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C-Section Thread

We’re starting to get to the point of some of us knowing whether or not we will need a c-section. I believe knowledge is power, especially with this subject. If you have any questions or worries, just need support, or want to know “just in case,” here is a place to discuss!
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Re: C-Section Thread

  • I’ve personally never had one but my sister in law has had three. Once after labor failed to progress baby down and twice scheduled. She has told me the second two really weren’t so bad recovery wise, and she actually enjoys picking her baby’s due date and only having to go to 39 weeks. 

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  • I ended up with a c section with my first when after 2 days i i wouldnt dilate past 3 cm. Her heart rate kept dropping if they turned up the pitocin any further. This one is planned and I'm just hanging on to so many that have said the second and planned c sections are easier to recover from . I am definitely looking forward to not going past 39 weeks!

    I do worry about long term healing. My daughter is 5 and my scar is still super sensitive. I can't even have an underwear band sit on the area and last year a small part of it opened up.  It was very superficial so there were no real concerns with it but why in the world did it even happen?!
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  • I am planning on a repeat c. My first was a crash c with general anesthesia after 36 hrs of labor and 5 of pushing. My son was also almost 8 weeks early so the combination of all of the above meant my husband didn't see him till he was almost 2hrs old and they didn't let me out of recovery for almost 16hrs so he was close to a day old before I got to see him in person. My MFM had told me I could try for a VBAC but the chances of success were less than 5% and the chances of needing another crash C were 5%. Given the odds we are just hoping to make it to 36 weeks with a planned C ! 
  • @maebyemby Thanks forbthe reassurace about the calm nature of a scheduled c vs. an emergency one.
    @GoyaBean913 I also cannot stand bands on my scar. I had to break out the maternity undies early this time! I’m sorry your scar opened back up. Did your OB indicate why that would happen?

    Sorry this is so long. Once I started typing, the details kept coming!

    Last pregnancy, I was diagnosed with polyhydramnios (extra amniotic fluid) at 25 weeks. My fluid continued to increase and by 40 +1, I had triple the normal amount of fluid, which increased the risk of the umbilical cord prolapsing, so I was induced at 40+2. I had been contracting for weeks, but was still only a fingertip dilated. 12 hours of cytotec got me to a 1 and a folly bulb was inserted. That got me to a 3, so my water was broken and pitocin was started. I dilated to a 4 pretty quickly, but I stayed 4 cm for the next 20 hours, despite the pitocin being increased to 16 (the highest dose baby’s hear rate could handle). During this time, both the heart rate and contraction monitors were glitching because of my movement, so they were inserted internally (twice each) which was AWFUL! Finally, I consented to the epidural, which also had to be placed twice and I blew a vein in the process. Thankfully, the epidural allowed me to relax enough to get some rest and dilate to a 7. However, my cervix began to swell, so I was actually progressing backward, my temperature started to go up, and a small amount of protein was noted in my urine. I had been adamantly again a c-cection, because I was scared of the recovery, but my doctor was wonderful and made me feel like it was my call, even though it was medically necessary at that point. The surgery wasn’t bad, except my IV blew again and I was shaking so badly that I couldn’t hold DS until he was about 45 minutes old. This was tough for me because I had so looked forward to doing immediate skin to skin, but in the end we had a healthy baby, which is all that matters! As it turned out, he was caught on my pelvic bone, so his head couldn’t engage and there was no way that he would have come out vaginally.

    This time, if I go into labor on my own, I will attempt a VBAC. However, I do not want to labor for an extended period of time and I will refuse all internal monitors. If they become necessary again, I will opt for a c-section. If, I don’t go into labor on my own, I will have a RCS at 39+4. My doctor would typically do it at 39 weeks, but that is Christmas Eve, so I want to wait a few days.

  • @katy0990 my son was stuck on my pelvic bone too! The dr had said if he wasn't so premature they could have gotten him with the vacuum. I also think I was probably just not effectively pushing at that point. Either way here is hoping you have a better birth experience this time around! :)
  • My first was emergency C, had partial placenta abruption at 30 wks then at almost 37 pre-e so out he came. Don't remember really any of it since I was heavily drugged on magnesium and who knows what else. Honestly first few days I didn't hold him I was too sick. Second son we didn't make it to my scheduled c-section date either since my water broke early so out he came as well. I thought it would be super pleasant but maybe just my personality I was freaking out on the table. Felt like puking the entire time, each tug made me want to hurl more. But recovery was 100% times better even with a toddler at home and a husband traveling a wk after birth bc I wasn't on strict bedrest for 6 wks where I wasn't walking. I plan on having a c-section for my 3rd but hoping for a more pleasant experience. I don't think I would even be allowed to try a vbac if I wanted since I am high risk with bp issues currently. 

