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Acupuncture Experiences

Hey Everyone,

I’m a STM and just had my first acupuncture appointment to see if it would reduce my persistent nausea.  One day after the appointment, I have my appetite back!!  It seemed to work.  It may be a placebo, but I’ll take it.

Anyone else have experience with acupuncture during pregnancy? I’m curious to hear!!

Re: Acupuncture Experiences

  • I've done Acupuncture with all 3 pregnancies so far, and this time around during the TTC process.  I'm a total believer, if nothing else it's an hour to lay quietly and listen to meditation music, which I definitely relish ;-)

  • I'm also a believer. I only went twice, to help balance my hormones for conception and here I am pregnant! I'm going to continue going, next appointment is tomorrow, to hopefully keep my hormones in check and avoid major symptoms.
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