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Tips for how to keep my iron levels up?

Hey ladies! I'm looking for some tips on how to keep my iron levels high, this is my first pregnancy. I have a blood disorder so I gotta make sure everything is okay with it during this time. My doctor said I have low iron levels so I need to find ways to keep it up, I'm currently taking iron supplements but it doesn't seem to be working that well, any tips or tricks for me?

Re: Tips for how to keep my iron levels up?

  • Lots of dark leafy green vegetables and red meat. 

    Last pregnancy, I was very high in iron. My mdiwives were surprised and asked if I was already taking iron supplements. I said no,  not beyond what was included in a standard prenatal. So then they asked if I ate lots of red meat and leafy greens to which I said yes to the meat and less so to the leafy greens. They said that must be why. I eat red meat usually two meals a day if not three. It definitely helps! 
  • Beef and chicken liver are high in iron. Take Vit C also to help your body absorb iron better.
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  • Unfortunately my iron levels are now so low I'm getting an iron transfusion next week, I'm horrified cause I've never done anything like it before
  • I know for me it depends on what kind/brand of folic acid I use. Different ones have different results. With that in mind, getting an iron transfusion isn't terrible and you actually feel pretty amazing (extra energy) the next day so that's a plus! 
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