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Baby Splurges

Anyone have a baby item they are thinking of splurging on and want to hear from other moms if they think it’s worth it?

Also- STMs, what did you spend a lot of money on that you don’t think was worth it?

Re: Baby Splurges

  • Here are mine...

    I’m wondering if anyone has experience with the Snoo. I saved our halo bassinet from our son, but I’m thinking of selling it and splurging on the snoo.

    My splurge item I don’t think was worth it... a designer diaper bag.
    I got a Tory Burch shoulder diaper bag and ended up liking the skip hop backpack much better.

    Also- jury is out on the mamaroo. It was ok. I liked it in theory, but after my son was able to lift his head, we ended up using a cheapo bouncy seat we bounced with our foot much more 🤷🏻‍♀️ Next baby, we are getting the bjorn bouncer. We didn’t discover it until my son was at the weight limit last time. 
  • Crap that reminds me we need to buy a new bouncer. We just had a simple version that actually came free when we purchased our SnugAMonkey swing (still a $60 value, so an awesome freebie), but both my girls LOVED it (significantly more than our swing) and it got bent too much to be used; my oldest actually used it as a seat when my younger grew out of it.

    Being the third, I think we're mostly done with splurges. We have almost everything we need or "know better" about spending that much on things that are more short lived. I know we will need a stroller (ditched our double for an awesome collapsible Keenz wagon) but we're thinking of just getting the snap frame for the infant seat. I will also need to get a new standard Tula (sold my original for a toddler version since DD2 still loves being worn) and maybe a baby wrap (sold my Boba when we switched to a Tula). So maybe the Tula will be my splurge if I get it new, but likely I'll do Facebook marketplace. And YES so worth it!
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  • Heading into kid #4, my idea of what is needed has drastically changed.  
    The only splurge item I would recommend is Aden swaddle blankets.  They are bigger, soft, lightweight, and work great as nursing covers.  A lot of baby items are only used for a short while and you can find in good condition secondhand, like a swing or exersaucer.  I am considering getting a bassinet this time for the first few months since baby's room is on the second floor and we are on the 1st. 
  • @fatmonica I do love the Aden and Anais blankets. Their “burpy bibs” are great too. 

    I dont really have any splurges I plan on getting right now. We saved all the baby gear from my son, so we’ll just reuse all of his stuff. Clothes and personalized items are my weakness. I guess we may need to buy another crib since my 2 year old is still in his. I’m not too sure on trying to transition him to a big boy bed. That sounds a little scary knowing he’d have free range of his room. I think I would rather just buy another crib haha 
  • As a STM, I will probably splurge on a nice double stroller with the sit-stand area for the toddler. We like to walk our neighborhood a lot. 

    Custom blackout curtains for the nursery were a worthwhile splurge last time and will probably do that for #2’s room too. 

    Comfortable glider! We tried to make do with some old furniture but ended up buying something nice to replace it really quickly. 

    We got a hand-me-down swing, otherwise we probably would have purchased a nice one. 
  • Love Aden and Anáis blankets...still use them for everything (blanket, nursing cover, lovey)! For me, the 2 things worth spending the money on the first time around were a safe sleeping space and a stroller. 2 kids down and my Uppababy Vista is still surviving daily use in NYC - we go to the park or other activities nearly every day! We spent $ on a high quality wooden crib, which we’ve since converted into a low-lying twin bed for my oldest (it was a crib/dresser combo, so the base platform is the twin bed); both bed and dresser have been used for 4 years now. We bought a stand-alone crib from the same company for #2, knowing that eventually we’d use it for subsequent children, but not needing a bed that converts (space issues in NYC). As far as other accessories, such as a swing, bouncer, jumperoo, etc...borrow, borrow, borrow! I’ve been swapping these “months-long use” items with neighbors and cousins since we’ve all started having kids and it’s worked out great. Still get to use without them occupying what precious little space we have in our 2BR apt for too long! I’m sure most cities have mommy groups with a swap list for these types of things.

