and talked with me for a while.  I guess my point is that I don’t think the drs are made aware of what’s going on. I think they only know when they read your chart next.  I’m glad the DR doing d & c was comforting and hopefully if you stick with same DR she will be comforting when you see her.  
  • @JennNeumann2
    Sorry you are experiencing this. In the past I would see my family DR for the first couple weeks of pregnancy and move on to my OB around the start of 2nd trimester. My DR won't do a prenatal visit / blood draws / ultrasound until the 8 weeks if not then the 12-14 week screening time. I was anxious this time and had them bring me in for a dating ultrasound around my 8.5 week mark where we saw an empty sac a couple day's later the MC started. (Dr wasn't worried I guess because they actual found the baby but it was measuring small) I literally had to call them on the Monday while it was underway crying telling them what was going on and they told me to come right in, which I appreciated. It looks like they just weren't aware. 

    I agree with @Mack2342 and it looks like they might just not be aware. Or they assume that the pregnancy will be uneventful and just go with the 8 week dating or prenatal apt at 11 weeks etc. 
  • I agree that they aren't likely aware. I usually call my OB when I am seen somewhere and have them pull the records because it's not automatic.

    In terms of doctors not doing a whole lot with pregnancy before 8 weeks, it's really that there isn't much they can do, unless there are observable complications (like ectopic) that require acute intervention, and if you need that, then it'll likely be non-viable anyway. :( Outside of too much bleeding, generally all they can really do is wait and see along with us.
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