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Questions for dr after multiple mc

After the first miscarriage we were encouraged to try again right away but the dr, the stats were in our favor and it's better not to dwell. 3 months later, we are in the midst of our second miscarriage and I'm struggling to process both the first and second.
 We live in a very small rural town with limited medical help. Had to wait a week for an ultrasound to confirm and another 5 days to get a drs appointment. 
When I see the dr what do you suggest asking for? 

Re: Questions for dr after multiple mc

  • Sorry for your losses. I also had two miscarriages and needed a D&C (a type of surgery) to remove the fetus since I did not miscarry naturally. They did a karyotype on the fetus, basically seeing if the chromosomes were normal or not. Maybe ask the dr if he can do a karyotype on the fetus? If you go for testing at any point in the future that information is important for the doctor to know. 

    Now I have an appointment scheduled with a maternal fetal specialist where they're going to test for different issues. Ask your doctor if he thinks you should do that. You might have to go to the city to meet with one and I've been warned that many times they don't find the cause.

    Good luck! 
  • I had 15 consecutive losses followed by a rough pregnancy, but healthy delivery. We still don't actually know the cause, just suspicions. 

    Things I was tested for included chromosomal/genetic abnormalities for both me and DH, vitamin deficiencies (D, B-12, folate, iron, etc), hormone imbalance, egg reserve, and about a thousand other things. I wouldn't got for a full round of fertility testing after only two losses, but if you want to, you can. If your rural, you may be able to start the process remotely by finding specialist who does telemedicine, and will order the labs for you locally.

    I'm sorry for your losses and wish you the best of luck.
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  • I’m sorry for you losses, I’ve just had my 4th and know it’s not It easy! Some don’t do much testing until 3, but these days should be and many do after 2. Some suggestions for questions would be asking where to go from here. Blood work, some basic things they checked for me was for blood clotting disorders and thiroid. An ultrasound to check the uterus might be good to ask about. Also, possible progesterone for next pregnancy. There is a lot of controversial articles out there in this... but can’t hurt. Good luck and again sorry for you losses 
  • Thank you to everyone who replied with suggestions. So far I'm going for blood testing for different clotting disorders and thyroid, ultrasound and being referred to a gynaecologist.
     This time last year we were at a fertility specialist who diagnosed us as infertile due to amenorrhea and pcos(although I had no symptom except the post pill amenorrhea) He recommended the full fertility testing but as we were in the process of moving from the city to regional (ironically) we decided to put the testing on hold until early this year and go from there. When we were ready to get the testing done we found out we were naturally pregnant, cue miscarriage, cue second pregnancy nearly immediately after, cue miscarriage again. 
    I guess I've made up my mind now to get everything I can done here and take that to the fertility specialist in the city and go from there. 
    Thanks again for everyone's help, it's so tough but I'm glad to not feel alone. 
    I will have everyone's lost babes in my thoughts and I'm so sorry for all your losses. 
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