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  • @rosebud332 all nonsense I tell you! Most of us don't choose to have a csection although I def am now. Trust me I would rather heal faster and not have a csection shelf later on and a fupa. Just saying

    Married: 5/09 ~ TTC Since: 10/10 ~ PCOS ~ Progesterone from 10/10 - 2/11 ~ HSG on 3/18 - Clear ~ Started Metformin 1000mg & Clomid 50mg 2/11 ~ Metformin upped to 1500mg 4/6 ~ 6/7 Now going to SG and put on Clomid, Ovidrel, Gonal F, Prometrium, Estrace ~ IUI #1 7/2 = BFP!!!!!! March 6th our little man was born. 

    6/17/13 - Ovidrel, Follistim, Prometrium ~ IUI #1 7/2 = BFP! March 17th our St. Pattys day baby arrived

    10/29/17 - Started process for IVF, got pregnant & miscarried a 2nd time since summer. 2/22 started stims - Menopur, Gonal F, Cetrotide - retrieval 3/6 - , PIO, estrace 3xday - FET 4/18 = Beta 1: 616; Beta 2: 1342 = BFP 

  • My first c-section was an emergency after being induced and laboring all day. My pelvis is android shaped and he just wasn't coming out that way. I am praying that the next one is a much better experience. Reading @maebyemby 's comment makes me feel better.

    This one is scheduled for December 26th at 12:00. I really wanted a morning appt, but with it being the week of Christmas, this is all they had.
  • @lavenderlisa I am so sorry your experience was so traumatic. I am glad that nurse was dismissed... that is terrible how she handled the situation. Prayers for a successful VBAC

  • @lavenderlisa I’m so sorry that you had such a tough experience. Prayers things go smoother this time! *hugs*

  • @lavenderlisa I’m so sorry you had a bad experience. That nurse sounds awful! I think it’s great you have a plan in place for more support this time. Hopefully you will get your VBAC but if not I hope you have a much easier experience this time!
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  • I will be having a scheduled c-section and if everything goes well, it will be on December 11th at 37w5d.  It's a little on the earlier side due to having had an open fibroid removal surgery for fibroids embedded in my uterine wall.  Labor can put me at risk of a uterine rupture, so the c-section is scheduled for earlier.   

    My surgery was done through a traditional c-section cut, so I imagine it will be a similar recovery but not sure.  And this time, I cant sleep as much as I want! 
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  • @lavenderlisa I'm sorry you had such a horrible experience last time. Fingers crossed this time is a completely different experience!

    @lexidawg definitely glad your doc is erring on the side of caution and doing an early scheduled c.  Better than uterine rupture and an emergency c later on! 
  • @katy0990 they didn't know why it happened .The reactions I got were confused looks and " oh wow...that's strange". That's about ii.also on regards to sensitivity....when they go over that area during an ultrasound it HURTSSSS! 
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  • @GoyaBean913 That is odd. Maybe they can get to the bottom of it this time , during the birth.

  • I had a section after laboring with #1; I had stayed at 6 cm all night, after my water broke and even with constant attempts at upping the pitocin. I went in knowing a had strep B and was on IV antibiotics the whole time, but I spiked a fever and that was that. They gave me an extra hour and a half to see if I progressed any further after breaking the news to me that a c section was my best option, but my uterus was stubborn and to the OR I went.  Honestly the hardest part for me was the fear; I'm a notorious needlephobe and the thought of being cut open while I was awake sent me straight into panic attack mode (which incidentally futzed with baby's heart rate, which didn't help the panic either). Thank goodness for my OB; they couldn't do anything to help with the anxiety, but as she was telling me about what to expect during surgery, she told me that after my husband came in the room and got situated, I'd hear them do a roll call to make sure everyone was in place and only after that would they start. It was a complete fabrication; there was no roll call (I was listening), so even though I felt the tugging and rearranging sensations, I had no idea they had actually made the first cut until I heard my daughter's first cry. 

    Unfortunately, uterine infection for me meant antibiotics for both of us, so I didn't get to hold her for several hours (not quite sure how long; lack of sleep plus all the emotion of the day plus morphine had me pretty woozy, but I do remember being told that they'd be bringing her in momentarily and then having everyone around us run for the halls because someone arrived at triage with a baby essentially hanging out of her and having to wait longer). 

