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Symptoms 9/21

The last symptoms thread I saw was 8/31!

Ok so I stayed home from work today because of major cramps and nausea. It’s not contractions, but feels like intense hunger plus nausea at the same time. And then cramps high up in my stomach. 

And then I realized tonight I think the major issue is constipation? Is anyone else have stomach issues in the last few weeks? I’m 36w today. My ultrasound was yesterday and it also may have bothered my stomach.

Re: Symptoms 9/21

  • 37w 5d My hip and pelvis pain has gotten worse. I used to stand up and walk funny for maybe 2 steps and now it is like 10-15 if I am lucky! And I get tired out so quickly. @HoosOnFirst I Haven't had any constipation issues so sorry I can't help.

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  • @HoosOnFirst I routinely get nauseous if I'm really constipated. I also lose my appetite. Currently I bounce between constipation and loose stools. It's fantastic.  :/

    @SweetSweetTooth +1 for being tired. I was exhausted at 730 pm today. And i woke up at 7am. 

    36+4, everything hurts. I'm having period like cramps, my back is killing me, and I somehow managed to pull groin muscles wearing boots yesterday. Also, my butt cheeks are on fire because sciatica sucks. Good thing I'm having a conversation with my boss Monday about working from home more.
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  • @HoosOnFirst I’ve been constipated pretty much the entire pregnancy, but the last couple of weeks have been worse. I constantly feel the need to go but just can’t. I’ve notice it gives me really bad gas pains in my lower/mid stomach. It hasn’t made me nauseous, just more painful. I’m going to ask my doctor this week about starting to take colace.

    35+2 pretty much everything hurts and my feet have swelled really bad. I’ve had a few cramps here and there but nothing consistent, mostly just at night (and also could be due to the constipation). I’m tired and just over being pregnant. I want him to stay in another 2-3 weeks but after that I will try anything to get labor started!
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    Every time I get up after sitting awhile I can barely walk- the pain in my vag is so sharp! My MW says it’s normal and the baby has fully dropped which is why it is painful.

    ETA I’m 38w 3D. Just hoping to get through next Friday so I can stay out until after the first of Jan.
  • @rc-cola I’m 38w 1d and in the same boat.  Random sharp pains down the back and front of my legs and my vag.  It’s awful and will stop me in my tracks.  My doctor was impressed with how low the kid is and told me she’s basically in my vagina haha.  Great.  I was also hoping to go a bit late to be out over the holidays but I’ve given up and want the baby out.  
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    @spartan4life my doc told me to take colace and miralax until it resolves. I did this two weeks ago and thought I was good until it happened again this week! Trying it all again.

    I also had Dh buy me a pumpkin pie because supposedly pumpkin helps! I’ve already eaten half...
  • @HoosOnFirst Good to know, thanks!! I will also have to try all the pumpkin things  :D
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  • 37w 3d here and +1 for constipation, nausea, gas and sciatica. I'm really over being pregnant. My hip pain is so bad I get very little sleep from the constant rolling from side to side. I feel like a rotisserie chicken. The swelling in my feet has been awful this pregnancy with the left being worse. I know bean needs to cook a bit longer, but I'm so exhausted. I can barely walk and/or stand for any real period of time. I want to lie down, but then the hip pain gets worse so I mostly sit on the couch feeling sorry for myself. 
  • My mental health is also all over the place. I just want to be by myself where it’s quiet. Otherwise I feel anxious. My dd is being her normal chatty self and I just can’t listen to her anymore, which is a terrible thing to feel. And I was putting away clothes to get the pack and play set up and was close to tears because I was getting so winded. I am just overwhelmed with 4 weeks to go and feeling like a bad parent and bad wife. I know it’s in my head but I’m just not shaking it.
  • @HoosOnFirst my mental health is up and down too. Mostly periods of anxiety. 

