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  • I AM SO TIRED. I'm struggling to get any work done. DD cried her eyes out this morning when I dropped her at daycare. All the mom guilt mixed with all the fatigue is making for one fun Monday.
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  • @bluesky24 Yesss, so tired! I was supposed to be at work at 8:30, and I didn’t make it in until 9. I literally could not make myself get ready. 

    Nothing major for me.. just tired of waiting and wondering. My appt is in 10 days, and I’m just so ready to go and find out if everything is ok or not. I took a FRER this morning, bc I’m crazy and the lack of sore boobs and bloating is worrying me, and the test line was still dark but the control line was really faint, so now I just feel confused. Not knowing is starting to make me anxious. 😞
  • @msb615 maybe the control line was so faint because all the dye reacted with the test line? I don't really know if that's how it works, but it seems kinda logical maybe?

    @bluesky24 Yes. I am exhausted too. I went to bed at like 9:00 last night, and I was still pressing snooze when my alarm went off this morning.
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  • The bump is sooooooo slow at work. I never know if it's going to crash the whole browser when I try to click back to the main board.

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  • Ugh I feel like super bitch today. My fiancé just got back home after 3 weeks and took today off of work so he could stay home with my son. I'm so glad he's home but I was up every 15 minutes last night because he was snoring like a chainsaw and my son kept coming and climbing into bed with us. I finally give up and let him stay around 4 AM and spent the rest of the night being kicked. I get up this morning thinking yes! Another adult is home! I can take a shower alone for once yayy!! 3 minutes in and my toddler barges in demanding to be wrapped in a towel screaming like a banshee. How do men sleep through that stuff!? So now here we are at 8:15, I've barely slept between snoring, toddler kicking and pregnancy insomnia, pretty sure there is still a little shampoo in my hair and I need to leave for work is 15 minutes. Guess who is STILL SLEPPING🙄🙄🙄.

    Thanks I really needed that rant so I can be nice when I wake him up in a few minutes, lol. 
  • @msb615 I’ve also heard that the pregnancy line can pull the dye from the control line when your hormones are higher, which they would be as you get further into the pregnancy.  Not sure exactly how that works but I’ve heard other pregnant ladies mention that so It seems pretty normal.

    I’m with you on being nervous during the wait leading up to the first appointment/ultrasound.  I just want to know everything is going well!  

  • @fatmonica lol.  Yeah, it irks me when couple say “we’re pregnant”. Unless, of course, the couple is actually two pregnant women, which most of the time it is not.

  • We received a wedding invitation 2 months ago and immediately asked DH's dad and step mom if they could babysit. It involves an overnight, but we are super pumped about the wedding as it's going to basically be a HS reunion with a lot of old friends. Also, we never ask DH's dad and step mom for help. DD was born almost 10 months ago, and we've only asked them to babysit once, with this wedding being the second time. Meanwhile they babysit their 4 other grandkids all the time, sometimes scheduled during the week and sometimes as needed. They specifically drop everything for my SIL whose two kids get the grandparents twice during the week and one overnight once a month. It's not that we live far away or anything, everyone is in the same town. They are just totally monopolized by my SIL's kids who are the oldest grandkids. 

    So the wedding is coming up this weekend and we put in a courtesy call to remind them and make sure they were all set. They had totally forgotten and made other plans. It caused a ton of drama yesterday with a lot of back and forth, and thankfully it all got resolved. What really made me pissed though was that one of the plans they had made after they forgot about DD was of course, babysitting one of the other grandkids. So they basically cast aside DD, who they never f'in see anyway, and blindly accepted watching my nephew, who they see all the damn time. Second time since I gave birth that we've asked them to babysit.
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  • @bluesky24 I feel you on the tired. 

    So we just moved to a new neighborhood, and last night when we got home from a movie a little girl across the street (she's about 10) said her cat was lost, and asked if we could help her.  We saw a cat in her yard, and she said yes, that was the cat - but she needed to catch it.  So we helped her catch this kitten (the kitten was really sweet).  Then, as my husband is getting the kitten out of the top of a tall bush for the girl, another family pulls up in a car, and the girl runs over and says "Thank goodness, you're here!  Your cat got out! It almost went in my house!"  We hadn't met these neighbors yet, so as DH hands the cat to this girl, the girl hands the cat to the other neighbors' daughter and the mom starts talking about how they're trying to get the cat accustomed to outside time.  So now we're both stressed that we messed things up by meeting the neighbor by getting the cat out of this bush and handing it over to the little girl because we thought she was the owner.  We hope they don't think we're awful.  

