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VBAC Check-in/September

With just days to weeks left...how are you feeling VBAC hopefuls?

Re: VBAC Check-in/September

  • I'm feeling pretty good. This is my 2nd child, just hoping labor goes faster this time around (last time was about 15hrs). Getting my membranes stripped at 39weeks if baby boy isn't here yet
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  • I'm starting to have doubts.  Baby briefly went transverse this week after sleeping funny (but luckily straightened out again) but its sending my anxiety through the roof.  Why don't my babies know up from down?  Seriously what is wrong with my kids???  Ultrasound tomorrow to check position, and hopefully see whats up, as i have been having a lot of contractions this week.  I'd rather go early than give baby another chance to pull some shenanigans.
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  • I've made it past the point when I had to have the C-section for my baby girl..36+3. BP is still good. The doc said the baby feels head down but I'm still nervous about that and he won't do an ultrasound to verify until 38 weeks. I started eating dates and drinking raspberry leaf tea yesterday. Trying not to worry but I am getting pretty nervous.
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  • @jengibre_zorro a lot of people don’t think it’s evidence based, but have you tried spinning babies?

    @CB0425 that’s a great milestone to get past!

    I am also nervous. Appointment tomorrow, I am debating if I want my cervix checked. I am 38 + 3 today. I can’t believe I’ve made it so far. I’ve made peace with the fact that RCS is definitely a possibility, but I would really love a VBAC. I have been having contractions for 23 days, but my last two cervical checks show no more dilation than what I had when it all started. Still doing all the things- dates, RRLT, yoga ball, pineapple, EPO, nipple stimulation with pump... it’s out of our control ladies!
  • @meltonjl So true...it’s out of our control! I have to focus on that when I start getting anxious.
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  • I am definitely a spinning babies junkie!  @meltonjl - 23 days?  that's not making me feel very good about my single weeks worth of contractions  :s.  Just confirmed by ultrasound that baby is head down (37+1) (for today, anyway lol)  Nothing left to do but take it one day at a time at this point, i suppose......
  • Baby is still head down (35 + 4) and I’ve been having contractions for weeks now. Seems like they’re getting a bit stronger though. My midwife doesn’t start cervical checks until 38 weeks but I might ask them to do one at my next appt just because I’m curious. They said if there’s no dilation/effacement by 38 weeks they’ll schedule a RCS for 40 weeks just in case. 
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  • My RCS was rescheduled for this Tuesday. I’m not happy about it. 😐
  • @meltonjl sorry you are bummed about the scheduled date. Maybe you will go into labor before then. How far along will you be? 
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  • @meltonjl - i'm sorry to hear that.  Sometimes having that end in sight really gets things going, so maybe you'll go naturally?  I'll be thinking of you!  <3
  • meltonjl  Sorry you're going through that. Keep us posted.
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