    I'd like a VBAC, but mentally I'm preparing to end up with a section after all. Have any of you who are also thinking about the VBAC route had any conditions laid by your doctor? Assuming an uncomplicated pregnancy, mine has still conditioned vaginal birth on no induction, no going beyond term, and a reasonable certainty that this one isn't going to be LGA again (me first was 9lbs 14oz, though her size had nothing to do with my outcome).

  • @kristah2 Nearly the same exact scenario as me!  Only had a csection because he was breech.  Mine came early due to amniotic fluid issues, but it was still relaxed once we got settled in.  I *think* I’m leaning towards a repeat C because I know what to expect, but I’m open to a VBAC.  Like you, I just really don’t want to end up in an emergency situation.

    @lavenderlisa That nurse sounds awful!  I’m so sorry you had such a terrible recovery experience.
  • I had an emergency C-section due to fetal intolerance for labor.  I didn't love it. I was exhausted from almost a full day of unmedicated labor before that, and when DD had to go to the NICU, I couldn't go with her because of C-section recovery protocol.  Also, my milk took forever to come in, which I have always partly blamed on the c-sectuon. 

    We are talking about trying for TULAC/VBAC, but after years of secondary infertility, I'm all about whatever gets me a healthy baby.

    @katy0990, I love that quotation and wish I had seen it when I was newly postpartum and had horrible guilt.  

    @GoyaBean913, my scar is seven year old and still sensitive.  Not sure what's up with that.
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  • @AGK2015 Mine also doesn’t want me to go past my due date. She also isnt comfortable with using pitocin unless I progress on my own to a certain point. I will need continuous monitoring. She offered to strip my membranes, which I am open to, and to try a folly bulb, if needed, which I have no interest in trying again.

  • I like reading everyone's stories :heart:

    I'm aiming for vaginal, but if my OB suggests a C section then I will gladly go for it. He's pro-vag, but mostly pro-baby so I feel like we're on the same page. We've already spoken about due date induction, and he agrees that there's no reason why I shouldn't go for it - plus, Wednesdays are good for him :lol:

    FX for healthy outcomes regardless!
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  • mommythlegendmommythlegend member
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    @lavenderlisa sorry you had such a traumatic experience!

    I don't think they pushed hard on me like CPR, but definitely harder than massaging. That was the worst part! I had a wonderful night nurse, but the nurse that took over in the a.m. sucked! My DH had left home to shower, eat, etc. My pain started to increase & I realized I couldn't remember the last time I'd had my pain meds. Not since the night nurse brought them. I called & they said they'd come. An hour went by & I was really hurting, no one came. Called again. She finally came 30-60min later (I forget, but remember it took almost 2hrs from my initial call). By then the baby was crying, he was out of my reach, and I was in too much pain to move at all & alone, so I was bawling. Then she chastised me, saying I should've called earlier & keep track of my med schedule. I thought 1. B!tch I called almost 2hrs ago! 2. The night nurse just brought my meds when I needed them & took care of me. I wasn't even sure exactly what I was taking, or how often at that point!

    I was also mad because I didn't want to deliver at that hospital & this reaffirmed my apprehension of a bad experience. I had to deliver there because it was closer to my high risk Dr than my preferred hospital & I was taken in by ambulance as emergency.
  • @echo-charlietango It sounds like you are being very realistic, which mentally is the best place for you to be!
    @mommythlegend I would have been so pissed! That is part of why I really want my H to be with me at the hospital.
    Is anyone else terrified about the breastfeeding contractions post birth? They were rough last time, especially with my incision and I hear they get worse with each consecutive delivery.

  • Omg @katy0990 breast feeding contractions are the freaking worst!!!!!!! I also heard they get worse with each birth. We should probably make an announcement about that. No one told me about that when I was pregnant. 



    Ok now I feel better that everyone has been warned.
  • @mommythlegend um im sorry, was that bitch not informed that you were the patient and she is the nurse.......I mean last I checked its her job to keep up with your medication schedual. I was so stressed and drugged in the hospital i could barely remember if it was 30min or 2hours since i fed ds, much less keep up with medication schedules.
  • I'm sure they must have happened, but I can honestly say I never felt any breastfeeding contractions. Maybe I was just more focused on the other stuff? Or well medicated enough not to feel it. In any case, I will do my best to send you all my good ute juju.

  • I don't belong in this thread but I'm jumping in to agree with @AGK2015.  You won't necessarily get terrible lactation cramps.  They told me to expect them with pumping and I did get them, but they weren't awful, and the only medication I was on was a medium dose of ibuprofen. They felt more like period cramps to me. I wouldn't even put them in the same building as labor contractions. 