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  • beccaneubeccaneu
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    My husband just texted me while driving to tell me that he got a ticket for texting while driving. *facepalm*. I love the guy but, dude, why is it so hard to leave your phone alone when you’re driving?!

  • @peachy13 Man, that sucks.  I’m glad you got it resolved but it really is unfair for them to prioritize certain grandkids over others.

    @bluesky24 good advice.  I’m trying really hard not to take any more, it’s super hard because I’m dying for reassurance that everything is fine and continuing to take pregnancy tests seems like such an easy way to check but ultimately I just end up obsessing over them and it doesn’t actually help.

  • My girls are at each others throats this morning.  The cattiness is unreal.  DH and I are sitting upstairs listening to them scream and fight.  I'm not even going to engage unless it sounds like someone will get seriously hurt, hopefully they'll figure it out.  I honestly have never had a preference or desire with any of my pregnancies that the baby was a boy or a girl, but today has got me really hoping this one is a boy.  Our girls are only 5 & 3 and the sass is fierce!  I don't know how I would handle 3 of them.
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  • mcewen3 said: "
    My girls are at each others throats this morning.  The cattiness is unreal.  DH and I are sitting upstairs listening to them scream and fight.  I'm not even going to engage unless it sounds like someone will get seriously hurt, hopefully they'll figure it out.  I honestly have never had a preference or desire with any of my pregnancies that the baby was a boy or a girl, but today has got me really hoping this one is a boy.  Our girls are only 5 & 3 and the sass is fierce!  I don't know how I would handle 3 of them.
    Solidarity to the *highest* level. This is exactly me with me girls most days. They're almost 5 and 2.5. Yesterday they were going at it, as per usual, DH looks at me and says "and WHY did we want another one??" Regardless buddy, it's a little late for second guessing.

    I actually had to leave early to bring DD1 home from school with a fever (I teach at her school) and I'm so glad to get some relaxed one on one time with her. When I told her I was taking her home she said all starry eyed "Does this mean I get you all to myself??" My heart...
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  • I woke up at 1:30 and could not go back to sleep for the life of me until about 45 minutes before my alarm.  Then someone had the audacity to get into an accident on the highway this morning making me 30 minutes late for my endocrinologist appt.  Where the Dr. said "have you had an ultrasound yet maybe its twins, god for your sake I hope it isnt." She has twins so I know shes joking, but i'm just way too tired today to joke about how Ill likely never sleep again if I were to have 2.

  • @mcewen3 I don't know why I was waiting for your kids to be 10 and 13 or something. 5 and 3?! Ahhh! Hope they resolved everything and you didn't have to get involved.

    @peachy13 Well that's just ridiculous. I'd be upset too. Thank god you gave them a friendly reminder! Imagine you showed up with DD before leaving for the wedding and they had no idea you were coming/weren't even home? They sound annoying.

    My a serious pain sometimes. He sleeps on the floor of our bedroom in his own bed. 4 am rolls around...he starts pawing the blanket to "ask" if he can come up on the bed. We both redirect him back to his bed - he goes back and SIGHS super loudly. Then 5 am rolls around and he's back pawing to come up. At that point, we're both so exhausted we just say FINE come up. He's lucky he's cute! 

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  • @imrachellea so sweet!  I'm still really excited for the 3rd, regardless of sex, but I am also really happy that by next year both of my older girls will be in school, at least part-time.  The 3 year old only goes 2hrs twice a week right now, but next year Pre-K is 4 days a week. I look forward to soaking up all the baby time while they are at school and I think that just them being out of the house, away from me and from each other will help a ton.  There isn't school today (PD day for teachers), plus it snowed on Saturday and has just been gross.  Cooped up in the house because of yucky weather, by the third day (today) it was to be expected that everything would blow up.  Love my girls dearly, but I cannot wait to send them back to school tomorrow (kindergarten) and Wednesday (Playschool).
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  • @secicc12 lol.  Somedays it feels like they are preteens, not gonna lie.  DH and I look at each other and just think, how much worse is this going to be when they are in junior high??  :#  They do play so nicely together a lot of the time, and are both incredibly sweet and kindhearted, but there is just something about the way sisters fight with each other.  I only grew up with brothers and it was not like this at all.

