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Intro & questions about nutrition

Hi all! I am going on my 38th birthday. I just had surgery to remove my right Fallopian tube due to a Hydrosalpinx. We believe that was causing my IF. Sooo hopeful that it occurs naturally. If not, we will be exploring options. 
I have a question about calories. I am just maintaining my weight at 149 at 5’4” and not loving but not hating this. I had lost some weight 1.5 years ago but after my wedding 15# crept on. But I’m stable. My Dr told me while TTC I should t dip below 1500 calories. So that said, is there something else I could do to tone or slowly lose while not messing with fertility? Lower my carbs? Or just accept my body as it is now, and focus on weight after baby.... I have a history of dieting, ED, and am in therapy for them.
so maybe I’m over thinking this or maybe I’m feeling a bit out of control due to IF and all I’ve been going through (surgery, stress of changing jobs etc). Thanks for any input. :) 

Re: Intro & questions about nutrition

  • 1500 is a good daily number - if you go for a brisk 30 minute walk twice a day on top of your daily life, you will probably still lose weight with that calorie limit. I find it much easier to stick to a reasonable number like that than starve.

    Sorry for all the stress. Good quality food does help with that, as does sleep. Easier said than done, I know.
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