Education day for IVF next week

Anyone know any questions we should ask?

Re: Education day for IVF next week

  • Here's what I asked... so many questions... all the questions!  :p

    How do you decide which treatment is best for me?

    What protocol and medications do you recommend?

    How many cycles do you anticipate it will take for me to get pregnant?

    How many eggs do you hope to retrieve/fertilize?

    How many embryos would you advise transferring?

    Do you have a full-time embryologist?

    Success rate for women under 35 with unexplained IF for fresh transfer? #s and percentages

    Does your facility use ICSI?  Do you recommend it for me?

    What type of updates do you make regarding embryo status?

    Are the embryos given every chance to develop during the 5 days? 6/7 days?

    When do you beta test?  How long will I wait for my results?

    Where exactly would our egg/sperm/embryos be stored/tested?

    What is your rate of patients that develop OHSS?

    Which tests would you advise prior to IVF cycle?  Would I need to repeat any tests I’ve already had?

    What would monitoring look like during the cycle?

    Will I see the doctor for each visit?

    What is the cost of one full treatment cycle & are there any hidden costs?

    Do you have a 24-hour telephone line in case of an emergency?

    Why might your success rates be higher or lower compared to other clinics?

    Do you perform retrievals/transfers on weekends?

    Are you open 7 days a week?

    When could we start?

    What is your policy regarding PGS testing?

    What is your recommendation in terms of diet/lifestyle including alcohol, NSAIDS, caffeine?

    Are there any things we need to make sure are in my prenatal vitamin?

    Should DH be taking any supplements and should his diet/lifestyle change in any way?

    Do you have any extended vacations planned or clinic closings that may coincide with my treatment cycle (s) ? 

    TTC History in Spoiler
    Me: 29  DH:34
    TTC 21 cycles
    All TI cycles BFN (with letrozole, ovidrel, prometrium)
    Hysteroscopy + Polypectomy + D&C on 1/3
    IUI #1 February 6, BFP 2/21, CP 2/26
    IUI #2 March 14, BFN
    IUI #3 April 11, BFN
    IUI #4 May 11, BFN
    July 2018 IVF, developed lead follicle, converted to TI, BFN
    August/September 2018 IVF converted to freeze-all: 7 mature eggs; we fertilized 3 and froze 4. 3/3 fertilized and 1 blast!
    October 2018 FET-BFN
    November 2018 FET-TBD

  • Thank you. Great list. 
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