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do you have interesting destinations for traveling?

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  • I am big fan of traveling, so I often watch different travel channels. Recently I watched tv show about Swirtheland, where was info about Fountain Jet d'Eau. The Jet d'Eau fountain is Geneva Switzerland's most famous landmarks, jettisoning 130 gallons of water 460 feet into the air and used as the official logo of the UEFA. Webcam view you can watch on
  • I love travelling too, my favourite location for travel is Phuket. We are going there every year, I love the nature, nice beaches and the nature. Recently we are thinkink with my husband about buying a summer house there.

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  • I did a cruise that went to Turkey, Italy and Greece. It was amazing. Great way to see many places and to figure out where I wanted to go back to! Not too exotic, but Playa Mujeres in Mexico was beautiful! We stayed at Zoetry. Turks and Caicos was a gorgeous beach. We stayed at beaches which was awesome for children 
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