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IVF TIPS - child mentioned. Loss mentioned.

Hi all. 
First off I am sorry for every single person out there going through infertility. 
I am new to this form so I will introduce myself. Kinda. 

I am 26 years old. Have pcos. Started ttc at 22 years old. Went to a specialist and started iui 
Second try was successfully (who knew how blessed we are) this was with 13 injections of menopur. 

So fast forward to now. We have tried iui again 2 times. But my resistance to hormones is worse. (I need 24-30 injection to start making a folical)
My last cycle ending in a chemical pregnancy (hate the term because it feels like a loss to us)

So now we are going to try IVF as the doctor has said iui is not for us. Thankfully we can afford 1 try (financially) 
So I am here asking anyone who has had the same/similar and if they have any tips.

I am not sure why I need so many hormones now.

I do apologize if I offended anyone xx

Re: IVF TIPS - child mentioned. Loss mentioned.

  • @dan-g - welcome! I don't have your same experience, but I am sorry for your struggle and wish you well.

    You may have better luck finding someone with a similar experience on the Infertility board. I've seen women in similar situations go on to have healthy pregnancies and beautiful babies. :) 

    Please feel free to jump in to our weekly check-in, and to jump in on the infertility board threads too. :)

    Good luck to you; hoping this round of IVF works for you!

    Me: 34 DH: 35
    TTC #1 since Nov 2015.
    dx: unexplained
    Dec 2016 - Apr 2017 - IUI + clomid x 4 - all BFN
    July 2017 - IVF#1 - 4 frozen embryos, medical freeze
    Oct 2017 - D&C
    Nov 2017 - Apr 2018 - 3x FET - all BFN
    Sep 2018 - IVF#2 w PGS - 3 frozen normal embryos
    Nov 2018 - FET #4 - BFP

  • Thank you 
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