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recently found out 9 month old has an egg allergy

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About a month ago I had given my 9 month old a small piece of egg for him to try think it would be an easy food to start feeding since he is getting some teeth and as there is no known food allergies in our family. About an hr to an hr and half my sons face and ears were all swollen I rushed him to the ER as he was not having any breathing difficulty. They gave him benadryl and a steroid and something something else that i cant remember. We then went for a follow up and his Pediatrician gave us a script for an EPIpen and we made an allergist apt. We went to the allergist and they tested him for egg and peanuts. Eggs came back positive and  peanuts came back Negative. He can eat baked goods as before i gave him eggs I made home made banana bread that had eggs in it. So i am supposed to give him well baked baked goods as the doctor put it so the only things i can think of are muffins and bread. Im debating if cake is ok as his birthday is in December and frozen waffles and pancakes. I was told no french toast or pancakes. We go back in 6 months to get tested again
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