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Panorama inconclusive results

Completely freaking out here. Got inconclusive results and not sure what to think now. I called the Panorama place and found out it wasn't a lab error. I'm also not overweight so very worried right now that something actually is wrong. Did anyone else get inconclusive results and everything came back ok? Also my ultrasound was perfect at 13 weeks and I took the panaroma test at 12 weeks, 6 days so i didn't take it too early. Now Im 14 weeks and my obgyn wants to send me to a high risk doctor. 

Re: Panorama inconclusive results

  • Was there insufficient fetal dna?  That happened to me and it wasn’t a big deal.  They just repeated the test later and we got normal results.  Because we had to wait to repeat they had me do the NT scan too so that we could see if there were any signs of abnormalities sooner than later.  I know it’s scary and frustrating not to know, but I would always try to remind myself that it didn’t mean that anything was wrong it just meant that we didn’t know that everything was fine yet.  All was well with us and my baby is perfect!
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