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  • katy0990katy0990 member
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    I hope I have the same luck as you @hkom and @AGK2015 this time. Last time, they were the worst part of recovery for me. I felt like they were happening right on my incision and the ibuprofen barely took the edge off. Maybe it’s because my Ute had a lot of shrinking to do because of the extra fluid?

  • @katy0990 That makes sense.  I guess mine has relatively little shrinking to do. 

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  • I appreciate reading these posts. They are scheduling me for a repeat c section. With my first my water broke on the evening of my due date, there was meconium in the amniotic fluid, and I immediately went into active labor. I got an epidural not long after getting to hospital at around 4 cm (and after being diagnosed with preeclampsia) and my husband and I were able to snuggle up and get some sleep while I painlessly contracted through the night For reasons I never understood, they also put me on pitocin when I got there.  In the morning I was only at 6 cm and they recommended a c section. They said my contractions weren’t strong enough for me to fully dilate and they couldn’t safely administer any more pitocin so I felt like I had no choice. Honestly though, it wasn’t terrible, and aside from the random hemmorhaging 6 days later that landed me in an ambulance to the ER, my recovery was not that bad, and my scar is practically invisible.

    They told me that my daughter was backwards (sunny-side up) and very big for my pelvis (8,8) but I still think I probably could have delivered vaginally if given the chance. So I feel like I could be a candidate for VBAC, but I am really scared and have a lot of guilt about not trying. I know a c section isn’t the easy way out by any means (as many idiots make it out to be), but I also know I’d feel better about the decision if my doctors were telling me I had to do it rather than me electing to do it. As it is, I’m scheduled for 39 weeks, the Monday after Thanksgiving. 
  • I’m reading all of your stories, and marveling at how calm you all are about the possibility of a repeat c. I had a nightmare experience with my last baby, and ended up with a c section that I feel was completely unnecessary. I had terrible PTSD afterwards, and I’m still really angry with the hospital and doctor, and the thought of having to have a repeat c section is absolutely terrifying. We’re planning on a VBAC and I will be devastated if it doesn’t work out. I wish I could be as accepting and ok with the idea of a repeat as you all are. 
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  • @MissAmber23 I am so sorry you are struggling. I hope your VBAC plans work out!

  • @MissAmber23 i feel your pain!!! Im terrified.
  • Reading through all of these really takes me back to my 1st delivery... emergency c after 20 hours of labor (5 of those hours pushing) i was terrified when my OB said she was prepping the OR! i begged her for another chance lol she obliged which i was greatful for, but it was to no avail, and off to surgery i went... it was surreal in there... i was calm but horribly frightened, hubby would not sit down and insisted on watching over the curtain. Nurse finally told him fine but if he fainted nobody was going to help him lol. (That came back to haunt me the next day when he said omg! You have to see what they did to you!! He pulled up a youtube video of a c section that sent me into horrible contractions that made me cry... jerk lol) My son was healthy and safe but i did not get to hold him and i only saw his blanket.. in recovery my nurse was an asshole, and was clearly annoyed with being there. She was very short with me, and was huffing while flipping through a magazine. Then the anesthesiologist came in with an ultrasound machine, the nurse hauled me up to sitting and starting drawing an x under my rib cage on each side.. i had no idea what was happening! Then there was a giant needle being guided through my body via us and i was just like "um excuse me... but what in the hell are you doing to me???" The anesthesiologist said the shots would keep my incision numb and that my OB said i was a good candidate... i don't remember what it was called but it was alarming to say the least.. finally made it back to the birthing center... the nurse brought in a shot of morphine and said i wasnt going to like what came next... thats when they did the "massage" i called her the devil and asked why she hated me so much lolol... recovery sucked... i wasnt sewn back up just right and to this day if i lie on my back and breathe deeply the right hand side of my diaphram pulls out from underneath my rib... totally creepy! And my belly is numb from my belly button to my scar 5 years later...
    They are huge on VBAC where i live now... im not 100% sold on it cuz i don't want to labor then get sliced and diced again... so the OB Ive seen 1x(they run a midwife practice here with 1 OB in case of emergency) has agreed to give me an ultrasound at 32 weeks to get an estimate on little ones size... i think ill schedule a c section after my due date (they will not induce for VBAC here) so if i pop before then ill attempt... if not well, i have a fail safe! But if she's gonna be ginormous i think ill schedule early... well see next month!!
  • @winterplumeria That is so odd! You never found out what they were doing? 

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