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Here I am from the May bmb and going to move on over to the TTC after loss board once i've had some time

*TW   I went in last Tuesday for my first ultrasound and I should have been about 8w2d and all we could see was the sac and the yolk but no baby (blighted ovum). The tech said I could be off with date's but I knew already, symptoms were receding and I had mild cramping. Friday night after wiping I saw pink which then quickly led to bleeding like a period and it's only been getting heavier and more clotted throughout the weekend. Last night I started passing larger clot's so I am just waiting for it to all end. I was really sad/traumatized after the ultrasound but I knew what was coming and in a way I am happy that my body was able to recognize this and start the process itself so quickly (I've read that it can take up to weeks sometimes for your body to notice). I'm a little shocked since this is my first MC *TW

Some questions:
The only thing I'm annoyed about is that my Dr's office still hasn't called me since my ultrasound last tuesday to talk about anything. Now it's me calling them to tell them what's going on but I feel like they should have reached out sooner. I called the nurse again this morning and still nothing. What is the "normal" process when you start a MC and having your DR involved?
Does it ever happen that you just have mild cramping and bleeding and that'is it?

Anyway, I am hopping everything will pass soon so that my body can rest and we can TTC soon and give my DD a sibling.

Re: First MC

  • Also is there anything I should be doing to keep the process moving swiftly? Like exercise or yoga or something?
  • @cikcikpolicnik I am sorry for your loss.  My losses were missed miscarriages, so I don’t really have any advice about how to help with the bleeding.  But, with my last loss, I was trying to naturally miscarry, and I remember my doctor saying I had to have blood work 2 weeks after my loss to see if my HCG returned to zero. This makes sure there isn’t any retained tissue or molar tissue.
    I do know sometimes the cramping and bleeding can be relatively mild.
     I would think the best things are resting as needed and drinking plenty of water.

    as to your doctors office, honestly, I am not sure what is “normal”. My doctor works across the hall from me and I know he stopped in one day to see how I was, but I have also been seeing him for about 8 years, and unfortunately, pretty regular at the point. But everyone in the office was really compassionate when I did have to go in, which is what you should expect and deserve in these situations IMO, so if you feel like they aren’t showing you enough compassion, if I were you I would find a new doctor.  Unfortunately, the pregnancy after a loss is generally very stressful and you will probably need their support.
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  • @holly321

    Thank you for this!

    *TM*** Last night I passed a large mass, im guessing its the placenta, it was the size of my palm so that was crazy. I didn't see the sac and I'm not sure if I will still expect to see it. I literally had contractions like early labour and then boom it was done. 

    Sorry for the info but I know it helped me reading about other people's experience before this happened. Also does anyone know how long the bleeding will now last?

    Thank you
  • Bleeding usually correlates to how far you were (further along = longer before back to normal). Bleeding is only super concerning if you go throw more than a pad an hour.

    Definitely do follow up with your OB to track hcg to zero though. Should only need lab work/blood draw.
  • @kathrenne thank you for that!

    I will go for an U/S this week and blood work, hoping we can track my hcg down to zero so I know where to go from there.

    So far it looks like everything has stopped even the bleeding only 10 day's post start of natural MC, seems fairly quick compared to what I have read so far, does anyone have any other experiences of this quickly?
  • Yeah. Out of 15 losses, the shortest bleed time was 4 days, and the longest was a few weeks.
  • @cikcikpolicnik, I don't have any input that hasn't already been shared but I have been there and I wanted to say that I am sorry about your loss. Resting was really important for my recovery for sure. Hugs
  • Another update: Hcg came back as 93, ultrasound showed everything passed. How long did it take for your leve's to go back down after? 
  • It depends on how far along/ how high your HCG was, but I would think 2-3 weeks after you physically miscarried is normal.  
  • @cikcikpolicnik my levels always take a while to go down. I haven’t tracked this current loss at all, but the previous one in May took 7 weeks to go negative. It was torture. 
  • thank you ladies! I'll be going in again within a week to see where I am at, I definitely don't like this stage of limbo.
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