    AFM, 38+5. I think I feel pretty good for as far as I am. My major issues right now are swollen feet, morning nausea, and getting physically tired frequently. I also have periods of pelvic pain depending on baby’s position, but she’s high much of the time. 
  • @HoosOnFirst I’m feeling the same way.  I get tired and winded so easily and it’s super frustrating.  I end up crying out of frustration a ton.  I’m also super sensitive and convinced that I’m driving DH crazy or annoying him.  I’m also not communicating how terrible I feel sometimes and that makes him upset.  He said I shouldn’t be trying to shelter him.   
  • Today I had such bad nausea and cramps I ended up crying laying on the bathroom floor where Dh found me after going to the neighbors for 10 whole minutes. I called my ob and it’s not contractions. Could be gas or side effects from the miralax I took for constipation. I can’t even sleep through the discomfort. 
  • @HoosOnFirst in the winter I had a bad cold and took too much Delsym, which for some reason contains the same stuff that's in Miralax and had such an awful reaction.  I had the worst diarrhea of my life and was throwing up.  I can't imagine feeling like that pregnant.  I hope you're feeling better soon!
  • +1 to having extra bad gas pains. It'll have me doubled over sometimes or I can't stand up. I think babe has been blocking something. I started taking some Colace, and also upped my fiber. Because I realized I'd been eating so much protein due to my GD diet, but definitely not enough fiber. Also, I'd been eating a lot of cheese (because protein, low carb/need snacks), and this pregnancy I'd been having a bad reaction to diary. So I think that was another thing. I've been feeling a little better since doing that, but still will feel constipated and crampy sometimes.

    Also +1 to being mentally meh. Yesterday, I was already dreading work so much by noon, and it ruined my whole afternoon. Just anxious for some reason (though it happened occasionally before I was even pregnant). I cannot wait to not have to worry about it for a while. Also just feeling overwhelmed. Trying to remind myself that nothing HAS to be "done". We're ready if we need to be. Just need to quit judging and snapping at my husband....
  • Also, not necessarily a symptom. But H and I tried to have sex on Saturday (since I reminded him we wouldn't be able to for a while), and my cervix or whatever it was, was so low we could barely do anything. I googled and seems like it doesn't mean anything other than body is prepping. Just thought it was weird and wasn't expecting it. (I haven't had any cervical checks yet)
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    KFrob said:
    @HoosOnFirst in the winter I had a bad cold and took too much Delsym, which for some reason contains the same stuff that's in Miralax and had such an awful reaction.  I had the worst diarrhea of my life and was throwing up.  I can't imagine feeling like that pregnant.  I hope you're feeling better soon!
    Thanks! And of course the baby got all quiet last night and I was freaking out that he wasn't ok. I ate a bowl of fruity pebbles and got him moving again.

    Did you all ever see the episode of "Louie" where his sister thinks she's in labor and they rush to the hospital... and it turns out she just has a huge fart? That's all I keep thinking of. I think my belly is all baby and gas and it HURTS. And I can't seem to get anything "out", if you know what I mean. 
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    36+1....Ditto on the anxiety, sciatica, and just being plain tired. I feel useless getting tired so quickly and having to rely on others (which is something I need to work on). I have another appointment with the chiro today after seeing her Friday. Hopefully that will help with the sciatica and pelvic alignment.
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  • Definitely feeling the lower back and hip pain. I went to the chiropractor last Friday to get the Webster technique to make sure baby is head down. It helped some but being on my feet most of my work day doesn't help. Baby moves so much that it's starting to make my belly achy. He shifts from side to side with such force when I'm sitting reclined. I too have started swelling. my hands get tight if I don't get enough water and my feet look like I'm baking bread in my shoes, especially my right foot. I just keep reminding myself that I only have a week and a half left of work and then I can hopefully relax a little before baby gets here. As far as bathroom issues I have made the switch from constipation to loose stool and going multiple times a day. Also, hunger is waking me up in the middle of the night.
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  • 35+2 and +1 to the nausea, i just can’t kick it until about 4pm. I’ve also been having headaches which I think isn’t helping. These were all my first trimester symptoms!  I left work early today because i just feel so weak and drained, I’m not sure how I’m going to make it to the end. Only 11 more work days until maternity leave but they are dragging! 
  • 38.4 had bad constipation this last week and I'm back to loose stools today. Had my appointment and set up my induction for my due date oct 5th which is next Friday! I'm dilated to a loose 1 and super soft cervix and she could feel babys head. My heartburn is bad and babies movements are so huge that its making my belly sore.
  • 35 weeks today. Last night I was pretty sure a hand was about to punch through my vagina...i felt like i had to cross my legs to pull it back in.

