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Variations of Rayne

I like the name pronounced Ray-nee but not sure what spelling will be the easiest and also not super unique where it looks like I’m trying too hard. I don’t want the pronounciation to be like Rain. If there are other spellings, please post below. 
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Variations of Rayne 25 votes

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Skip Raynee sound and go straight for Rayna instead
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Re: Variations of Rayne

  • A Google search confirms that Rainey is a name that people use, and I think it would guarantee the pronunciation you want. 
  • I believe you would run into issues if you use the Rayne spelling. People will always pronounce it like rain the first time.

    I also don't think you'll get your intended pronunciation with Rani. People may think it's of Indian or middle eastern origin, and therefore may pronounce it with a short A sound, like Ronnie.

    I personally think Rainey looks much better than Raynee.

    (And since you specifically asked, I think the Raynee spelling does look a bit like you're trying too hard to be unique. But the Rainey spelling is similar to Lainey, which is a pretty widely-accepted, but not too common name. :smile: )
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  • Thank you both for the feedback. I knew there was another spelling but I couldn’t think of it. Thanks! 
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  • A mentor of mine growing up was named Loraine, but used Rainy as a nickname. I would probably give her the full name, Loraine and use Rainy as a nn. But if not, I think Raynee will probably get you the pronunciation you want.
  • I agree Rainey is probably best for the pronunciation you want.

    I prefer Raina 
  • Raina or Rainey. I like the suggestion of Lorraine nn Rainey.

    I would pronounce Rani as Ronnie, and Rayne as Rain. Raynee kind of makes me think a little girl named her pony.
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