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Early Signs of autism ??

I know 6 months is super early, but I am wondering if any other mamas have the had the same experience and it turn out okay, or they ended with an autism identification down the road. 
My LO is 10 days away from being 6 months. She has met all of her milestones. She rolls, sits up, grabs with both hands, feet to mouth, holds toys and shakes them.
BUT she does this weird wrist flick thing with both wrists when upset, or excited.
 She also flaps her armswhen super happy. I’m with her all day and she doesn’t really interact much with me, but as soon as my son or husband get home she lights up. Smiles, follows them around the room with her eyes.
She stares at strangers but won’t smile.
 I can get her to laugh by blowing on her belly or making silly faces and she laughs and coos, but doesn’t babble she did for a while off and on, but not consistently and doesn’t much any more. She yells squawks and grunts at me , her brother, toys. 
If I sing she looks at me, but never responds or her name. I can be right by her saying it but she won’t even look at me. If I clap, make a noise, or sing she looks.
When I carry her she puts both arms out by her sides straight. Like she’s on a balance beam. 
When she is hurt (like gets shots) or cries she doesn’t like to be cuddled. She pushes away. 
When she nursed she cuddles though, but won’t look at my face when I talk to her. She just stares at the wall, or my shirt. 
I could be paranoid, but I’ve been around a lot of babies and being a teacher this has made me paranoid. 
Any insight is helpful. Thanks ladies. 

Re: Early Signs of autism ??

  • Lurking from March. 
    This all sounds normal. The arm flapping is completely normal- all three of my kids have done it. I think as a teacher those signs are all drilled into you so much but it all sound normal for a baby that age. My son gets bored with me but as soon as anyone else gets home he’s excited. My son is not a cuddled either and pushes me away- he’s just independent. He also only grunts and whines, I think it’s just the age they are that.
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  • Have you had her hearing tested?  If she doesn't react to a lot of sounds she might not be able to hear them.  A lot of what you are saying sounds normal for a baby her age.  
    She probably lights up with your husband and son when they get home because she is starting to realize that they leave.  I'm sure if you spend some time away from her she would light up when you came back.  
    She probably doesn't smile at strangers cause she understands that she doesn't know them. So she is learning and knowing stranger danger. 
    Babies learn ways to communicate without speaking.  Probably the flapping her arms when she is happy is her way to show that she is happy.  My son kicks his legs like crazy when he is super happy.  
    My best friend's DD has autism and she made all kinds of eye contact when she was a baby if she was eating a bottle.  

    I know its hard not to get paranoid but it could just be her personality.  


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