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sister for Camilla?

DD is Camilla Anne (nn Millie). We are expecting a second girl, and I’m hoping for some suggestions that go with our first. 

I’d love to incorporate my grandmother’s name, Celia. I’m thinking for a middle name, but I’m open to it as a first name. Another family name I would consider is Rafaela (nn Ela). 

Whatcha got? TY!

Re: sister for Camilla?

  • Celia Rafaela
  • I like Celia and Cecilia but they are so close to Camilla.  Also Rafaela could work as the first name.
  • Gabrielle Celia
    Isabelle Celia
    Julianna Celia
    Penelope Celia
    Victoria Celia
    Victoria Rafaela
  • I LOVE LOVE Rafaela!!!! Rafaela Celia

  • Gabrielle Celia
    Aveline Celia
    Penelope Celia
    Danielle Celia
    Fiona Rafaela

  • To me, Celia is too close to Camilla for a fn. I think Rafaela would work better as a fn, with another simple middle:

    Rafaela Frances
    Rafaela Clare
    Rafaela Jewel
    Rafaela Eve

    If you want to use Celia (and it's pretty-- I'd put it in the mn spot):
    Elizabeth Celia
    Daphne Celia
    Gwendolyn Celia
    Helen Celia

    Notice, I didn't put Rafaela and Celia together (Rafaela Celia or Celia Rafaela) as I almost never prefer two girls names ending in 'a'-- too fluffy
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    sorry, if you haven’t seen the show The Good Place, one of the characters, Tahani, has a sister Kamilah. I smiled and thought of that when I saw “sister for Camilla”. 

    On a serious note, I like Rafaela 
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