    My minor dilemma this time around is actually stroller-related. My first 2 are just under 3yrs apart, so by the time the baby #2 came along, my older one was done sitting in a stroller or would just catch a ride on the boogie board when he was tired of walking. This time though, there will be just under 24 months between babies #2 & 3, so I anticipate my nearly 2yo still needing to actually sit in the stroller for walks to and from school, activities, parks - we walk A LOT. He will only nap in a crib, so I’m not looking for the stroller to serve as sleep quarters for him, but definitely still want him comfortable sitting down. I’m debating between buying the conversion set for the 2014 UB Vista to make it a double (not the most comfy 2nd seat, so I’ve heard) vs selling the stroller and splurging on a different option. If so, I’m completely clueless, as I haven’t gone baby buying in over 4 years!!! If anyone has any insight on a comfortable double stroller that isn’t insanely heavy to push and still gets thru standard size doors, I’d appreciate the insight into doing that vs just converting my current stroller for 6-8 months. Options with a bassinet for baby (one of the main reasons I chose the Vista in the first place) are a plus. Wise STM+ mammas, please advise :)
  • We didn’t splurge because I got it secondhand, but it had only been used once and it was a stroller. We used the Oxxo Cubbie Plus which isn’t well known, but it’s been fantastic. We also live in a very walkable neighborhood and use our stroller 2-3 times a week at minimum. I’m already looking at double strollers and will probably splurge on that since they will be 23 months apart.

    The item I wish I had splurged on now that we are having a second are PJs. I mostly bought or were given Carters, but they haven’t stood up to multiple washings. As soon as we will find out the sex of this next one, I’m going to only buy DD Hanna Andersson PJs since they hold up soooo well. They are about twice of expensive, but worth it to get use out of for #2. 
  • Hopefully a better high chair when it is time. I got a cheap one that kinda sucked last time. I hope the next one won't have a badly placed fold that gets full of nasty crumbs and a cover that is supposed to be washable but is almost impossible to get on and off.
  • For double strollers I highly recommend a front/back over a side by side. We got a side by side and my girls could NOT leave each other alone. It was obnoxious. It's not any better with our Keenz, but their older now so it's just something we have to teach them. But we had the side by side City Mini double and I loved it aside from that.
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  • @msb615 I’m also debating getting a second crib. I was thinking we would put DD in a big girl bed at about 2 and 5 months when we transition #2 to a crib, but I’m a bit concerned that it will be too early, especially since we are hoping they will share a room.
  • Has anyone used the DockaTot or the SwaddleMe cosleeper? I had no choice but to cosleep with my daughter because she couldn't sleep anywhere else.  Im thinking I'll feel more at ease knowing this baby's in one of these.  But Im not sure how easy it will be to BF with.  

    I will definitely be splurging on a nice recliner/ottoman. We couldn't afford one last time and got a hand me down which was not comfortable at all.  

    One thing I recommend is the rock n play.  This was a lifesaver for us! Daughter had severe acid reflux and this was the perfect angle for her to lay in and it has the auto rock function which she was happy with.  If I put her down anywhere else,  she'd scream bloody murder!

  • @chloe97 I guess there is still time for things to change between now and then. Right now, he doesn’t even try to climb out of his crib, so I definitely don’t want to until I have to. He’ll be a few months shy of 3 when baby #2 gets here. I’d much rather have him potty trained, but that’s also not looking very hopeful. 🤦🏼‍♀️
  • For DS, I got a chicco stroller, which is fine-- but I wish I would have gotten an Uppababy. So, I want to get a double stroller I love. ANd maybe a Keenz down the line. I just got a baby Bjorn bouncer for cheap on Facebook market place, and I'm excited to try it out. DS hated bouncers and swings, which was awful, but I doubt this had anything to do with brand. I also got a solly wrap.  I wear DS a lot, but I didnt start for a few months, and I'm going to start right away this time with a wrap.  I will borrow a mamaroo hopefully. As for the the snoo, I almost pulled the trigger a few times in those early days, but I didn't know anyone who had one and couldn't bring myself to do it. 

