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  • Baby was waving both arms super fast!!! Everyone was cracking up. 
  • Baby last week at 10 weeks 3 days, measured at 11 weeks + some days. Found the heartbeat on my at home Doppler last night right around 160, was 165 at this appointment 🥰🥰
  • Hi ladies here is my little Amour at 14 weeks and 2 day🌹🌹🌹
  • Had my 12 week US today at 13+6. Baby is measuring ahead so they changed my due date to 6/23... which means I'm 14+3 I guess now. Fun to see the baby again!
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  • 3D is so creepy.. but so cute - 15 weeks   
  • So I am going to share both. My first one at 6 weeks and then another at 8 weeks since my gyno could not find the heartbeat. As you can tell he/she is a little angry at the 8 week one lol but he/she wouldn’t stop moving overall. 
  • 19+4! We got the results yesterday, Baby is healthy, no concerns, no abnormalities! It was amazing to see Baby moving around, we saw knees and hand bones, he/she rubbed their eyes and wiggled around. Last time Baby was sleeping so seeing him/her move was really special. So excited!!! 

  • Our Baby Girl at exactly 19 weeks :). All parts healthy and accounted for. Kicking up a storm in there!

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    11 weeks 3 days - baby measured 11 weeks 4 days today at NT scan. Everything looked great, baby was jumping around in there. Next scan will be the end of February where we will find out the sex! (Well, another scan tomorrow but it will be more of the same).  ETA aaannnnd wrong month 😬

  • 20w3d our little girl 
  • My little guy has grown so much. 😊
  •  She smiled for the camera ☺️ Due date is 6.28
  • 20w6d!! It's 2D, so you can't see much but we're so excited! 151bpm, and doing flips and rolls during the ultrasound!!  Doing the gender reveal tomorrow!  :smile:
  • Yesterday at our AS (22+4). We find out the sex tomorrow! ❤
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    Growth scan number 1! Measuring in at 35 weeks 🙈🙈🙈

  •  27+1 taken Monday <3 
  • 32 weeks- baby Henry 💙
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