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Newbie here!

Hi all! 

Hoping to join this group for support and advice as we move forward with the next step of our journey! My DH and I have been TTC on and off for a little over a year now and have finally got the go ahead to try to figure out what’s going on! I have on and off throughout this process tried OPT and BBT but after a BFN every month its hard to want to do these because I feel like they never help! I have a fairly regular 26 day cycle and have had pos OPK before so not sure what is going on with Us. Got blood drawn For hormone analysis by our OB and everything appears normal, although I am hypothyroid with normal level After medication. My husband went in for his SA Thursday so we are waiting for the results! Next step is HSG for me. My OB has also suggested we begin Clomid in the interim. However, they don’t really do any or much monitoring through the OBs office and I have not had an ultrasound yet. It seems that is not standard for everywhere. Looking forward to getting to know you all better!

Re: Newbie here!

  • Welcome! I'm sorry you find yourself here! feel free to jump into our weekly check-ins. We've got a good group at all stages of TTTC, even though it seems like most of us are doing IVF right now. :) As for the clomid, I'd encourage you to find an RE rather than doing that with your OB, especially if he/she is not offering much monitoring. 
  • @kls2016 welcome, and like @Bababatty said, sorry that you find yourself here! Speaking for a pretty fresh newbie on this board as well, I have found the group of women on this board very welcoming and supportive, so hope you find the support you’re looking for! 

    In my experience, I had all the standard tests done first, including the HSG and SA, before any treatment plan was set up. My RE didn’t want to prescribe me anything until there was confirmation that my tubes weren’t blocked. As mentioned, it sounds like it would be beneficial to see a RE as you should have more attention and expertise then regarding ttc. Hope your husband gets good SA results and that you don’t have to wait long for your HSG! 
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  • Thanks ladies! I think I am planning to call and try to make an appointment with another Dr. on Monday when I try to call for the HSG. My OB said while we are waiting for everything to go through we could start Clomid. I thought about trying it because I am tired of just waiting around doing nothing! I have not fully decided where we are going to go with that yet. Today is supposed to be CD 1 but nothing yet. We were only able to BD once during projected time of O last cycle because I was out of town for work so I do not have high hopes for BFP. I was trying to decide about trying out the Clomid once before switching doctors before AF arrives as they want me to take is CD 2-6.
  • Sorry you find yourself here, but sending all the baby dust your way! 

    We did all testing prior prior to selecting a treatment plan, but we did just come off a round of clomid as well. Ask any questions you have here, everyone is really helpful and kind. 
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