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Middle name suggestions?

My husband and I have a first name, but are stuck when it comes to the middle name for our son. 

His first name will be Parker. 
We've come up with:
Parker Theo

Anyone have any other suggestions? 

Re: Middle name suggestions?

  • Two syllables side by side can be a bit choppy. But Parker Theo isn't too bad. 

    Parker Theodore
    Parker James
    Parker Lawrence
    Parker Jameson
    Parker Tobias
    Parker Leonard
    Parker Beau
    Parker Franklin
    Parker Aubrey
    Parker Gabriel
  • Parker Dean
    Parker Edward
    Parker Kelly
    Parker Michael
    Parker James
    Parker Wallace
    Parker Hugh
  • Agreed that two syllable first names often flow better with one or three syllable middle names but as long as your last name isn't two syllables, I think Parker Theo can work. Other thoughts..

    Parker Wyatt
    Parker Max
    Parker Will
    Parker Sloan
    Parker Ryan
    Parker Finn
    Parker Wade

  • I’d use Theodore 

  • Ahhh our last name is a two syllable name :( 

    Thanks for your suggestions! We have lots of names to discuss now!
  • Love suggestions of...

    Parker Wade
    Parker Dean
  • I like the three syllable middle name with Parker

    Parker Dominic
    Parker Theodore
    Parker Gabriel
    Parker Benjamin
    Parker Joshua
    kids with flags
  • Love suggestions of Parker Joshua, Parker Wade, and Parker Beau. Adding Parker Reid, Parker Louis, Parker Michael, Parker Jude, Parker David, Parker Miles
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