    I agree about aden and Anais- DS wore bibs all day everyday until 9 months, and they washed well and stayed nice and soft. Backpack diaper bag for sure. 
  • @gabadoo we are in Hoboken. My son will be three ... was thinking of also doing the Uppababy Vista for the new baby with piggy back board for my son. I heard the rumble seat has a low weight limit and my guy is 38/39 pounds and over 38 inches. 
    I do feel like we will need a double sometimes though... maybe I’ll get the vista and the citi mini gt double for when it’s needed and for travel

    did you feel like your 3 year old needed the stroller sometimes? I feel like when we do thinks like, say, sesame place... he needs it for a nap. At Disney, he def would need it but we could also rent. I also worry he’ll get jealous and want to sit. He still asks us to hold him after he walks for a while and he’s heavy! 
  • @chloe97 Hanna sale today! 30% off
  • With my first, the only thing we cared about getting quality for was our stroller. Fortunately, my MIL graciously purchased it for us. We got the Bob Revolution jogging stroller and it’s still going strong 4 years later. But. It’s not a double and we chose to not get a double when DD2 was born, which was fine for a while, but these days, DD1 often still wants to ride in the stroller, so there are fights. I imagine it won’t get any better once baby #3 is here. I don’t want to splurge though... we’ll keep an eye out on kijiji or fb marketplace. I’ll be home a lot with DD2 and baby for the first year, and while I’m happy to babywear a lot, I think it would be good to have a double this time around. 

    I dont think we bought anything for DD2... we’ve always kept thing pretty simple and inexpensive when it comes to getting stuff for the kids when they are itty bitty. 

    DD1: June 2014 - VBM4lyfe
    DD2: October 2016
    DC3: coming May 2019

  • I kept everything from my son so if I have another boy we don't need anything until he gets into 18m clothes and up. My son was so big and grew so fast we were in 18m by the time he was 9 months old do most of that is barely worn. I did not use newborn cloth diapers with my oldest because he fit OS at birth. This baby we are hoping will
    be smaller so I have been picking up a handful every month since we started trying so I have a good stash. I think the only big ticket item we're going to need is a halo basinet. I coslept with my son but we have a memory foam mattress so that's not possible with the next one. @expandcontract I have a docatot grand and my son still uses it at 2. It made his transition from my bed to his twin bed sooo much easier. If we could coslept with the next one I would get the deluxe for baby. I had no trouble nursing with the doc and I am not busty at all. 
  • @expandcontract I know quite a few people that got the Doc-A-Tot and loved it! 

    We’re pretty set this time around, but I did just splurge on a nicer diaper bag (Fawn Design). I loved my Skip Hop backpack, but it was looking super rough. I have also been thinking about getting one of those Halo bassinets since we may end up room sharing for longer this time around so DS doesn’t wake up if the baby cries. 

    Last time, my parents splurged on a Pottery barn crib for us and I am so glad. That thing has held up amazing, zero scratches or marks, and it was high enough that it didn’t aggravate my back issues. 
  • I will be splurging on a woven wrap. Something breathable, but pretty. I've already been looking. 

    My favorite splurge with our son was my Tula. I used it until he didn't fit in it anymore. My friend's giving me her lillebaby which will suit baby from newborn to toddler. 

    There's really nothing else I care much about. Baby wearing was a life saver for us last time, the stroller was always a pain in the ass and my son liked being close and moving. 
  • Oh, I guess another thing we really splurged on last time was a recliner. We still have it, and it'll go in the nursery. It was also a lifesaver. 
  • I didn't really splurge on anything because I scouted Craigslist to get good secondhand deals.

