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Sleep training 13 m/o

my 13 month old was sleeping in his crib for about 6-7 hour.   Then we had two teeth come in and that was thrown out the window.   We have tried other sleep methods. But he would flip out the second in his crib.  Two nights ago we put him in his crib.  And let him cry.   We went in 2 - 3 times with in 2 hours.  That just seemed to make it worse. But he finally fell asleep.  Last night I put him to bed and in 25 min he was asleep.  Tonight it was only 10 min.     My only concern is - we are not going on to reassure him when and if he does wake up.  We wait a min or two and he has fallen back to sleep.   I’m the crazy new mom - am I hurting him emotionally but just leaving him all night?! 
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Re: Sleep training 13 m/o

  • You are not hurting him emotionally, although I understand it's easy to think that! I'd argue only sleeping 6-7 hours a night is doing more harm, actually. Most babies need anywhere from 12-14 hours of sleep a day. Teaching healthy sleep habits is very important. It sounds like he made great progress with very limited crying! Hang in there and stick to your method - randomly going in to comfort will only confuse him and force you to re-start the process. 

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