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  • @secicc12 what kind of dog do you have?  Its so hard to say no to the puppy eyes!  Our chocolate lab used to creep into our bed after we fell asleep.  Like every night she would go to sleep on her bed in our room, but when we woke up she would be laying, stretched right out, in between DH and I.  I caught her one night and it was the most hilarious thing ever.  She would stand at the foot of the bed (back then the bed we had didn't have a footboard that stuck up above the mattress) with her chin resting on the bed.  When no-one noticed, she'd lift one paw up, wait, then lift the other paw, wait, then almost army crawl up onto the bed and snuggle right in.  Eventually we just gave up and bought a king-size bed because she took up so much room, lol. Oddly enough, she quit coming into the bed after DD was born, without us really having to make a thing of it.  
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  • peachy13 said:
    Might belong in a randoms thread but is anyone's partner getting way too impatient/antsy about sharing baby news? DH is always asking me when we can tell people. Like, they'll find out, don't worry. 

    I compromised and said that assuming our ultrasound goes okay tomorrow, we can share with immediate family, and tell them that it's just a family secret right now. Does that sound okay? Has anyone else been sharing news?
    I told my parents this weekend. My mom had issues with all of her pregnancies and had losses so I wanted her to be there if anything happened knowing that she would be supportive and understanding. We are going to wait at least until after the u/s before telling all of the blabber mouth side haha
  • Omg @peachy13 that's so frustrating! Good thing you are organized and courteous enough to reach out with a reminder! Hope you and DH enjoy your kiddo free wedding! As for sharing the news. I told my besties immediately as one was just about to have her 2nd baby and the other had also just found out she's pregnant with her 2nd baby. I said "hey remember that time we were all pregnant together😂😂" and sent them my test. My fiancé and I have also already told our immediate family/work people but aren't sharing with Facebook until we meet the midwife and have our first appointment.
  • I am so over Monday already. I had a big meeting last week and our department head drafted up action items for us that we never discussed. Apparently we were at different meetings.
  • @mcewen3 that story about your dog crawling into bed with you is beyond cute!!!! 
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  • Im over today,  already. I went to a work meeting and was about to pass out cuz i still can't breathe.  So now im in the immediate care center getting a nebulizer treatment. I can't walk two minutes without having to gasp.  I sound like im 10 months pregnant.  

  • @brie_and_almonds and @beccaneu That does make sense that it would do that. I thought about that but I wasn’t sure if that’s how it worked or not. 

    @bluesky24 I know you’re right, and I need to quit testing, but I just haven’t felt the same today and yesterday as before, so it kind of has me spinning a little bit. 

    @fuscok88 I swear men are able to sleep through anything! 

    @peachy13 That’s pretty crappy of them to do, but I’m glad it was at least able to be resolved. My husband’s sister just had her baby about a week ago, and I feel like I’m already seeing the favoritism coming out, and it makes me ragey. My husband and I live about 20 minutes from my in laws, and they hardly ever make make an effort to see my son; however their daughter lives about 2 hours away, and they were going to see her before she even had the baby. It’s just annoying, and I don’t want my son to ever feel like he’s being treated differently. 
  • @peachy13 we've told family and a couple super close friends. My ultrasound is at like 10+5 so assuming everything is ok that's when we will tell everyone else. 
  • @peachy13 We've told my parents and sister, because it would have been tough to hide my non-drinking when we all went to a wedding together last weekend, and because I would want their support if anything happened. We also told my MIL last night. If it was up to me I might not have told her now, but I think my husband would have felt a little left out/hurt if my family knew and no one in his family did! We'll probably tell his dad in a few weeks, and then everyone else we'll tell in November.

    Also, that is super obnoxious of your in laws. :/  Glad it got resolved in the end though.
  • @peachy13 My DH is also chomping at the bit to tell people.  He wanted to tell his parents today while they're in town, but I convinced him to wait until after our appointment Friday.  I don't want to tell my parents yet because my mom tells EVERYONE (and I mean everyone, she would tell strangers when we were TTGP).  My best friend and her husband also knows, and a few close friends.
    DD born PPROM preemie at 36 weeks on 10/1/17 after over a year TI, 
    then 3 failed IUIs, and finally a successful IVF FET.