    Big thing I seriously LOVED last time is the Arm's Reach cosleeper -- it is sidecar style so it snugged up next to my side of the bed, so she had her own sleeping surface, bit was still super close for MOTN feeds. The one we got (again, secondhand) is all-wood and looks like a tiny crib with one removable side. It was great when DD2 was a baby, and converted to a "love seat" so it wasn't totally useless after like 5mos when she outgrew it. It is currently back in crib-mode housing stuffed animals in our playroom.

    I also got a Maclaren Triumph umbrella stroller secondhand for ridiculously cheap, but that sucker has been a workhorse and I would probably pay full price for another one if it ever breaks.

    We also have a Joovy Caboose Ultralight stroller, which has been nice for times when both girls want to ride. If the age gap were smaller, I probably would have gotten the second seat too rather than just the bench seat.
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  • We have a Veer Cruiser stroller wagon and love it. Highly recommend although it is pricy. It has a bassinet kit and also accepts an infant carseat.

    Another splurge for us are Kickee Pants clothes. They’re sooo soft and gentle on newborn baby skin. Tula blankets are a fave as well!

    We babywear a lot; we have a Sakura bloom ring sling (I highly recommend the simple silk), and a Tula FTG and we love both. Ring sling is better for us in the new baby stage, when they can hold their head up better we like the FTG.

    Also have the Fawn Design bag and I love it for cloth diapering one baby, but I think we’ll have to use our JuJuBe Be Right Back if DS doesn’t completely potty train before April-ish. 

    Already bought our Extend2Fit car seats for baby #2 on sale, I think all we might need now are newborn cloth diapers. We didn’t buy any with DS, only one size, and he was 6lbs 15 oz. He didn’t weigh 8 lbs until he was like 6 weeks old, so we were in sposies for longer than I expected. 
  • I think my splurge with my first was a diaper genie. Total waste of money especially if you are on a budget.

    For my son it would be a Tula. The Tula was great and he loved to be warn. But I have a bad back with bulging discs so once he got older and I tried to wear him on my back I was left in agony. So if you plan on baby wear consider any back injuries you may have.

    With this kid I really want a baby brezza. I know I will be the one to be up making bottles all night because DH never does any feedings ever. It may help me keep my sanity if they kid doesn't sleep like my son didnt.
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  • We splurged on a leather rocker recliner when we had DS last year and I do not regret it one bit!! I've slept in that thing many nights. Also the leather is nice because it wipes off spit up super easy!

    I think we will splurge on a nice double stroller this time. DS will only be 18 months so I'm thinking we would be thankful for that.
  • FTM here, I’m loving reading through all your recommendations!

    The main thing I’m strongly considering splurging on at the moment, is the Halo bassinet.  I really want baby in our room to start off with and it’s the only option I can find that looks like it would actually fit in our small bedroom.

    A question for STMs, how necessary are glider/rocker chairs?  I have limited space and they just seem so big and so expensive.  If I was to get one I would definitely have to sacrifice getting other large baby items, like a baby swing.  Doesn’t seem worth it to me, but a lot of mamas seem to love theirs so thoughts?
  • @beccaneu I honestly am not sure what I would've done without our recliner. I didn't even really rock him in it until he was older, I just reclined and lightly slept as he nursed lol. But I mean, you could just take baby to the couch. As far as a swing, with limited room I would suggest a bouncer swing combo. I'm not sure how much space you're working with, but our swing was always in the living room and the recliner was in the nursery. 
  • I got a moby wrap for d2 and it was not worth it imo. The fabric was so long that wrapping it was always a hassle, and d2 didn’t really enjoy being worn. Plus we both got SO sweaty in it, all the time. We have a soft structured carrier that I like much better for baby wearing - more breathable, easier to put on, easier to put baby into.
    We also got a summer infant play yard for d2 and that thing was indispensable. So glad we got it. This photo is pretty close to what ours looks like. 

  • @beccaneu some sort of chair in the room for motn feeding is a good idea, but if you don’t have space for a glider rocker I’m sure a regular armchair would work just fine. Something comfy for sure, and easy to get up out of while holding a baby. 
  • @stringofhearts I really liked Moby, but my son was a winter baby. I would definitely advise against it for May babies. Stretchy wraps really aren't great and don't last long. 