    Heartburn is still kicking. I just ordered a back rest pillow for my bed to sleep sitting up if needed when it gets really bad. Every once in a while it feels like he's got hold of one of my ribs and is trying to play with it.
  • So many symptoms I can't keep track of them anymore. I noticed that I've been more constipated lately. I feel like I have to go, but then I get to the bathroom and nothing. Whenever I go for my BPP they comment on how low the baby is, but I have yet to receive any relief from the gas, heartburn, etc. Walking is so tough. I have to take more frequent breaks to catch my breath. Looking forward to my appointment Thursday so my midwife can check my cervix, but if nothing's happening I'll be sorely disappointed lol.
  • 37w. After a couple weeks of feeling pretty good, symptoms are starting to kick up. Cramping and BH pretty much all day, especially when walking. Super irritable and tired, really just want to sleep and nap all the time. 

    1 more week until I can work remotely and I'm counting down the days with bated breath. The commute and inability to lie down when the cramping gets bad is getting rough. 
  • @KFrob hey, never complain about a decent's night sleep. Probably going to be the last one for a while :)
  • @KFrob, lol I feel your pain. I was for sure last weekend something was going to happen but no such luck.
  • Post partum constipation is real ladies and it sucks!!! I've been taking a softener but it hasn't helped too much honestly.. 
  • @mamabearcj ugh sorry you are dealing with that. I'm sure the c section and pain killers didn't help the situation either. Keep you fluids up, eat lots of fruit and fibre. 
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  • 38+5 here! Anxious all day every day, hip and pelvic pain, BH all day, puffy ankles, and instead of constipation I feel like I’m going allll the time. Had an appointment today and I’m 1cm dilated and 70% effaced. My bp was a little high along with protein in my urine. Need to do a 24 hr urine and some blood work. If results indicate possible preeclampsia will most likely be induced next week. Super nervous, now everything is starting to feel real.😱
  • I bent way forward to pick something up under my desk and I felt some gas shift in my intestines...  give that a try!
  • So I'm sure you'll feel super sexy... but they say one way to get gas etc. moving is to get on all fours and rock back and forth. Seriously. But I've tried it and it does help - more with gas. 
    Also cat and cow.
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  • Along with the hip pain, I'm fairly certain that lying on my right side at night pinches a nerve somewhere because I wake up with a shooting pain down my leg. Today I also noticed I occasionally get that same pain while sitting as well.
  • @ummibtihaj sounds like sciatica.... I woke up heavily breathing because the pain was so bad down my leg in my dream and in real life, apparently. 
  • Horrible pelvic and lower back pain to the point where I can't sit or stand, just lying on my left side makes it manageable. Have an appointment first thing tomorrow morning so hopefully I can figure this out, ouuuuuch.
  • My office won’t check until you’re 40w boo! I’ll be 38w tomorrow!!! Can’t wait to meet this little lady! I’m feeling very tired but found out I’m anemic. No swollen ankles or feet this time which is a relief!!! I’m feeling healthy this time too. I gained too much with the other two...this time I’m in the healthy range yay! Heartburn is still really bad...nothing even comes close to touching it. My stomach is super low and I’m feeling all those burning lightening feeling like the baby will fall out feelings! I’m going to the bathroom a ton especially at night...a good 8-10 times which isn’t nice for the tiredness lol. I’m sure she is dropped nice and low into position...feels heavy enough anyway!!! I’m just ready this time around to be done!!! I’m ready to go anytime now! 
  • After my appointment this morning found out all those pains from yesterday were actually contractions and that i'm 1.5 cm dilated. Doctor was able to touch baby's head! I know this doesn't really mean anything other than my body is actually doing something, which is a relief. And it just got me really excited because things are happening!!

  • No OB check in thread this week that I saw but I’m 37 w and 1 cm dialated but still high long cervix. Crazy cramps the next 24 hours after my cervix check though, boo.
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