    Due with #2 5/2/19 after HIO once in my FW,
    because apparently that's how life works now. Team Blue!
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  • @peachy13 my rule before 12 weeks is that if we tell people we're pregnant, we have to be okay telling them if something were to happen. Some of this is influenced by extenuating circumstances. We live across the country from family so told at 6 weeks with DD so we could do it in person at Christmas for close family. I'm not super close with my dad so I told him when he asked us if I wanted to meet him in St. Croix (can't - zika - pregnant) at like 14 weeks. This time, I told my mom and sister the day after DH over the phone but we didn't tell BIL and SIL during their visit this weekend b/c DH is going to wait to tell his parents. He doesn't love that my mom knows and his doesn't (MIL is veryyyy competitive about these types of things) but he knows he can tell them whenever he wants and he has chosen not to. For some reason, the first time around I felt invincible and I think we've both heard lots of stories since being pregnant with DD that the waiting until 12 weeks seems even more important than it did the first time - and I didn't put anything on FB until 6 months which was just a picture of me and DH where I was clearly pregnant, didn't even say I was pregnant - but I'm a bit more private on social media than most. So take what I say with that in mind.
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  • I work at an architectural office. My boss dislikes dish sponges and dish soap by the sink because they throw-off the "aesthetic". Well since I have so many snacks and protein shakes everyday, I need to wash the containers and I refuse to use a paper towel. I brought in my own damn soap and sponge. I came in this morning to put my snacks away and saw my soap and sponge were missing. I sent out an email to the office and received and email back from my boss saying he threw them away because they were "old". 

    I HIT THE ROOF. They are like 3 weeks old... about as old as this tiny pea is inside me. I am too tired to deal with this shit. I cant. 
  • @peachy13 I’m so sorry! Your in-laws sound so rude and I just don’t understand how they can pick favorites when it comes to grandkids. It’s disgusting. I hope you guys have fun at the wedding!! 

    I feel like poo today because DS gave me his cold. I forgot how much being sick while pregnant sucks. I feel like I want to puke all the time now because of the stuffy nose. I wish I could go to bed, but work is insane right now and will be the rest of the week so I just have to suck it up. I don’t wannnaaaa  :'(
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  • @peachy13 I feel like the roles are flipped in my relationship bc I'm the antsy one haha my family knows and so do 2 others I'm really close to & we're telling DH's side next weekend when we see them next.
    He wants to wait to tell anyone else besides our immediate family until Thanksgiving but I want to do it a bit sooner. We actually made it "facebook official" with DS when I was only 10 weeks bc we wanted to tell everyone on a holiday and since we were gonna see so many people that day/I was already showing at that point it took the guesswork out.

    I'm gonna rant about a coworker. Let's call her Opal. So Opal called out a few days last week, called out all weekend, already called out for half of this week. I've been doing her job on top of mine meanwhile, and I just am over it. She's pulled this kind of thing several times in the past over the years, and I just am tired of her BS...she CAN work, she just chooses not to and it's so irritating. I can't wait for her to come back to work so I can go back to just doing my role, but at the same time I want Opal to get a new job & never come back.
  • @secicc12 I know... I now bring all my own dishes because I don't know how the ones at the office are actually cleaned. This place is so stupid. This is why people hate architects. If the doesn't function NO ONE LIKES IT NO MATTER HOW NICE IT LOOKS. Gah. Ok. Rant over. 

    YES for pregnancy announcements!! I am excited for our May babies... perfect Christmas announcement time line!  <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
  • A coworker of mine sent me an email this morning asking when I was going to make an update to our website he asked about last week that I hadn't got to yet. Which felt a little passive aggressive and annoying because when he asked me to do it, he never said when he needed it done by, and it's only been a few days and it's pretty low priority compared to everything else on my plate, but, whatever, it wasn't that big a deal. I was about to respond asking him to confirm when he needed it done by, and a few other details about it. BUT THEN my boss replied to the turns out he BCC-ed her in his email to me. Did he feel like he needed to rat me out to our boss for this tiny thing in the most sneaky way possible? If he wanted to keep her in the loop he could have just CC-ed her to be above board about it....UGH. 
  • @bazzie88 Ugh! Could you put the soap and sponge and everything under the sink so it's out of sight but still accessible? That would drive me NUTS to not be able to clean dishes properly at work!
  • @JennZed bcc is SO rude. I hate that. Not in a work context but my mother in law does it all the time. She will email someone in her family and bcc my husband. I always think when she emails me, she’s bccing my husband. I even told her one time how rude it is (whoops lol). I would be pissed too! 
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  • @JennZed ; That is my next plan. If that doesn't work I will keep it in a bag at my desk.  I not going down without a fight!  B)
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