    For those interested in wrapping, I recommend a woven wrap. A linen blend in particular should be plenty breathable for the summer. SSC are also great, I used one as my son got older. 
  • edited October 2018
    D2 was born in Jan. I’m glad we tried it, but it just wasn’t the right fit for us. Eta I had wicked bad postpartum sweating so that surely didn’t help. 😆😬 
    I also made a ring sling with plain cotton fabric and she didn’t mind that one, but those are best for short periods bc the weight is unevenly distributed over your shoulders. 
  • The rock n play was my lifesaver. My dd also had reflux and the little bit of recline was perfect- I also liked that she was level with the couch.  She didn’t like her swing until she was much older.  We have everything from my daughter but have to get things out an inspect since she is already 5.  Both my sisters had the Bjorn bouncer for their sons so I am thinking of splurging on one of those and probably a snap n go stroller. 
  • @beccaneu We got a glider for the nursery for our first, and while we still have it and it's in DD2s room and is used daily, I actually did not like it for MOTN feedings. It didn't recline, so I sat straight upright in it and I was *so.tired* and I just couldn't rest in it. Thankfully DD2, despite being up 2-3x a night until 10 months, would nurse quickly each time and go right back to sleep, so each wake-up was maybe only 20 minutes, but I strongly recommend something that can recline. We got a big comfy electric recliner for the family room with I was pregnant with DD2, it was great for daytime stuff but didn't fit in her room.
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  • I got a moby wrap for d2 and it was not worth it imo. The fabric was so long that wrapping it was always a hassle, and d2 didn’t really enjoy being worn. Plus we both got SO sweaty in it, all the time. We have a soft structured carrier that I like much better for baby wearing - more breathable, easier to put on, easier to put baby into.
    We also got a summer infant play yard for d2 and that thing was indispensable. So glad we got it. This photo is pretty close to what ours looks like. 

    These are great we had one and put it around our christmas tree the first 2 years.
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  • We have two rock’n’plays and I won’t get rid of either of them. They saved me with DS. I’m considering 3 splurges (although I’ll likely get 1-2 of them secondhand). 

    1) a double Bob stroller. I love our single Bob, but DS will only just be 2.5 when #2 comes and due to that, he’s still not great for longer distances. My friend has one and I love it, so I’ll try to find one on Facebook.

    2) a bouncer or a MamaRoo. I know these will save my life when I need to take a shower or tend to DS and keep #2 calm simultaneously. I have a friend who has a MamaRoo so I’ll likely buy hers or I’ll, again, find one on Facebook. They also tend to have sales spontaneously so I will keep a lookout for that.

    3) a Sakura Bloom onbuhimo and a slim ring sing. These will be the real splurges for us. When #2 is still tiny and I need to to anywhere to keep DS from climbing the walls baby wearing will be go to. I love my current Tula carrier and my linen ring slings, but I think the onbuhimo will be more versatile and DH will be more likely to carry baby that way too as he/she gets older.
  • @beccaneu The glider did come in handy for us. It was nice to be able to sit and rock the baby to sleep sometimes instead of just pacing around the house with him. We also still us it as a place to sit in his room. I sit there and read him stories so it is nice to have, although the ottoman that goes with it seems pointless to me.
  • UO - I didn’t find the Aden and Anais (the real ones, not Target brand) swaddles to be special. They felt the same and held up just as well as the free swaddle I got in my Amazon welcome box. I had four and heard so many amazing things about them (and the dream blanket) but they are literally just another muslin swaddle to me and not worth the price tag. I didn’t think they were particularly soft 🤷‍♀️

    We use our glider all the time, DS did not like the rock n play one bit, and my Ergo 360 carrier is one of my most useful purchases. 

