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Attempting to breastfeed after unsuccessful go with first child

Hi moms! 
I’m currently pregnant with our second child and due December 28th. While I have plenty of time, I am already set on trying to breastfeed. With my first child, I was unsuccessful. My supply was too low and he was not producing wet diapers. I’m hoping for some reason it’s of wisdom or advice from any mamas that have experienced this and were successful the second time around.  Thanks so much ladies!

Re: Attempting to breastfeed after unsuccessful go with first child

  • Hi and welcome. If you look a few threads down there is one called “The Feeding Thread” where a bunch of ladies are talking about stuff like this. You will probably find the most info there. We usually don’t do one off threads like this because they don’t invite the group to participate. If you plan to stick around, consider reading the “Read this First” thread and giving an intro on the intro thread so we can get to know you.
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  • Good luck! Just do what your body can do. And im sure some will disagree with but having emergency C sections it took a while to get milk in. I used formula at the hospital in between trying to feed so mine were getting wet diapers and once my supply came in I was good to go. Just don't put too much pressure on yourself. The stress will effect supply as well. So go into it with the hope and if it doesn't happen don't kill yourself trying to force it. There are many of use who can give extra tips for upping supply..check the post from yesterday :)

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  • 1) who are you
    2)If you're really interested in breastfeeding advice, there is an entire thread dedicated to that, clearly labeled and easy to find.
    3)we dont generally do, or welcome one off threads.
    4) I look foward in getting to know you if you choose to interact in other threads and follow rules.
    Have a blessed day.
  • @mcgeeva thank you for your advice!  I truly appreciate it. 

    I an sorry if if I offended anyone else by posting here. I’ve read the rules but again back when I had my first child. Things are a little busy this time around. Please disregard the post. 
  • @BLS217 No worries. Even if you don’t want to participate I would still check out the feeding thread. You might find a lot of good info you’re looking for there.
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  • @BLS217 I had difficulties BF my first.  Low supply, insufficient wet diapers, etc.  I ended up having to supplement with formula.  At the (emotional) time, I felt like a failure.  But looking back I see that it ended up helping me BF for 6 months (which was my personal goal).  So my advice is don't fear supplementing if you need to!  Good luck!
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