    I loveddddd our MamaRoo (gifted, didn’t even register for it). DS loved sleeping in it. Only bad part was it did contribute to him getting very mild torticollis - his PT recommended only flat sleep surfaces. I’ll still use it for next baby but will be more cognizant of head angle

    I love love love my UppaBaby. 100% worth it. I also use it as a jogging stroller bc we don’t have room for both and it’s amazing to grocery shop with - the cart holds so much! I’m glad I got the Vista over the Cruz. 

    If i have another c-section, I’m fairly sure we’ll get a Halo bassinet. I’m still on the fence about it because even though it is meant to be better for cs moms, I have a feeling I’ll still need H to lift baby 2 out and hand to me, at least for the first two weeks. 

    If I can’t use my UppaBaby as a double jogging stroller, I’d love a Thule but that’s wishful thinking on my part, I’m sure. 

    @expandcontract we were gifted the DockATot and it was fine. I would have been pretty upset if I had paid for it. We did not bedshare but used it as a safe place to put DS when he was teeny - actually used it a lot, almost every day for three or four months! Just not for sleeping. FYI it’s not considered safe for sleep in the US (idk why). I guess my answer is no, I did not think it was worth the money but I also didn’t use it for it’s intended purpose (I’m terrified of bedsharing but understand some families need to or no one sleeps!)

    With any of the gadgets like swings and things, it’s really up to the baby. DS didn’t like stuff but we kept it because what if another baby down the line did?

  • gabadoogabadoo member
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    Just remembered 2 splurge items from DS2 that were surprises to me:
    1) Tula FTG - love this carrier! So key when out with the older kiddo and baby needed a nap. Just strapped him in, stuck a pacifier in his mouth and voila!
    2) Dutalier ultra motion rocking chair - a surprising FAIL! I desperately wanted a chair/glider to nurse/read stories/have both kids in my arms. I basically had NO chance to use it! My older one would hardly allow me to sit and even for pre-bed and MOTN feeds, I preferred being in my bed with the PnP next to me for easy access. I just gave the rocking chair to my neighbor.

    @willmisspumpkinbeer, my son was 2yrs 9mo when #2 came along last June and I can’t say I was super ambitious with family trips last summer. The most we did was go peach picking in NJ (Alstede Farms, amazing!). Naps only lasted for ~6 months max (ETA: I mean the older one only continued napping for 6 months after the baby was born) and were never in the stroller. Maximum we got were naps in the car seat en route to or home from outings. We have yet to attempt an amusement or theme park where he’s on his feet all day. For our day to day, the boogie board is perfect. Honestly, now that he turned 4, he’s starting to ride his scooter more to places, so he’s hardly on the boogie board. I’m going to wait and see how my second is as the weather gets nicer and we’re closer to welcoming this baby before deciding about the double vs rumble seat.
  • Baby number 3 here....

    Some of the most useful items for us were the Ready2Grow Stroller which is a double stroller or a single with a sit and stand area, and the Graco Forever 4-in-1 Convertible Car seat.

    With baby #1 we had the infant carrier car seat which cost over $200 but DS out grew it by 6 months and we had to buy the convertible seat for almost $250. With baby #2 we went straight to the convertible and it saved us a lot of money. We plan on doing the same with baby #3. 

    As for the strollers, I’m currently trying to decide if the one we have will work for us because I love it or if I wanna upgrade to the Joovy Big Caboose Stand on triple stroller. It would be almost the exact same as what I have now, however both babies could ride in the front while the sit and stand option is available for the third child. DD will be 16 months old when baby comes and DS will be 3.5 years when baby comes, but he’s autistic and a runner and gets tired easy. Basically I’m trying to decide if I think DS needs the ride on option or if he will be old enough to deal with the walking.
  • @MaggieG183 I got the SB onbu recently- DS loves it! However, he is 29 pounds and it hurts a bit after 30 min. But he loves it and it looks great.  I do prefer my lillebaby but he prefers SB.
  • Oh! Another unnecessary but awesome splurge was the owlet! I will definitely use it again!  
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